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Baby Thor

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Posted (edited)

Him's still one of the prettiest cats to ever cat.

Edited by Destiny

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Time flies.  He’s so handsome. 😍

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He can’t be 4; he was a newborn baby just a little while ago!!  
What a handsome boy he is! ❤️

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What a perfect angel.  I can't believe he's all grown up.  :my_heart:

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He can't be 4...hims still just a wee baby getting into all sorts of mischief. There's no way!!!! Give hims skritches and scratches for me...

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Happy birthday, you gorgeous kitty you! Looks like you got all the scritches and treats! 
How did 4 years fly by?

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  • Posts

    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      Most of the fundy lite women I knew were very much in charge of things. Anyone remember the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the mother says her husband is the head of the household but she is the neck, I make him turn where I want, you just have to make him think it is his idea, to get what you want. I think there is a lot of that going on in many fundy/fundy lite circles. 

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    • thoughtful


      3 hours ago, Xan said:

      Gary posted this earlier this morning:

      "Ok folks JESUS is will to Saved all that will come HIS way. Through the Blood.
      Bro Gary Hawkins"

      All this talk about blood is giving me a "Carrie" vibe from Bro Gary.

      Wait - Jesus is Will?


       image.png.4fe482f6089c4bd52597918001c72639.pngimage.png.a82fe174fc8f308544e691c5aba70454.png?*  image.png.cea129fcd45a2315a78d0323e2c9e932.png ? image.png.e2eac0ec84d0a206c83fde2a38e693a6.png ?

      *the William Penn statue in Philadelphia, photographed from the angle usually avoided, because it makes his right hand look like - not a hand.

      I thought Jesus was Jesus.

      Besides Carrie, I've found another movie Gary might like:


      Also a bookstore:


      And there are many bars with a name like "Bucket o' Blood," but we know Gary doesn't go into bars.



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    • Pleiades_06


      21 hours ago, BernRul said:

      still don't like Derrick, but anyone speaking out against abuse (and we know that abuse happened in the Duggar family and Gothard's cult) is a good thing, even if it hurts their career. 

      I generally agree with you but am wondering if he’s speaking out of conviction or because he’s bitter about the falling out with JB and TLC? It seems like he wants to take the ship down out of revenge and not because he’s had a huge change of heart. But I could be wrong.

      16 minutes ago, louisa05 said:

      And in the US women are absolutely not barred from leadership roles.  

      All the major leadership roles are only for men. What leadership roles are you thinking of?

      The sexism in the Catholic Church was one of the major reasons I left. I remember being 8 years old and my sister asking the priest if she could be an altar girl. He gave her some spiel about how girls had other roles to play but couldn’t serve in our parish. Granted our parish was more conservative than most , but come on.

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    • louisa05


      7 minutes ago, Pecansforeveryone said:

      I will respectfully stand by what I said. I am aware that many lay Catholic women have positions of leadership. That doesn't negate the overall patriarchal structure of the Catholic hierarchy. I know many Assembly of God churches and Salvation Army churches that ordain women. It doesn't negate the complementarianism in many evangelical churches. 

      I think women should be ordained. But saying that the church not yet allowing it makes Catholics complementarians is a huge leap.  That theology of marriage is not taught in the Catholic Church. There is actually teaching that the mother plays the largest role in the “domestic church” that implies she is the spiritual leader in the home. That teaching doesn’t talk about cooking, cleaning or staying at home, either. And in the US women are absolutely not barred from leadership roles.  

    • Pecansforeveryone


      Michelle isn't the only one in fundie-land that I think wears the pants in the relationship. I have personally known a few fundie-lite women who stood up to their husbands when they felt like it, and had clear limits on how far the headship could go. They took their complementarian  lemons and made complementarian lemonade. 

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