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Edens Year 23: Exodus' Exodus

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Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! 

Year 23, 2032, was a big year for the Edens! Well, for some Edens.

First up, Elsie, our auxiliary Eden. Even though she's still nervous about alcohol she took a class on Mixology and received a promotion for her efforts! She is now head caterer. Yay! She also went out with some coworkers and acquaintances after work. Despite the Woman In Overalls From the Vet's Office being real cute, Elsie didn't make any big connections, but was still happy she put herself out there.


And Romano Johnson finally finished his science project! He was so so proud. An almost-Eden getting extra credit in a science class?! Amazing. 




Now onto the Edens proper. Proverb Eden, #17, was born Feb 2031, and despite plenty of God-honoring, Biblical fellowship,


Eva's womb remained closed throughout 2031 AND all of 2032. Since Eva was 41 during Proverb's birth, her fertility decreased again to 20% (Try For A Baby success was set at 80% ages 20-35, and at 50% 35-40). She's still got a shot at 1-2 more Edens before her cutoff at 45, but time is ticking! 

Unfortunately, Adam and Eva still have 17 children! In 2032 Ruth, now 14, finally got her teenage birthday celebration (a full year late) #eighthchildproblems! She's the one who started growing her hair out for Nathan Bates 10 years ago, and I'm pleased to report she sports a shorter, more natural 'do now. She's very artsy and loves painting and design. (Oh! And Jesus. Naturally.)


Proverb also aged up into a toddler but no one knows anything about her or even took a picture because #seventeenthchildproblems. Maybe Eva will start paying more attention now that Proverb might actually be the caboose on this crazy train.

Favored first child Genesis had a milestone year as well. She was promoted to the intermediate course for music education (level 2 of entertainer career) and licensed her first song! It was a haunting melody entitled "Smelly and Unlovely." shiver 


We'll get to #2 in a bit (giggle), but what about #3, Leviticus? Well there were ups and downs. He attempted to make dinner for the  family, but that's wimin's work!!! How could he have known to keep watching the oven?


This time it was not Genesis, but a different Eden daughter (Deuteronomy, #5) who extinguished the blaze. You go girls!


But back to Levi. He and Exodus met up with younger bro Judges (#7) at ALERT Academy for some Manly Bonding. Behold the ALERT campus.




Note: I didn't make this. I downloaded this "military barracks" from the Sims gallery. And filled it with fundie men including Kyle Vera and now Judges Eden.

Exodus, Leviticus, and Judges punched bags and swam in basement pools as only Godly Young Men can do. It's nice that Judges isn't totally banished. 


 And the reason for this Manly Men's retreat? Exodus was soon to be a groom.

Exodus, 20, was set to marry Maya Mahan, newly 19. They courted for two years and were childhood friends. Maya is a creative, geeky young lady who loves the outdoors, painting, her infant brother, and her parents. (Oh yeah. And Jesus.) And while no one bothered to learn Maya's last name during the courtship, it turns out the Mahans were LOADED. Maya's childhood home was so beautiful...



That it made a lovely spot for a wedding!

Maya got ready for the big day in her childhood bedroom. How very symbolic. (The baby is legitimately her brother! No shenanigans here) 


But what emerged from the house was no longer a child, but a beautiful bride. In the Mahan's culture, white is the color of mourning, but Maya also wanted to respect the Eden's dress standards and compromised with this absolutely lovely bridal gown.


The wedding was beautiful!


(Note that Maya, typically with a pixie cut, grew out her hair the tiniest bit in another compromise, but she still looks stunning. You guys, I think I have a crush on a digital woman.)

Elsie was even the caterer!


After the wedding, the new Mr. and Mrs. Eden went on their honeymoon to Granite Falls! Since they fell in love under the stars in Salvadorada and were engaged on a camping trip, it made sense to honeymoon in the great outdoors as well. 

It was a cozy little one-bedroom without a stove or even hot shower,


But that didn't stop them from enjoying Exodus-prepared BLTs together.


And even though Exodus kept getting distracted by the first tv he's ever been allowed to watch,


he was still more than ready to enjoy all the benefits of marriage with his bride.


And unless the Lord intervened, there would be a very low chance of a Honeymoon Blessing. At least for tonight...





And while a few more things happened at the very end of 2032, I think I'll save them for next entry as that was a lovely place to end. Congratulations to Exodus and Maya and until next time, Edens out!

04-22-20_9-02-42 PM.png

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      The Arndts. Not because anything happens, but because NOTHING happens on an extremely wide scale. Many adult male children living at home and a Mom who wears white shorts all summer.

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      OK folks, Gary and Co. is trying to buy another vee-hickle? A bus (but)? Has he learned nothing from the past?

      I bought my car from a thrift store down in the city and they had a nice older RV there. Last I saw it was still there. I think it was about $10,000 but every time I saw it I thought of Bro and how he could afford it if he actually had a job. 

      Do we really think anyone will give him money to help buy this but?

      Editing to add, I just saw this on his Facebook. I was like wow, Bro is actually doing something useful!


      ride-on mowers


       But as he got closer I realized it was the kid… of course. Silly me. 

      I'm also adding a photo of Mr. Puma on his mower that was captured on my trail cam, LOL.

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      had to post pics
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      Yeah and apparently according the Jeremy a lot of ppl had been asking for his input. Really? It's sad to think that anyone would be clamoring for Jeremy Vuolo's opinion on race relations. The man can't even acknowledge a single issue and his entire understanding of anything is "world is bad, satan is bad, this is all satans fault....god good, jesus good, heaven good. listen to me, go to heaven."  Meanwhile ignore that he pushes incentives that actively fuck ppl over in this life. But it's just satan yall.

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      Braggie Abbie knew about Blackout Tuesday because she is a bigfollower of Phylicia Masonheimer, who Abbie has shared on Instagram and has, multiple times, recommended her followers to follow Phylicia. Despite this, Braggie preaches to the black community on instagram pic featuring her in a flouncy dress selfie on Blackout Tuesday.

      Phylicia Masonheimer  posted stories filled with resources to educate what she calls her "conservative evangelical followers" about racism and addressed them with this:


      She goes on to say, "...I have never heard that said about porn, never heard that said about human trafficking, never heard that said about porn... and it's easy to just say 'this is a sin problem and the Gospel's the answer' and the Gospel is the answer but if this was said about abortion 'this is just a sin problem and Gospel's the answer' as pro-lifers we'd say "Yeah... and what are we going to do about it?!' "

      Phylicia goes on to say, (I give her MAJOR props for this), "Black murder is wrong. Black lives matter and there is a history of discrimination against these people based on their skin color... and what I see is people lumping those speaking about race all into the same pile saying 'This is all liberal, it's political' but that's just not true."

      Then, she goes on to educate her followers about what white privilege is and what it means.

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