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Edens Year 21 & 22: Moving Up and Moving Out!

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Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue!

We last left the Edens celebrating 3 new additions to the family - Psalm Eden (#16) through birth, Brie Johnson (2nd child of Elsie) through adoption, and Maya (...Rudolph?) through courtship to Exodus Eden. It was a busy year, and life hasn't slowed down yet!

Let's visit the Johnsons first. Elsie was still working in her catering role, which actually gave her time to spend with the children before work.


She and Romano even worked on a (gasp!) science project together!


Brie, adopted as a toddler, aged into a school aged girl who also went to Romano's private Christian school. She's even allowed to wear pants!


Lastly, the Johnson's cat Nacho fell ill and needed to go to the vet. Only minimal treatment was required, and Elsie also happened to meet a very cute dog-owner in overalls. Elsie needs more adult socialization in her life and she was very intrigued. To be continued!


Now on to the Edens. In 2030, Eva tried her hand at a screenplay, "How does she do it?" Sadly, she wouldn't have very much time to write as #17 was now on it's way! 


2nd child and eldest son Exodus was also very busy...going on dates with his girlfriend "friend" courtship partner? All the dates were ANNOYINGLY chaperoned...


but that didn't stop Exodus and Maya from sneaking in some hand-to-hand contact after a rousing game of chess.


While he and brother Levi were still landscaping, Exodus, nearly an adult (20), realized he needed to think about his future, especially if he wanted a family someday. Educated at TSOTDRT, formal math wasn't his forte, but being a man of the house since age 11, Exodus has been very handy. He's considering a future in plumbing, electricity, or woodworking.


Of course, once Exodus started thinking seriously about his future, Genesis felt left out. She's the oldest after all! Though so much of her adolescence was spent with a baby on her hip, Genesis always found solace in her violin. She's been such a blessing to her parents and they absolutely can't have her leave that they gifted her a music shed in the backyard! It is truly an oasis of song!


(Numbers, #4, also began honing a new skill - gardening. This solitary "feminine" hobby is perfect for a introverted Eden needing some space from the Big House.)

Genesis was so motivated in her musicianship she even started taking formal training for violin performance and teaching (entered the Entertainer Career)! Here she is after her first day. It is so much more intense than any Dining Room Table prepared her for!


We've mentioned TSODRT a bunch this episode. How's that going?


By the way, the Edens OFFICIALLY now have way too many kids. Adam and Eva couldn't adequately care for their toddlers after the trauma of the fire and I had to cheat several times to make the toddlers happy so they wouldn't get taken away. Or so school aged kids wouldn't sleep in the bathtub. AND the game is getting laggy because there's so many people in the household. It's not going well. 

But as a mentioned in a previous entry, Eden #7 (Judges) is one of the Howlers and a huge PITA. He aged up into a teenager and still had too much mouth. After much praying and gnashing of teeth, Eva told Judges the news. He was going to ALERT. Indefinitely.



Nothing else to do!

(Before you worry too much, I didn't kill him off or delete him or anything. ALERT is an actual "paramilitary base" I made in game. You'll see Judges again.)

But back to the romance!

On one of the teen group outings, Levi brought a friend, Kyle Vera, who actually lives at ALERT! Genesis was very taken by this strong, Godly man who looked way too much like her brothers (ahem Bates girls).


Genesis saw him again when they had a reunion with Judges, and he showed off his muscles of fortitude.


It seems Kyle likes to show off his muscles of fortitude to multiple Eden daughters. Uh oh!


Exodus, on the other hand, only has eyes for one Godly maiden.

At a Salvadorada Missions Trip Reunion he pulled her aside...


and..oh wait! At some point in all this #17, Proverb Eden was born! (close to two years after #16)


Welcome to the world, Proverb! We can't wait to...yeah yeah yeah let's get back to the actual show.

Exodus pulled Maya into his arms...


And asked her to be his wife!


She said YES! And then Exodus was so excited that he kissed her!


Bet they'll have to pray about that a lot later. But we are so happy for them! 

And so year 22, 2031, ends with 20-year old Exodus engaged to his lady friend belle "courtship partner" of two years (hey could be worse!), Maya SoontobeEden! See! I didn't need to remember her last name after all :P 

Oh what's that you say? Maya might keep her last name? hahahahahahaha

Until next time, Edens out! 


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By the way, if anyone knows what the fundies call someone who's courting their child (not girlfriend, past "special friends") please let me know! It's totally escaping me. 

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I got a notification that you posted an update today and came here to discover that there had been 2 further updates in December. Yay! :) Thank you so much for getting back into this chaos. Your commentary is delightful and hilarious!

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I don’t have any fundie families in Sims 4 currently. I’d need to download MCCC to get more than eight Sims in a household as a possibility. There also aren’t many modest skirts for girl children. I did have a really good CC skirt but game updates always disable CC and the skirt was uploaded to Mod the Sims in 2015 so I have no idea if it’d cause issues or not.

I haven’t played Sims 3 in a bit, so I’ll get back to playing the Parker family soon.

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@mango_fandango Do it!! I loved reading yours. As long as the Eden daughters are wearing a dress or skirt, I can put leggings underneath. The teens are a bit harder as tights look weird under skirts but as long as they are knee length I count it. Going for "modern modest" a la the Bateseses. 

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    • LeftCoastLurker


      8 hours ago, Tatar-tot said:

      The child now automatically has citizenship once he lands on US soil.  The laws were changed around 2002.

      If I remember correctly, it depends. With a two parent adoption BOTH parents would have to travel to China in order for the child to automatically receive citizenship. Did both parents go?  

    • Olivia Marie


    • keen23


      The Arndts. Not because anything happens, but because NOTHING happens on an extremely wide scale. Many adult male children living at home and a Mom who wears white shorts all summer.

    • PumaLover

      Posted (edited)

      OK folks, Gary and Co. is trying to buy another vee-hickle? A bus (but)? Has he learned nothing from the past?

      I bought my car from a thrift store down in the city and they had a nice older RV there. Last I saw it was still there. I think it was about $10,000 but every time I saw it I thought of Bro and how he could afford it if he actually had a job. 

      Do we really think anyone will give him money to help buy this but?

      Editing to add, I just saw this on his Facebook. I was like wow, Bro is actually doing something useful!


      ride-on mowers


       But as he got closer I realized it was the kid… of course. Silly me. 

      I'm also adding a photo of Mr. Puma on his mower that was captured on my trail cam, LOL.

      Edited by PumaLover
      had to post pics
    • CaricatureQualities


      Yeah and apparently according the Jeremy a lot of ppl had been asking for his input. Really? It's sad to think that anyone would be clamoring for Jeremy Vuolo's opinion on race relations. The man can't even acknowledge a single issue and his entire understanding of anything is "world is bad, satan is bad, this is all satans fault....god good, jesus good, heaven good. listen to me, go to heaven."  Meanwhile ignore that he pushes incentives that actively fuck ppl over in this life. But it's just satan yall.

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