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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Nine: Chris the Celebrity

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We start off with a rather unfortunate situation... Calvin peed himself. Whoops.


I changed Clara and Connie's outfits, to a t-shirt and skirt combo.



Awww, baby snuggles!


The kitchen was kind of gross, so sister-mom-helper Chloe stepped in.


Ya gotta pay the bills! This is also the 2000th screenshot in my Sims 3 album.


I bought the girls a kids' oven (forgetting that there were already two in the family inventory) and Connie approved.


All the siblings, plus Chris, watching baby Callie grow up!


Callie's toddler outfit. If you recall, this is the same dress style that Chloe wore, and same hairstyle. 


Poor Clara was exhausted, and had to go to the bathroom on a gross toilet. 


Chris off to work. He's currently at level 9 of the politics career, Vice President. Just one more promotion and he'll have achieved his Lifetime Wish!


Chloe was going a little stir-crazy, so she took her school-aged siblings to the library to do some of their schoolwork.


Working! (I don't actually know what Caleb was reading. It's not always easy to keep an eye on 9 Sims!)


Clara got hungry so she cycled home on her own.


Callie teaching herself to walk. I use the walker with all my Sim toddlers, but it's particularly useful with fundie families who don't really interact a huge amount with their kids.


Family jamming session! That thing above Carl's head is a skill bar, which appears when a toddler's learning a skill. It's gone that cool purple-y colour because he'd just mastered learning to walk!


In order to keep building his Charisma skill, Chris needed to make some new acquaintances. It was terrible weather (rain), so he decided to go to the library, which proved to be a great idea. This guy is Booker Singleton.


Chris threw a fundraising party that evening. He invited several friends. When you invite Sims to a party, you often get some turning up who weren't actually invited. This is Honey Darnell, who's a level 3 Celebrity. Naturally, Chris was intrigued.


And, the title of the post should give you an indication of what happened... Chris became a Celebrity! You don't actually have to befriend a Celebrity to become one, you just need to impress them. There are five Celebrity levels, and the first one is (rather appropriately, for a fundie) called Fame Leecher. Chris did also manage to become Friends with Honey. Because he's so accomplished with the Charisma skill, befriending others comes pretty easily to him.


One of Chloe's traits is Dramatic. I didn't actually choose this for her, it happened because (I think) she didn't get an A grade at elementary/child age, which is when you can choose a trait.*


As of the last time I saved, Chloe has three days left in the Teen stage. I am planning to send her to college (the Parkers are OK with that, because to them it's a way of proving that their homeschooling is just as good as a public school education). So, while she's still at home, she's going to be helping out as much as possible!


As well as her schoolwork, Chloe has spent a lot of time earning skill points. The process of getting into university is rather long-winded to explain here, but to simplify things, the more skill points she does, the better she does on her entrance test and the higher chance she has of getting a good scholarship! There are six degrees, and she's hoping to do a Fine Arts degree. 

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*: Babies are born with two traits. Depending on how well the pregnancy went (keeping the mom's mood up mostly), you can either choose both of these, one or neither of them. You gain an extra trait when becoming a child, and you have to learnt all the toddler skills (walking, talking, potty training) to be able to choose it (as opposed to it being allocated). You gain the fourth trait when becoming a teen, and to be able to choose it you must get an A grade at elementary school, which is easiest when your kids go to school rather than be home educated. The fifth and final trait is earned after you become a Young Adult, and you also have to get an A at high school to be able to choose it (as opposed to have it chosen for you). You can actually earn a sixth trait after graduating from university. Chloe is currently on an A grade, so is on course to be able to choose her fifth trait. 

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