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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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NEW Family: The Parkers, Part One

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Meet Chris and Amanda Parker, who reside in Appaloosa Plains. 



They live on the same lot as the Taylors did, at 1004 Pomona Promenade. However, I bulldozed the original small house there, and built a much bigger one. In reality, I used "freerealestate", allowing them to move in for free; in-game, I decided that the narrative would be that they grifted the house. 

Chris wants to be a politician, so his first task is to get a job as a podium polisher.


Like Melissa Taylor, Amanda wants to be a One Sim Band, which requires mastery of Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. So, I sent her to a piano class.


I also sent Chris to a Charisma class. Most skill classes cost 400 Simoleons, but the Charisma one cost 320 (one random class a day gets a discount).


Smoochin' time!


Time for some sweet fellowship!


Amanda doesn't have much Cooking skill yet, so she makes hot dogs for dinner.


Hot dogs are nice, but Amanda wants to expand her repertoire, so she reads a cooking skill book.


Since the Charisma skill involves befriending people, Chris heads out to the library. This turns out to be an inspired move, as he bumps into his boss, Cheyenne Fox. That's right... a FEMALE boss. It's not ideal, but Chris isn't the type to cause a ruckus. They discuss their favourite colours (him: blue, her: orange) and a bit about the job before he heads home.


Around 2am, Amanda has to wake up...


She doesn't feel too good... was it the hot dogs?


Once Chris has gone to work the next day, Amanda decides to take a guitar class.


It was a successful first day for Chris, he got a promotion!


Aha, NOW Amanda knows why she felt ill... she's pregnant! Blessing #1 is on the way!


They both decided to make themselves food.


Chris made Deep Fried Ice Cream Fritter, which sounds fucking awesome. 


Amanda made Apple Pie, which sounds equally awesome.


Chris had a work opportunity to complete, which didn't finish until 11pm(ish).


I'm ending the post on an appropriate screenshot of Chris getting into bed. 


Next part will, of course, feature the birth of the first child... what gender will it be? What name scheme will I give the kids? How will they adapt to being parents?? 



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  • Posts

    • dawbs


      3 hours ago, RFIntrigued said:

      I have never worked as a server and had no idea this made servers feel that way. I never tip poorly, but I have definitely given compliments at the end of a meal. This is good info to know. 

      It's not always the case...its just often enough that its noted (possibly confirmation bias, really)

      As long as you still tip well, its NBD, it's just back when I did this, fuming in the kitchen "table 3, verbal tip. Bet it's less than 10%" was said a lot. (And it was often less than 10%

      It's not as bad as the dreaded person who says they tip well or the jackass who lays the bills on the table and takes them away for each mistake 

    • Marmion




      “As far as I can tell, they never get up before noon unless there's some sort of national emergency, like my leg hair.”   https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/324094-as-far-as-i-can-tell-they-never-get-up 

      Plus on top of that there is also this quote , from " Catching Fire" , by Katniss Everdeen .   If this is the modern ideal of traditional feminity  , that Mrs. Midwest subscribes to , then I really think that she's become quite the " shield maiden "  https://ghionjournal.com/examining-the-shield-maidens-a-look-at-the-women-of-the-alt-right/  


    • One poor guy was frequently beaten as a teenager and finally escaped.  He tried to press charges but the DA and the sheriff's office just told him that it would be too hard to prove and he could file civil charges if he wanted.  He persisted and finally got a grand jury seated only to discover that they had included a Word of Faith Fellowship member on the jury.  It got dismissed.  Before he could file again, his family (still in the cult) called and told him his mother was very ill.  He went to see her (she wasn't in fact ill) and they confiscated his phone and held him captive.  I'm not done with the book yet but, so far, he's still not free.

      A lot of the church members are forced to work for higher up church members for free.  They even scammed the federal government during the recession and had workers file for unemployment money while still working for those church members.  And they have a lot of money and use lawyers -- just like Scientology, only smaller scale.

      • WTF 1
    • princessmahina


      5 hours ago, feministxtian said:

      When I was in college (and even now, with 3 kids in college), not one of their professors in a math class gives a damn how they get the answer as long as its the right one. 

      My kids went to school in Newport News VA. Check the stats on it, specifically Warwick High School. 

      I would expect a teacher to be able to write/spell things correctly. Look, I'm just a dumbass redneck with a 2 year tech degree and I could write better than these teachers. 

      The schools are a HUGE part of the problem...the parents are the other part. And the kids who are out of the ordinary lose out. 

      I was zoned for Warwick if we had stayed in VA and heard nothing but bad things about it. A friends mom was a home ec teacher there and after a year, said there was no way she would send any of her kids there. I think it’s awful that so many schools are like that. 

    • Katzchen24

      Posted (edited)

      To say that Katniss has embraced 'balanced traditionalism' (and seriously, WTF is that??? Could she also please explain what unbalanced traditionalism is to me? Asking for a friend.) based purely on a single scene is ridiculous.

      Caitlin's certainly never read the books either. The final lines from "Mockingjay" are under the spoiler.


      “But one day I’ll have to explain about my nightmares. Why they came. Why they won’t ever really go away.
      I’ll tell them how I survive it. I’ll tell them that on bad mornings, it feels impossible to take pleasure in anything because I’m afraid it could be taken away. That’s when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness I’ve seen someone do. It’s like a game. Repetitive. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years.
      But there are much worse games to play.

      Excerpt From: Suzanne Collins. “Mockingjay.”  

      This sounds like a woman who's walked through fire and come out scarred on the other side, not someone who's happily settled down to SAHM-hood. Caitlin's ability to wilfully see only what she wants to see is not surprising. 

      Edited by Katzchen24
      Asking for a friend.....
      • I Agree 2

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