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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Eleven: Some University Screenshots

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I've mostly been playing Sims 4 recently, but I've recently got back into Sims 3. I also have a few saves other than the Parkers, and I've been playing them. I do have a few screenshots of Chloe at university, though. 

Chloe lives on her own at university, rather than in a dorm with heathens. Of course it'd be better if she lived with someone else, but I am ultimately the one in control of Chloe so I'll make sure she doesn't get up to anything dodgy. 

In this first screenshot, we see that Chloe's top and her sofa match. It's rather an odd look. but Chloe loves that pattern and this is her first taste of independence and being able to decorate as she wants. 


Chloe loves playing music, and she decided to play guitar on her porch. 


Every new student gets invited to the Student Union at midday, to learn more about their course and to meet other newbies. Chloe hopped on her bike and headed towards the student union.


Chloe was a little concerned when she first met her fellow students. One of them was wearing a skirt, albeit a very short one, and another was wearing SHORTS! Chloe had never met any woman wearing shorts or trousers of any kind. 


Chloe eventually swallowed her feelings and began chatting to another student. The student didn't really need to be told that red was Chloe's favourite colour; it was patently obvious.


Chloe was intrigued by the pool table. Her parents had never owned one, but she was intrigued and decided to have a go. It didn't look too complicated, after all.


Back at her house, Chloe was hungry. She decided to make herself a hamburger for dinner. She was eager to begin classes the next day, although she did have some doubts as to whether her homeschool education was enough. 


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  • Posts

    • Pecansforeveryone


      I do think as she gets bigger, yeah fewer full body shots. Will she be able to be candid about stretch marks and the nitty-geitty of pregnancy? I kind of doubt it. 

    • freejugar


      There's plenty of no/low impact workouts out there, no need to jump straight into 50 year old woman workouts

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    • thoughtful


      Pray for the poor apostrophes. Please, won't someone think of the apostrophe's - er, apostrophes?


      Pray at the alters, and those that are unchanged, as well.

      Becky, please remind Gary that the "mustard seed" reference is about the size of one's faith, not an actual mustard seed.

    • kaluce



      4 minutes ago, AmericanRose said:

      keep things lubricated for the inevitable stretching, and I've been enjoying it

      For someone who's talked in detail about her intimate shower routine and lingerie, this is coming off high-key sexual. Gotta leave something for those thirsty bros following her. 

      • Haha 1
    • AmericanRose

      Posted (edited)

      I have a feeling the farther along she is, the fewer full body pics we'll get.

      So! MM posted a new blog:
      Random Things That Have Improved My Life

      I, for one, am eager to find out what these random things are!


      Adding a tall folding stool to my kitchen
      Now, I should have done this even BEFORE I got pregnant, but it's official: I need to sit down while waiting for the water to boil LOL.
      I've never been pregnant, so I'm not going to judge what a pregnant person does, but... she should have done this pre-pregnancy? She makes it sound as though her home-making life is really tiring and tough, but her Insta Stories tell a different tale...

      Tree Hut Sugar Scrub
      I swear this stuff has been in and out of my possession since high school, but I recently repurchased it with a goal: leg exfoliation. While I do not suffer from strawberry legs, I watched this amazing video explaining the ins and outs of how to rid your legs of ALL bacteria to get the best shave ever.
      Lol, of course she had to reassure her readers that she doesn't suffer from strawberry legs.

      Witch hazel on scalp on oiling night
      So I explained in my shower routine blog post that I usually do a hair oil treatment at night every two or three days and then wash it out in the morning. However, in these past few months I've noticed that my scalp seemed to be getting itchy and red. I upped the oil in my routine, hoping it would help, but it seemed to have the OPPOSITE effect, making my hair even itchier! So I did some research and decided to try witch hazel for itchy skin.
      No snark here, just surprised she admitted to occasionally having an itchy and flaky scalp!

      Extra strength Benadryl itch stopping gel
      This is a lifesaver in the summer months when our unfriendly mosquito friends come out to play.
      Also no snark here - MI is terrible with mosquitoes in the summer. I had no idea Benadryl made a gel! Though I would rather avoid the bites in general.

      Grape-seed oil on growing belly
      I've been relying on grape-seed oil to keep things lubricated for the inevitable stretching, and I've been enjoying it.
      I C THIS WHOLE SENTENCE NOW. I guess grapeseed is the new thing.

      Workouts for 50 year old women
      Even before getting pregnant I was never interested in high impact or jumping workouts, but now with baby on the way, those are even LESS appealing! Thankfully, I have found the answer: workouts aimed at older women.
      I seem to remember her touting walking as her amazing weight-loss no-bulk secret? Either way, most workouts you can modify... also, barre doesn't involving high impact or jumping! It is a tough workout, though.

      THIS podcast about organization
      These ladies motivated me to organize three cupboards, two drawers, and a closet just from two episodes. They are positive, upbeat, and HELPFUL! Love!
      No snark here; I also love organising.

      Having 2-3 kids toys in the house
      So obviously in a year or so we will have MANY kids toys in the house, but I wanted to recommend to your average childless reader to have a couple kids toys in the house for whenever a kid might stop by.
      Don't parents usually travel with essentially everything their kid owns? I dunno... this seems really weird to me. But I'm childless, so.

      Wallgreens photo center and Walmart frames
      It hasn't even been a week and I already have framed photos from our baby announcement photoshoot hanging and displayed in the house. THAT is how quick I am with photos these days LOL! So many people rely solely on the Internet for their photo needs, but there is so much joy in placing printed photos around your home. Guests love to see it and they will truly help you personalize your space!
      Walmart? What happened to thrifting?? I personally use a local drug store to print my photos, and I like to find unique frames (I also refuse to shop at Walmart).

      Smaller loads of dishes
      And the last thing that has truly been working for me is to run smaller loads of dishes. I have been told this for years but never wanted to listen to this sage wisdom until RECENTLY when I realized that I find myself much more eager and willing to empty the dishwasher if I know that there is a moderate amount of dishes in there instead of my usual exploding at the seams arrangement.
      I seem to remember a video of MM saying we should be careful of the environment, and that's why she thrifts... so I don't really understand this one. Of course it's easier to unload smaller loads, but that just means you have to run more washes, which uses more water.



      Edited by AmericanRose
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