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Baby Thor

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Posted (edited)

Him's still one of the prettiest cats to ever cat.

Edited by Destiny

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Time flies.  He’s so handsome. 😍

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He can’t be 4; he was a newborn baby just a little while ago!!  
What a handsome boy he is! ❤️

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What a perfect angel.  I can't believe he's all grown up.  :my_heart:

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He can't be 4...hims still just a wee baby getting into all sorts of mischief. There's no way!!!! Give hims skritches and scratches for me...

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Happy birthday, you gorgeous kitty you! Looks like you got all the scritches and treats! 
How did 4 years fly by?

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chomky kitty!! happy late birthday lil big one ❤️

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  • Posts

    • VBOY9977


      Josiah Paine posted an updated pic of the Paine family on ig. I think his ig is private so I won’t post here. The only new thing aside from the info we already know is that Nate and Laura had a 2nd child, a boy. He seems too big to have been born this year, I say late 2019.

      Tabitha and her husband, and Brielle and hers don’t have any kids not appear to be pregnant. 

    • indianabones


      7 hours ago, AussieKrissy said:

      Ok I have forgotten the details and what this chicky babe fundie maiden looks like. Anyone want to recap and share a pic please for others who may have forgotten. 

      Here is the Nakatsu family blog.

      They're from Arizona. Katey is 22. When she was 14, her dad and stepmother decided that Gothard was the best thing since sliced bread. (They may have been heavily influenced by watching 19 Kids and Counting.) They pulled Katey and her younger sister out of public school, started homeschooling them, and got them to dress modestly. Katey went on Journey to the Heart pretty soon afterwards and was completely drinking the koolaid. They have tons of pictures on their blog with well-known fundies, like the Staddons and Bates and Maxwells and Wallers. The parents run a "biblical internet radio station". After graduating from homeschool Katey worked at a "prison ministry in Florida" (aka with the Keller family). Oh, and they have their own plane- the dad flies it and Katey got her own pilot license recently. Katey's dad wrote a password-protected blog post on biblical betrothal a few years ago, and they stopped posting to their blogs last year. Katey's deletion of her Instagram makes me think they're cleaning up their social media.

      I also think she's probably dating Jeremiah over Jedediah, simply because Jer is so much better looking 😆

    • Laura2730


      Seems like Trump has become a God to Kristen, she just won't acknowledge his defeat and thinks he has won:




      • Sad 1
    • JermajestyDuggar


      54 minutes ago, JMO said:

      Surprising no one it looks like they did a huge Morton Thanksgiving.  Campbell posted a video two days ago where she had 8 pumpkin pies that she baked and there were some pics on other accounts yesterday.   Addie even posted that they went to both houses yesterday.  I'm not surprised at all, but if they all got sick, Papa Morton's in a super high risk category. 

      I’m sure they all get together regularly and have for the past 8 months. It’s just another day in Moronland. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      Jenny Willis McDowell said her daughter is named Kara Elizabeth.

      • Thank You 1

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