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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Ten: Chloe Goes to University!

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The first photo of the last post involved Calvin and an unfortunate bladder accident. This first photo is better... it's his birthday!


Chris continues his plan of befriending as many inhabitants of Appaloosa Plains as he can. Perhaps if he dazzles them with his amazing charisma, they won't really notice his larger-than-normal family or conservative beliefs.


Here's Calvin as a teen. 


Amanda actually does some parenting!


Caleb and Calvin are NOT impressed by Carl's wailing. 


All the school-aged kids doing their schoolwork. Clara decides to be a one-girl member of the School of the Dining Room Floor.


They originally had an ice-cream machine and deep fryer, but everyone kept using the dang fryer when they were hungry, so I removed them. I bought them a pizza oven instead!


It's been a while since the bed has seen any action other than sleeping... *wink wink*


When everyone else was asleep, Callie and Carl were still in the playpen. Not only does the playpen help toddlers learn to talk, it also (I don't know how) manages to keep all their needs up. 


Oh dear...


Chloe making herself a birthday cake!


The eldest Parker child is becoming a young adult! Congratulations, Chloe!


Are those... *gasp*... SHORT SHORTS, Chloe? NIKE! *faints*


Much better. I gave her a little make up. The Parkers aren't against it, but Amanda just chooses not to wear any.


After praying and talking to her parents, Chloe decided to apply to university. She took the entrance test and did very well!


Before she headed off, there was one final event to attend... high school graduation!


Even the toddlers came!


Somehow, without a single lesson, Chloe is magically able to drive. Parents can teach their kids to drive in Sims 3 (with the Generations expansion pack), but I never got round to it. Well, there were nine Sims to keep an eye on... :pb_lol:


Somehow, despite being homeschooled, Chloe still managed to graduate as class valedictorian, and Most Likely to Fulfill her Lifetime Wish. Her LTW, by the way, is the exact same one as her mother's: One Sim Band, or mastering the four musical skills of guitar, piano, bass and drums.


We end on an appropriate photo of Chloe leaving to go off to university to study Fine Arts. It's sweet that she's thinking of Callie; perhaps she's hoping that Callie will also leap at the chance of going to university when she's old enough?



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Chloe got a scholarship to university! 


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    • Olivia Marie


    • keen23


      The Arndts. Not because anything happens, but because NOTHING happens on an extremely wide scale. Many adult male children living at home and a Mom who wears white shorts all summer.

    • PumaLover

      Posted (edited)

      OK folks, Gary and Co. is trying to buy another vee-hickle? A bus (but)? Has he learned nothing from the past?

      I bought my car from a thrift store down in the city and they had a nice older RV there. Last I saw it was still there. I think it was about $10,000 but every time I saw it I thought of Bro and how he could afford it if he actually had a job. 

      Do we really think anyone will give him money to help buy this but?

      Editing to add, I just saw this on his Facebook. I was like wow, Bro is actually doing something useful!


      ride-on mowers


       But as he got closer I realized it was the kid… of course. Silly me. 

      I'm also adding a photo of Mr. Puma on his mower that was captured on my trail cam, LOL.

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      had to post pics
    • CaricatureQualities


      Yeah and apparently according the Jeremy a lot of ppl had been asking for his input. Really? It's sad to think that anyone would be clamoring for Jeremy Vuolo's opinion on race relations. The man can't even acknowledge a single issue and his entire understanding of anything is "world is bad, satan is bad, this is all satans fault....god good, jesus good, heaven good. listen to me, go to heaven."  Meanwhile ignore that he pushes incentives that actively fuck ppl over in this life. But it's just satan yall.

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    • luv2laugh

      Posted (edited)

      Braggie Abbie knew about Blackout Tuesday because she is a bigfollower of Phylicia Masonheimer, who Abbie has shared on Instagram and has, multiple times, recommended her followers to follow Phylicia. Despite this, Braggie preaches to the black community on instagram pic featuring her in a flouncy dress selfie on Blackout Tuesday.

      Phylicia Masonheimer  posted stories filled with resources to educate what she calls her "conservative evangelical followers" about racism and addressed them with this:


      She goes on to say, "...I have never heard that said about porn, never heard that said about human trafficking, never heard that said about porn... and it's easy to just say 'this is a sin problem and the Gospel's the answer' and the Gospel is the answer but if this was said about abortion 'this is just a sin problem and Gospel's the answer' as pro-lifers we'd say "Yeah... and what are we going to do about it?!' "

      Phylicia goes on to say, (I give her MAJOR props for this), "Black murder is wrong. Black lives matter and there is a history of discrimination against these people based on their skin color... and what I see is people lumping those speaking about race all into the same pile saying 'This is all liberal, it's political' but that's just not true."

      Then, she goes on to educate her followers about what white privilege is and what it means.

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