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Weather in Iowa

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Yeah Summer is Coming



I finally got around to putting in the window unit in my room today.  (We have central air but the way the HVAC was designed I need a window unit to cool my room as my room is at the end and it can't keep up).  I think this is about the latest I've put it in.  Usually I put it in earlier so I'm not putting it in when it's 1,000 degrees in the shade.

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    • WiseGirl


      1 hour ago, SassyPants said:

      The thing is, the Duggars have been shown to be very lazy and rather unmotivated, last minute in their efforts

      But is that reality or what the show packaged? Fundie finances are one of the biggest mysteries to me and I would love to learn the secret of traveling everywhere with no job (looking at you Lawson Bates).

    • Ozlsn


      6 minutes ago, mango_fandango said:

      And a baby in the NICU was worshipping God? Such wishful thinking

      I have photos of my son in NICU where he's doing the both arms in the air move, doing what looks like baby tai chi, playing air guitar, and flashing the metal sign. Seriously they move their arms (and legs at times) around a lot.

    • Phyllis_Stein


      Per WOACB, both Apple TV and Amazon removed 19 KAC from their sites. 

    • Black Aliss

      Posted (edited)

      On 5/12/2021 at 8:31 PM, thoughtful said:

      And he's on to his fantasy about the Rapture coming on a Sunday, and the neighbors seeing the cars still in the parking lot on Monday, and going into the empty church because now they want God, but it's too late, and they have to go through the "tribblation."


      Star Trek Mess GIF

      I can't be the only one who read "tribblation" and thought of this.

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    • mango_fandango


      When Gary said about “people standing for there right” he probably meant “their rights”. But I’m guessing you knew that @thoughtful
      And a baby in the NICU was worshipping God? Such wishful thinking. 

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