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Winter in Iowa

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I cannot wait for spring



We might have some more winter weather coming in this week.  In addition to it getting really fornicating cold this week we also might have some more winter precipitation coming in too.

I am so ready for spring to come now.  I am so fornicating sick of winter.  I need to get off my fat you know what and get riding my bike again.  I need the exercise and I need to resume my nasty and disgusting habit of posting GoPro timelapse videos of my bike ride adventures.

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Maggie Mae


I highly recommend getting a fat tire bike so you can ride in the winter. 

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12 hours ago, Maggie Mae said:

I highly recommend getting a fat tire bike so you can ride in the winter. 

One of my sons has one of those.  I do get nervous about him biking in winter because we have no bike paths or any bike friendly roads between our home and his work, but he takes the side streets which adds some distance but it's safer.

If only I could get him to stop locking it up in our locked garage because one time, years ago, his sister borrowed his bike without asking.  She doesn't even live at home anymore, but still locking it.  

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    • Screamapillar


      11 hours ago, BullyJBG said:

      What, no talk on Jessa's messy house tour with cute little Spurgeon talking like one of the kids on Kids Say the Darndest Things?

      I skimmed it, because there's no way I was going to make it through a 23 minute video tour of someone's tiny house. But Spurgeon saying the Christmas tree in the Master Bedroom had been there for hundreds of years was kind of funny. 

    • PennySycamore


      @Alisamer,  maybe it's because where my toilet paper holder is situated, but my none of my cats have ever unspooled the TP even though it's hung the beard way.  Not Daisy. Not Snorpi. Not Bianca. Not Adagio. Not Sylvester. Not Ling Ling. Not Heidi. And neither Molly I or Molly II.  Maybe all the cats, save Daisy who is still with us, are happily playing with the TP at the Rainbow Bridge.

    • AmazonGrace


      Today's devotional was posted January 26th last year. It's short but says very little.  She asks how often you should eat and doesn't know the answer.




      How Often Should You Eat

      February 18, 2020

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

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      Your body knows that you are overweight and, therefore, will only ask for a small amount of food.


      That's really strange because according to my doctor and all the online BMI calculators my weight is in the normal range. But I guess my body knows better.


      Observing a Thin Eater who is in control over a 24-hour period is so helpful. Sometimes, in the course of one day, you will eat all of that during one meal.

      All of that? All of what? This sounds like Gwen wants to eat a Thin Eater.  But I suppose she means that it's great to eat just once per day.


      Sometimes you will eat such small amounts that hunger will occur as many as four times a day. Basically, the smaller the amount of food you eat at each hunger, the more times your body will ask for food over the course of the day.

      If you eat tiny spoonfuls of nothing your body will desire more nourishment. I guess it's good that we have God's Chosen Dietitian to tell us that.


      Just obey the body—it knows what you need. Also, do not worry about making a mistake. Just commit to immediately starting over by waiting for the next hunger.

      Eating is a mistake you can make.

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    • Bobology


      13 hours ago, OyToTheVey said:

      I felt bad about myself for the whole day. It's crazy what these people have accomplished. Doctors, engineers, chemists, biologists, servicemen, one of them had 3 PhD's!!!

      Feel good about yourself: none of those people could accomplish any of those things if the rest of us weren't holding down forts by doing our work, whatever it be. We are all necessary!

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    • Alisamer


      8 hours ago, hoipolloi said:

      Just saw this the other day:



      I will say that when I had cats, the roll was always hung the "mullet" way. The last time we hung it the other way the ENTIRE ROLL ended up unrolled and then stuffed into their litter box. (Smart kitties knew what it was for, I guess!) The mullet way they can roll it around, but it's somewhat less likely to be unrolled.

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