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Must move from this town

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I need away from where I live. I came here to finish my college education when I was a single mom in my 40s. I finished it and ended up staying because my children were in school. They are out now, my youngest just turned 20, and I need to go.

Some years ago I became aware that one of the biggest events in this town is a particular festival that is supposed to celebrate the diversity of this community. I'm ashamed to say it's really all about showcasing the wealthy white families - and there is a HUGE income disparity here. The highlight of the festival is a ball where a queen is crowned, debutante style, and once my kids got into high school I really began to understand the real function of this ball. It showcases the white daughters of the rich. There are no kids of color. This is embarrassing in today's world. I really hate it.

Then, one of my children was involved in a school activity that requires fundraising. Because this activity requires clothing and equipment, of which new must be purchased every year. The students must travel long distances to stay a week in expensive hotels to properly train, never mind the same exact camp is offered IN THIS TOWN as a day camp at a considerably lower cost. The main fundraiser is the Dad's BBQ, which assumes right off the bat that every participating child has an active father. No amount of asking or persuading would change the minds of the wealthy white parents who locked down the booster club which funds the activity. Tradition. Child must come from the right family, even though this was a public school. So we live through that marginalization, for which I had to pay several hundred dollars in fines because there was no dad to appear for my child and I could not be there that day because I couldn't take off work.

Part of the fundraising is to sponsor a trip to sunny Los Angeles, half way across the country, every other spring break. I had to pay money to the booster club to support this, then my child had to try out for and didn't make the activity the following year, so she didn't get to go. Bitter? You bet.

So now Daddy/daughter dances have started up - as part of the local public schools. I live in a primarily rural area where the small city has the biggest school system in the county, but numerous small communities have their own districts within the county, and it's the small districts that have picked up on this.

I don't want to be here anymore. When I was in college, one of my jobs was as a student worker in the dean's office. The Dean, a woman, got her daughter into cheer in 8th grade and she was talking about how they had to start going to church because all the cheerleaders are active in a church. And she did it! A professor turned dean, but there's no lack of educated people around here. It's just that even with public school education and state college education, everyone still seems to fall into the black hole of church.

I'm having a bad weekend. This soul sickness from Trump's acquittal has seeped into my soul and it drowns me. I need out of Cruz country. When Teddy was running for office, his signs permeated the landscape and they all prominently featured "God." Recent local elections showed Republicans running for Jesus. This place is blood red and I need out of it.

Until I can get out, you bet I'm voting for any and everything possible, and it won't be anybody Republican.

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  • Posts

    • JanasTattooParlor


      6 hours ago, danvillebelle said:

      We tend to never do things for holidays on the actual day, other than Christmas.

      On Feb. 13th my husband brought me a small bouquet of daises and carnations and a bag of mini-Reese's (YAAASS). 

      Our Valentine's "date" was Sunday afternoon.  We spent it wandering around the garden centers at Lowe's and Wal Mart, talking about all our gardening plans, and buying new seed and suet for our bird friends.

      When you've been married for nearly 3 decades and you're secure in your love, grand gestures are no longer required.  And fuck what society deems romantic - anything can be romantic when it's done by and with your one and only.

      I love this! I’m getting married in October this year and after 8 years with my fiancé, we do all of our holidays very low key as well. Valentine’s Day for us was a night in making homemade pizzas, drinking wine, and watching a comedy special. I’m not a big celebratory person and I’m a terrible gift giver, so I’m always happy just going to dinner or having some experience instead of a gift. I don’t get people who have to have big gestures, but I also hate attention on myself unlike Braggie. 

    • Alisamer


      41 minutes ago, PennySycamore said:

      @Alisamer,  maybe it's because where my toilet paper holder is situated, but my none of my cats have ever unspooled the TP even though it's hung the beard way.  Not Daisy. Not Snorpi. Not Bianca. Not Adagio. Not Sylvester. Not Ling Ling. Not Heidi. And neither Molly I or Molly II.  Maybe all the cats, save Daisy who is still with us, are happily playing with the TP at the Rainbow Bridge.

      I do think it depends on the cat! The ones we had as children didn't unroll the TP. The two my sister and I had when we lived together? LOVED to TP the whole bathroom. Only the downstairs bathroom, however? Cats are strange. Wonderful and adorable, but strange.

      (Also, cat people, if you've not watched Kitten Academy on youtube, now's a good time to check it out - there are some super playful zoomy kittens with a calico mom AND a set of 10-day-old tinies. One of whom has a charlie chaplin mustache and a receding hairline - and is a girl named Foghorn. The other two are tuxies. Too cute!)

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    • Alisamer


      Gwen is proud that she "doesn't have much muscle mass, and what she has isn't exercised much"? 

      I really feel like she has some serious body issues and an eating disorder. I am blown away that instead of getting help to recover from those things, she has instead managed to found a church and make tons of money based on them.

      I'm overweight. I know it. But I'm not starving myself and "waiting for the growl" and avoiding vegetables. I'm going to the gym, lifting some weights, and gradually trying to improve my food choices. I'm not even restricting calories at this point - I have before lost a lot of weight by restricting calories, but I was dizzy all the time. Instead I'm trying to eat better - but my first focus was making a habit of going to the gym. I'd rather be healthier and fat than skinny and on the verge of fainting.

      I'm amazed Gwen doesn't fall off those ridiculous platform shoes, with no muscle and barely any food. If she did she'd probably break something. Exercise helps strengthen bone, Gwen.

    • Screamapillar


      11 hours ago, BullyJBG said:

      What, no talk on Jessa's messy house tour with cute little Spurgeon talking like one of the kids on Kids Say the Darndest Things?

      I skimmed it, because there's no way I was going to make it through a 23 minute video tour of someone's tiny house. But Spurgeon saying the Christmas tree in the Master Bedroom had been there for hundreds of years was kind of funny. 

    • PennySycamore


      @Alisamer,  maybe it's because where my toilet paper holder is situated, but my none of my cats have ever unspooled the TP even though it's hung the beard way.  Not Daisy. Not Snorpi. Not Bianca. Not Adagio. Not Sylvester. Not Ling Ling. Not Heidi. And neither Molly I or Molly II.  Maybe all the cats, save Daisy who is still with us, are happily playing with the TP at the Rainbow Bridge.

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