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Baby Thor

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Hims 4 years old!




Our baby is 4 years old today! 

Hims a chonky chonk living it up with the Princess. 





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Him's still one of the prettiest cats to ever cat.

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He can’t be 4; he was a newborn baby just a little while ago!!  
What a handsome boy he is! ❤️

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What a perfect angel.  I can't believe he's all grown up.  :my_heart:

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He can't be 4...hims still just a wee baby getting into all sorts of mischief. There's no way!!!! Give hims skritches and scratches for me...

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Happy birthday, you gorgeous kitty you! Looks like you got all the scritches and treats! 
How did 4 years fly by?

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chomky kitty!! happy late birthday lil big one ❤️

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    • Howl


      22 minutes ago, hoipolloi said:

      No sign of DPIART but *someone* posted this video on the After-VF FB page. 

      No way would DPIAT would pass up a chance for Pilgrim cosplay in a parade.  He's in there somewhere. 

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    • patsymae


      23 hours ago, Mela99 said:

      That would be INCREDIBLE if Huckabee slams them for this

      Quelle dilemma!

    • hoipolloi


      Be-all and her unmarried kids (Justice, Liberty, Faith, Honor & Providence) spent Thanksgiving weekend in Plymouth, MA. 

      No sign of DPIART but *someone* posted this video on the After-VF FB page. 

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    • Cartmann99


    • MamaJunebug


      1 minute ago, formergothardite said:

      If I remember correctly even pre-RF it was about waiting for the growl and tying eating before the stomach growled as sinful. That alone is dangerous and abusive teachings that church leaders should have had the wisdom to pick up on.

      Disclaimer: i don’t get out a lot. Never have. My life is a network of rabbit trails that I’m content with.
      That’s to excuse my provincialism in only having seen  one church sponsoring Weigh Down, back in the day. 
      It was my former parish snd in an upper-middle-class town that was being suburbanized. 
      When I was there, ladies wore fur stoles and little mink skins with a spring in the poor critter’s mouth biting into a hind leg. 
      Big on image snd status, is what I’m trying to say. 
      My guess is that church leaders (men only) figured that whatever the ladies wanted that kept ‘em thin and attractive and happy was okay-fine. After all, the ladies aren’t in leadership positions. 
      I’m sure the congregation dropped the program when Gwen denied the Trinity. 
      Anyway. Church leaders, yeah, the truth of early WD probably wasn’t anywhere near their radar range. 

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