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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part 8: Just Some Random Photos




I haven't really played Sims 3 recently - I've been more into Sims 4 - but I had some screenshots. 

I gave Amanda a new do! There aren't really any curly hairstyles in Sims 3, so I had to make do with some gentle waves instead.


In the last part, Amanda had recently given birth to twins Callie and Carl. I decided to put them into the parents' room, so Chloe could get a little sleep. I'll move Callie into the girls' room when she's a toddler.


Caleb off to work. Not quite sure what Caleb's dreaming about... perhaps about the fact that he's not in unGodly public skool? (If you can't quite see, it's a desk and chair). 


Clara and Connie grew up. I might change their outfit, not sure.



Thankfully the girls can get a proper night's sleep.


Amanda can do the adoring wife gaze, even in her sleep. Although maybe she's starting to wake up because Carl's crying.


Playing chess.


Enrolling in homeschool.


Clara gets to work on some chores.


When you don't get a proper night's sleep, you have to snatch a nap where and when you can.


"Birthdays are so much fun!"
"I know, I love cake!"


I need to build them a second full-size bathroom, but I'm not sure where to put it. 

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    • Nothing if not critical


      1 hour ago, Triplet3 said:

      Looks like Breezy Brookshire and her boyfriend broke up.

      There's an actual, real person called "Breezy Brookshire"`?

    • Natalie22


      I highly recommend if you don't know much about christian health plans, give this podcast a listen. One of the hosts is a lawyer. Since this episode they have been called by congress to give testimony on the problems associated with these plans and have had further discussions in the past year on the podcast as progress has been made to put more regulations on these plans.

      These plans are a complete scam. You have no legal recourse to force them to reimburse you for your medical expenses, even if they say it is covered. They are not regulated in the same way that other health insurance plans and so they also don't have the same legal requirements to have a certain amount of money on hand to pay for claims. 

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    • danvillebelle


      She's just half-assing it like she does everything else in her life - parenting (let mom and the kids do it), housebuilding (wonky corners, rooflines that converge at crazy angles, cabinets that extend into the baseboards - who cares?), speaking on public platforms (UM UM UM), watching out for her kids' safety (regular bruises and black eyes), dressing (having a room-sized closet full of nice clothes but living in workout clothes 90% of the time and looking like a 5yo who raided mom's closet the other 10%), trying to kindly advise people (and coming off like the smug narcissist she is).  All in a day's work for Braggie.

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    • Ozlsn


      On 8/11/2022 at 12:55 AM, thoughtful said:

      Don't lose You Testamony, or those that where watching you

      Do you think that was meant to be "Testamoney", which is what you give to Gary?

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    • Katzchen24


      From the Queen. Guess which one of her trivial things caught my eye.....





      And from Spanky.....




      It would not surprise me if we find out in six months time that he's been in rehab, or been caught doing something he shouldn't be.


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