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Weather in Iowa

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Winter isn't quite done with us yet

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Winter isn't quite done with Iowa yet.  We had snow off and on all day.  It didn't amount to much and did not stick though when it hit the ground.  What little did stick melted right away once the snow came out.  I went for a quick bike ride this afternoon and the pavement was dry.  Of course the wind gusts probably helped with that.

On Easter Sunday it looks like we could have some more snow which might even be accumulating.  A few inches are possible.  I do have to say since we're all going to be stuck at home anyways  this would be a good year for it.  Save the nice weather on Easter for years when we can be around friends and family.  We're far enough north that Easter weekend can vary considerably in the type of weather conditions experienced.  Some years it's cold and generally a miserable time to be outside for any length of time.  Other years no jacket is required and it's almost shorts and t-shirt weather on Easter.  Some years the trees, grass, etc have not yet come back to life.  Others the trees have their leaves and we've already mowed for the first time. 

Next year Easter is supposed to be on April 4.  It will be interesting to see how the weather shakes out then.  Hopefully it'll be a much more pleasant Easter that we can celebrate normally, with the horrors of Fuck Face and his fucked up response to the corona virus being in our rear view mirror.

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I'm in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, we got 16 inches. I'm so sick of snow. 

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  • Posts

    • fundiefan

      Posted (edited)

      21 minutes ago, llucie said:

      Ashley Sayler is livestreaming her wedding on her instagram account

      Modest sleeves. Modest neckline. Ass defining fit/line. 

      I think it's a nice dress. But, contradictory. Why can't you show your collar bone but you can emphasize your ass? 

      Edited by fundiefan
    • JermajestyDuggar


      Josie Bates commented that she wishes she could have been there. I hope a lot of people couldn't make it. The smaller the wedding, the better.

    • llucie


      Ashley dress is gorgeous and very form fitting. She has a ton of bridesmaids, all in pink. I didnt see any fundie in attendance so far, but Jill Dillard and Josie Balka left comments on the livestream chat.

      josie_balka: You look gorgeous, Ashley! So wish we could’ve been there 💕 Congratulations!!!

    • Maggie Mae


      On 8/2/2020 at 3:44 AM, Yaruhmak said:

      Journee's Q&A Video is up: 


       I don't understand the need to give out their surnames as well for safety reasons 

      I think for JourNee and Bridger, they are somewhat looking/hoping that one of their biological siblings or biological relatives comes across the video. They've mentioned before that both Russian adoptees have unknown biological siblings in the US. 

    • FreeTheScapegoats


      I remember getting really frustrated with my preschool-aged cousins when they couldn’t just sit still and follow the story I was reading them, or play as structurally as I was playing. Then again, I was 7-9 at the time. I was unable to see they were younger and thus not yet ready for those things. The fact that I started reading at four and essentially used my parents to distinguish words (I’d always follow what they read to me, and would ask them to change a word in a story such as a character’s name, while still keeping my eyes on the printed text) didn’t help me empathize. Eventually we all grew up and the problems went away. They’re in college now.

      My point being, Jana has been stunted and kept away from knowledge regarding child development. Throw in the obvious difference in expectations between her and Josie. Josie’s no one’s buddy, she even plays while her early teenage sisters arrange her sister-in-law’s nursery. At her age, Jana was responsible for some of her siblings and running the house. She could do that, she could be serious, she could follow instructions, why can’t Josie?

      Jana’s life hasn’t changed much since she was six years old. She must be bitter deep down, while simultaneously unable to and refusing to really understand why.

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