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Winter in Iowa

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After the storm

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Last Friday in to Saturday we had freezing rain followed by a couple inches of snow here in Iowa.  Where I live we had two inches of snow by Saturday morning.  Not much but enough to cover the ground and make travel interesting.  It was mostly done by Saturday evening but I had picked up pizza since I didn't want to risk going out and having the weather take a turn for the crappy.

It sounds like tomorrow we're going to have some freezing drizzle which has the potential to make the morning commute interesting.  At least with my new job they allow me to work from home when the weather is bad or around holidays. 

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  • Posts

    • fundiefan


      52 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      The thing is, I actually think it’s nice that some of these fundies have close relationships with their siblings. And I wouldn’t think anything of it if the fundies didn’t do things that are common amongst couples. If a brother got a sister a gift of her favorite chips because everyone’s always eating them, I would think that’s nice. But a brother getting his sister a dozen red roses is strange. If a brother and sister went to just hang out together, I would think nothing of it. But these fundies must call it a date. Why? Just say you hung out with your brother and had fun. It’s the way they do all these things that is strange. But spending time with your siblings and getting them gifts is not weird.

      No, it's not. But, it is the way the frame it. They're so entrenched in someone keeping a girl's heart, and penises being in control that even siblings have to follow that order. And it blurs lines, a whole lot, when the language surrounding sibling relationships - and daddy/daughter relationships - is the language used for romantic love. Seems they can't separate love from in love and it squigs me out.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      1 hour ago, danvillebelle said:

      Her insufferable level is about to go up 1000% with the book.

      BEC moment - the book contract signing photos...WTF is that hairstyle supposed to be and she's wearing the top that looks like it's made of cheap old fishnet stockings.  No matter what she's wearing or what the topic of the photo is she always looks like a Disney evil stepmother to me.  She NEVER looks genuine...it's all for show (hence the filtering to oblivion).

      I get what you are seeing. She looks like the evil stepmother from Cinderella in this shot:


    • SIngingforsupper


      Skipped around on the latest live. Tom took Asher to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Those poor kids must have lots of tooth pain. The little kids played outside. Judah was working on a sewing project for his suit of armor. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      1 hour ago, formergothardite said:

      Pretty sure I'd end up divorced if I started existing on diet coke and licking chips. I would be so damn cranky no one would want to be around me. Gwen has to feel bad all the time because of her diet. 

      Unfortunately I think she’s fairly used to it. And if she’s feeling too bad, she can have half a glass of wine and she’s probably more than buzzed. I bet it doesn’t take much to get her drunk.

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    • Howl


      4 hours ago, AnnaSofia said:

      That's the one!  I was trying to remember, "Did that house really have an indoor pool?" 


      8 hours ago, VVV said:

      But $1300/month is not particularly cheap for an apartment in San Antonio, which is not to be compared with Austin when it comes to housing costs. Austin is insane. We were paying $600/month for our son's small bedroom in a house with a shared kitchen and bath, and I'm sure that room is going for quite a bit more now.

      Yes, Austin rents and housing prices have spiraled out of control in the last four years or so and property taxes are sky high and continuing to rise.   The larger portion of our property tax was fixed when we turned 65, so we're fortunate in that regard.  Not so for our younger neighbors.  

      8 hours ago, VVV said:

      Sonterra (where the apartment complex is) is a subdivision in Stone Oak, which is mostly pretty upscale but not in the same league as Shavano Park.

       I drove a visiting friend to San Antonio and dropped friend off at someone's house in Shavano Park.  Seriously way upscale, leafy, established. 

      This must have been a year ago, because when I got on Loop 1604 in rush hour traffic to drive home, I've never seen such a stunning display of wildflowers, even for Texas -- Indian Blankets (Firewheels) blanketing every inch of the roadsides for miles.

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