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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Two: Let The Baby Train Commence

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So, when we last saw the Parkers, Amanda had just found out that she was pregnant with blessing #1.

Time to make breakfast!


Hey look, Chris is cleaning up! #besthubbyever


Doing the laundry.


Chris had a wish to work from home, because he's a Workaholic. I know, you're howling with laughter at the idea of a workaholic fundie, but hear me out. When he's not busy at work, he will sometimes 'work from home' autonomously, which is a great excuse for not helping with the kids!


Late night drum practice.


Mmm, deep fried food.




It's... a girl! Welcome to the world, baby Chloe! 


Chloe isn't old enough to be a mommy-slave yet, so Amanda has to clean the toilet herself.


Despite what I said earlier, Chris decided to be the one to change baby Chloe (item is from the Sims 3 Store)! #bestdaddyever


Sweet fellowship time again!


I got Chris to learn some piano skill, and they decided to jam together.


Amanda took Chloe to the summer festival next door, but had to leave Chloe on the ground in order to go and throw up.



Pregnant again! Amanda got a spray tan at a booth at the fair the night before.


Reading a pregnancy book outside the bookstore.


Chloe is now a toddler! I changed her outfit later. Time for some late-night potty training!


What a cute little kid!


With the Local Motion Toddler Walker, there's no need for Chris or Amanda to teach Chloe to walk, she can do it herself!


And the second baby is... a BOY! Welcome to the world, baby Caleb! I think you can guess what the name theme is...


I'll round off the post with a snapshot of Chloe teaching herself to talk. 


So, how soon will Amanda be pregnant with #3? Will she end up having a laundry room breakdown? Which C name will be used next? Until next time!


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  • Posts

    • AmazonGrace






      A US daredevil pilot has been killed during an attempted launch of a homemade rocket in the Californian desert.

      "Mad" Mike Hughes, 64, crash-landed his steam-powered rocket shortly after take-off near Barstow on Saturday.

      A video on social media shows a rocket being fired into the sky before plummeting to the ground nearby.

      Hughes was well-known for his belief that the Earth was flat. He hoped to prove his theory by going to space.


      Stupidity kills people but luckily just himself.

      Science Channel was filming this which I consider somewhat irresponsible. If you call yourself the Science Channel, please don't go around encouraging anti-science nuts engaging in lethal pranks.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I wonder if she’s watching the Sanditon series on PBS. It was started but never finished by Austen. Therefore the writers had pretty free reign at making it much more risqué than your usual Austen. 

    • Idlewild


      14 hours ago, freethemall said:

      I wonder if Jill will explain the decision and change in homeschool beliefs,  I'd be interested in hearing. Of all people in general, shes the one I most want to spill the beans and do an expose!

      Derrick didnt grow up fundy but he sure as hell became fundy when JB became his mentor, he drank the koolaid, married a Duggar, quit his job to be a missionary, and becoming a raging homophobe and transphobe. So yes, he most definitely was on the John Schrader fundy path and now they've veered off sharply.

      Well let’s hope so. Derick certainly doesn’t want his children having a sub par education - he benefited from educational opportunities even if paid work still seems to elude him. He also won’t mind sticking one to JB and feeling superior to the other Duggar families. He is still a know all, Trump supporting, homophobe however until he states any differently.

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    • Mom2Bubby


      2 hours ago, Petronella said:

      Did he really say “seatbelt nazis”?

      Because, *wow*...

      Yep, he did. And he was so smug acting when he said it. 🤬

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    • tabitha2


      From all I gather Laura was not a particularly easy person to get along with not especially warm or loving .Hard living and her mothers constant suppression and aloofness saw to that. 

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