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Winter in Iowa

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After the storm

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Last Friday in to Saturday we had freezing rain followed by a couple inches of snow here in Iowa.  Where I live we had two inches of snow by Saturday morning.  Not much but enough to cover the ground and make travel interesting.  It was mostly done by Saturday evening but I had picked up pizza since I didn't want to risk going out and having the weather take a turn for the crappy.

It sounds like tomorrow we're going to have some freezing drizzle which has the potential to make the morning commute interesting.  At least with my new job they allow me to work from home when the weather is bad or around holidays. 

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  • Posts

    • VeryNikeSeamstress


      I saw Susannah's gown in a People atricle. She looks so much like Anna except beautiful strapless dress.

    • CheeseGirl


      6 hours ago, feministxtian said:

      That's some bullshit right there...college? They don't give a fuck how you got the answer. Social Skills? How the hell can you learn "social skills" when it's like a riot on a daily basis, bomb threats, gangs? You're too busy trying to avoid attention so you don't get your ass beat. Bullying, semi-illiterate teachers, fuck that noise...I can't tell you how many teachers' notes I sent back with the grammar corrected. I talked to the teachers in my family and they all sort of shrugged their shoulders...

      I can't speak for everyone else, but my and my family's college experience required showing work, as did all education leading up to it.  It didn't matter if the subject was math, chemistry or social sciences.  Even in subjects that had no math equations, you had to 'show your work' by properly citing sources or be in danger of plagiarizing.  

      I don't know how you can learn anything in the settings you describe.  School systems are woefully underfunded and lacking resources to battle all the things you mention.  I was trying to make the point that things like social skills SHOULD be part of formal education in addition to learning math and facts etc.  I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear.  I was also specifically referencing my husband's situation;  his was in the early 90's  at a private college-prep school. In his particular situation, gangs and bomb threats etc. were not something that were prohibiting him learning social skills.  Again, I agree with you that schools today are in desperate need of major help.

      P.S.  2 year degrees, tech degrees and all other vocational certifications should never be diminished.  I respect your degree and the expertise that represents.  Maybe I misunderstood your sarcasm.


    • dawbs


      3 hours ago, RFIntrigued said:

      I have never worked as a server and had no idea this made servers feel that way. I never tip poorly, but I have definitely given compliments at the end of a meal. This is good info to know. 

      It's not always the case...its just often enough that its noted (possibly confirmation bias, really)

      As long as you still tip well, its NBD, it's just back when I did this, fuming in the kitchen "table 3, verbal tip. Bet it's less than 10%" was said a lot. (And it was often less than 10%

      It's not as bad as the dreaded person who says they tip well or the jackass who lays the bills on the table and takes them away for each mistake 

    • Marmion




      “As far as I can tell, they never get up before noon unless there's some sort of national emergency, like my leg hair.”   https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/324094-as-far-as-i-can-tell-they-never-get-up 

      Plus on top of that there is also this quote , from " Catching Fire" , by Katniss Everdeen .   If this is the modern ideal of traditional feminity  , that Mrs. Midwest subscribes to , then I really think that she's become quite the " shield maiden "  https://ghionjournal.com/examining-the-shield-maidens-a-look-at-the-women-of-the-alt-right/  


    • Xan


      One poor guy was frequently beaten as a teenager and finally escaped.  He tried to press charges but the DA and the sheriff's office just told him that it would be too hard to prove and he could file civil charges if he wanted.  He persisted and finally got a grand jury seated only to discover that they had included a Word of Faith Fellowship member on the jury.  It got dismissed.  Before he could file again, his family (still in the cult) called and told him his mother was very ill.  He went to see her (she wasn't in fact ill) and they confiscated his phone and held him captive.  I'm not done with the book yet but, so far, he's still not free.

      A lot of the church members are forced to work for higher up church members for free.  They even scammed the federal government during the recession and had workers file for unemployment money while still working for those church members.  And they have a lot of money and use lawyers -- just like Scientology, only smaller scale.

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