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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Eleven: Some University Screenshots

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I've mostly been playing Sims 4 recently, but I've recently got back into Sims 3. I also have a few saves other than the Parkers, and I've been playing them. I do have a few screenshots of Chloe at university, though. 

Chloe lives on her own at university, rather than in a dorm with heathens. Of course it'd be better if she lived with someone else, but I am ultimately the one in control of Chloe so I'll make sure she doesn't get up to anything dodgy. 

In this first screenshot, we see that Chloe's top and her sofa match. It's rather an odd look. but Chloe loves that pattern and this is her first taste of independence and being able to decorate as she wants. 


Chloe loves playing music, and she decided to play guitar on her porch. 


Every new student gets invited to the Student Union at midday, to learn more about their course and to meet other newbies. Chloe hopped on her bike and headed towards the student union.


Chloe was a little concerned when she first met her fellow students. One of them was wearing a skirt, albeit a very short one, and another was wearing SHORTS! Chloe had never met any woman wearing shorts or trousers of any kind. 


Chloe eventually swallowed her feelings and began chatting to another student. The student didn't really need to be told that red was Chloe's favourite colour; it was patently obvious.


Chloe was intrigued by the pool table. Her parents had never owned one, but she was intrigued and decided to have a go. It didn't look too complicated, after all.


Back at her house, Chloe was hungry. She decided to make herself a hamburger for dinner. She was eager to begin classes the next day, although she did have some doubts as to whether her homeschool education was enough. 


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    • monkeyrocks71

      Posted (edited)

      I have to work backward from the nicknames for anyone after Jinger.

      ie Siren...whose name has “si” or “ren” in it? Oh, yeah. Josiah. Repeat ad nauseum. 

      “Joken”  meant nothing to me for months. Josiah? Joseph? Jordan? J’ken? Who the hell knows? 

      Edited by monkeyrocks71
      I have had 1.5 mad elf beers and can not type correctly
    • TuringMachine


      1 hour ago, Ozlsn said:

      She "hasn't had babies this tiny to snuggle in forever" - how old is Shiloh again??  

      His birthday is February so 20 months I think?

    • mysweetetc


      Jeez, those photos of Shiloh with the newborns make me nervous. I know Braggie is right there, but toddlers are so ungainly sometimes, and his knee is SO close to their heads. Maybe Abbie should mentally/physically stimulate Shiloh, who is STILL A BABY, JFC, and he won't dig in her plant with silverware and do other "busy" things on his own. I want to take that poor little guy outside and let him run around and scream his head off for a little while. He clearly has too much cooped-up energy.

    • Howl


      We have Prime, but I greatly fear being slimed reading his unctuous drivel. 

      Also, the Amazon intro refers to Wilson as an "award winning pastor" but only specifies an award for "Best Fiction" so I think it's up to us to made a list. 

      I'm thinking that Christian fiction is a lot like Christian popular music.  We did a long drive to Utah and back and scanning the FM stations, I could tell within 3 seconds if it was a Christian popular music station, because it all sounds the same. 

      Happily, NPR turns up in the most unlikely places, as do some great popular music stations. 

      Speaking of Gawd-ordained sexual binary, how about that Pope Francis stepping outside the box, eh, and approving civil unions for LGBT+!  

    • hoipolloi


      2 hours ago, Howl said:

      Sadly it's not about Sally Ride, the astronaut.  It's about an upstanding Christian guy (Ace), who murders his next door neighbor's sex-robot wife by putting her in a trash compactor and then is charged with murder.  It's uh, ostensibly futuristic. 

      Sounds like Doug Wilson is taking his literary inspirations from Donald Barr.

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