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Weather in Iowa

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Yeah Summer is Coming

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I finally got around to putting in the window unit in my room today.  (We have central air but the way the HVAC was designed I need a window unit to cool my room as my room is at the end and it can't keep up).  I think this is about the latest I've put it in.  Usually I put it in earlier so I'm not putting it in when it's 1,000 degrees in the shade.

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    • fundiefan


      3 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      Alyssa is giving birth so often that they may need the big house in a few years. They already have a nice house but they might outgrow it in a few years. 

      They still live in the garage apartment. Sam is building their house, but not full time. She's shown pictures of progress. Last I saw, there were some windows put in. It is not inhabitable yet. 

      Kressent & Mike never fully finished their house before moving to Paraguay. They did live in it for a while, but they were constantly working on it. I know for sure one of the bathrooms wasn't done because I remember she posted about beginning work on it then almost immidiately, they went to Paraguay and my mind just went into WTF mode. Now that Martha & Tayte are in it, I wonder if they've completed it, or even worked on it? (I also wonder if they bought it - Kressant was posting it for sale "to be moved off the property" for like $40K, if I remember correctly - or if they were just given it? But, that's a different story). Right now, they are living in the home owned by the senior Mortons while they build in Paraguay. They've been married what, 14 years, and have either been in transition or living in unfinished houses. I would feel so unsettled to always be living somewhere temporarily. 

      Rachels & Wes's house was the same, although I think they were much further along and had lived in it much longer. I wonder what happened to that one? Is that maybe where Katie is living? 


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    • apandaaries


      I'd guess they're at Lake Arrowhead. Perhaps elsewhere, but that's close to LA and a popular spot to hang out. 
      I'm not sure what I would do with an almost 2 year old and COVID.  But I don't think a playground would be involved.  Germs, man...germs everywhere...

    • Red Hair, Black Dress


      The duck biologist is looking for an entree back into the money grifting of VF-esque fundie life.  He's looking for money and prestige.  He wants to recapture the glory days of the Western Conservancy.

      Grifters gonna grift.  Narcissists gonna narssicist.  Geoff gonna Geoff,

    • clueliss


      Bridger’s adoption story posted Friday 

      something Russian that begins with K Vladimir Alexandrovich.  His New middle name is Alexander.  He likes having two names.  I like that his patronymic is his middle name now.


    • smittykins


      Take the rescue ferrets with you! :ferret::ferret:

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