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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Parts: 7, Number of Children: 7

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Clara and Connie becoming best friends! The playpen is so useful.


Calvin grew up! Here he is registering for homeschool.


Here's his everyday wear. Fundies love polo tops!


It really is the SOTDRT in the Parker home.


You can obtain a violin from the Sims 3 Store. Chloe loves playing instruments!


Calvin gets stuck into household chores.


Chloe makes a birthday cake for Caleb.


There's another teen in the house! He looks pretty handsome. It'll be a lucky young fundie maiden who gets him as her husband!


Of course, only boys can get part-time jobs. Because penis.


Family band! Excuse Chloe's sluttish pyjamas. There aren't many modest options for fundie teenage girls. 



"It's totally normal, Chloe, this is what happens when you have a baby!"


Of course, Chris is working. A* father skillz.


Amanda had twins again, one girl and one boy, called Callie and Carl. This is officially my first "overstuffed" household, with 9 Sims in total. Dutiful sister-mom Chloe feeding her newest sister.


Caleb steps up and becomes a brother-dad.


Callie started crying and I caught Chloe looking like this. She likes her siblings, but wishes that they could at least sleep in her parents' room when they were babies...


Clara and Connie are due to age up soon so that'll be another two members of the SOTDRT

Chloe is maintaining an A grade in homeskool, which is great! I'm debating on whether to send her to university... I mean, some fundies let their girls go. I'd have her live in a private house, and seeing as I eventually play God in this game, I'll be controlling her actions and can prevent her from doing anything dodgy. And besides, I could treat it as the Parker parents saying "Look! Our kids did GREAT in homeschool and are just as well educated as those people who went to public school! We trust our children to conduct themselves in a Godly manner whilst obtaining their degree. Chloe will be teaching her future children, so it's worth her getting a good education."


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  • Posts

    • Pleiades_06


      Wow even the BBC is reporting about them.

      I’m off put  by the fact that they knew he had brain damage but decided to go ahead because “God softened” their hearts. 
       I didn’t realize they funded the adoption through YouTube. 


      They said revenue from sponsored videos would pay for the adoption. They also asked followers to donate $5 towards supporting their son's needs, promising to write donors' names in a baby book.


    • zeebaneighba


      22 hours ago, Marmion said:

      As someone who has had the traditional communion wafers growing up , I can tell you that going by taste , they seem to be of the same substance as the cone part of an ice cream cone .  And furthermore , in the churches I grew up in communion was only held one a month , at the very most .  As an aside , before watching this one video , I hadn't known that Catholics believe that the communicant is not to chew the host , but rather let it dissolve in the saliva of the tongue .  Here , according to this standard , I had been desecrating the wafers without even knowing it .  

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      I always managed to stick mine to the roof of my mouth.  Dry as dust, they are!

    • fundiefan


      44 minutes ago, VBOY9977 said:

      Rebekah Sanders Cortner is due with # 1 in August per her Instagram. 
      She just celebrated 4 years of marriage to Chad on May 7th.

      This is exactly what I came here to post! 

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    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      2 minutes ago, HereticHick said:

      do you think there might be ***gasp*** alcohol at the reception?  and dancing?

      I bet there will be dancing. I bet Ashley really wants a first dance and all the instagram perfect pictures that go with it. But not alcohol. The music will likely be live music with a string quartet and mostly just classical stuff. Even though she’s a girl from the Bronx and he’s a farm boy from Ohio, I think these two have some high aspirations. And will plan a wedding accordingly.

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar
    • HereticHick


      2 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      The location is a really common wedding venue. It’s big and fancy for rural Ohio. I get the impression that Ashley wants to become some perfect fundie trophy wife of a politician in NYC attending fancy galas. 

      do you think there might be ***gasp*** alcohol at the reception?  and dancing?

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