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Buffy's Commentary

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My bucket list



If I ever become less lazy buidling one of these, on my own, is at the top of my bucket list.

I have never camped as an adult.  I hate camping.  I've had no desire to camp.  Yet I am now obsessively watching bush craft camping videos longing to get out on my own and do this...

I have no applicable skills whatsoever.  But this just looks like a balm to my soul.



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My bucket list at this point involves outliving people who have turned this planet into a never ending shit show.

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    • forgetmenow


    • patsymae


      On 8/3/2020 at 1:26 PM, Giraffe said:

      Jumping in to add my irrelevant .02: I hate everything about swimming. 


    • Kelsey


      Didn't Carlin Bates graduate from Liberty?

    • hoipolloi

      Posted (edited)

      This September 2019 article by Politico is a deep dive into the rat's nest of finances, real estate, and double-triple dealing going on at LU and with LU assets. There is also a 2017 article on the Miami flophouse owned by the Falwells.

      Also, Rolling Stone published June 2019 article on the Pool Boy saga.

      ETA: Also found a link to this 2018 article on the pool boy saga from Buzzfeed.

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    • FluffySnowball


      6 hours ago, Melissa1977 said:

      Jokes aside, Anna is dressing her daughters in a very specific style, doesn't she? They used regular dresses in the past. Now, they are always pictured in homemade (?) patchwork dresses. It's a cute version of frumpers. In addition, they are always with dolls, girly crafts, babysitting etc. I know fundies reinforce sexism, but it's particulary evident with Anna. In the past, Mackwnzie and Michael were a team, now boys and girls are separated. 

      My guess is that after the Josh scandals, Anna decided (subconsciously, I assume) to not leave the cult but dive even deeper into her faith. She was already raised in a fundamentalist home and now that she’s gone through tough times in her adult life, she’s turning her home into an even more radical one. So her adherence to gender norms takes on a crazy level and her modesty standards are over the top. 

      Additionally, Anna has witnessed some of her siblings leaving their cult despite their super strict upbringing. Maybe she hopes to keep her own kids in the fold by being even stricter than her parents were? Whatever her reasoning might be, I feel so sorry for her children. 

      Regarding your other point: I cannot tell if the dresses Anna’s girls wear are home made or not. But if they are, why not use a little extra fabric and cover up those sinful collar bones? Why would they still need extra layers for modesty? 

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