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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 22

Maggie Mae


Chapter 22: Along the Corridor

Mr. Willy Wonka points out to the rapidly diminishing crowd that there are three "good" children left, and two "naughty little children gone." Charlie, bless his little poverty stricken heart, has the sense to ask Mr. Wonka if Violet will ever be OK again. Mr. Wonka assures Charlie that Violet will be "de-juiced" (I think just "juiced" works here, tbh) and will come out "thin as a whistle" although, she'll be purple. Mr. Wonka drives home his hatred of gum by saying "That's what comes from chewing disgusting gum all day long!" I'm hoping this isn't some weird hang up of Roald Dahl. But I just need to throw an "ok, boomer" at Mr. Willy Wonka for being so absurd to think that an acceptable punishment for bad manners is having your skin died purple. I'm also going to hope and pray (in the American sense, I'm not religious, but we ALWAYS send our hopes and prayers to every preventable tragedy.) that it will NOT be permanent. Skin cells regenerate every 27 days or so. Perhaps Violet will just "fade" while she recovers, and the gum didn't create some sort of lasting DNA change.

Mike Teavee, the other American child, asks why Mr. Wonka sells gum if it's so disgusting. Mr. Wonka, like many adults, pretends to not hear the reasonable question asked by a child. Gene Wilder's portrayal of Mr Wonka is just too wholesome and clouds the fact that Wonka is a monster.

Wonka finds a secret door. (I do SO love books with secret doors and passageways. One of my favorite parts of the "Three Investigators" series is the elaborate way the kids get to their super secret lair. I thought the "underground railroad" was literately a series of tunnels from barns to houses and town to town until I was ... well, let's not talk about that.) 

They are back in a "long pink corridor" with lots of other corridors and doors. Doors marked with things that could be for Wonka's adult line, like "eatable marshmallow pillows" and "lickable nursery wall paper." I mean, obviously the "scratch and taste" wall paper is for toddlers, but I'm guessing it covers the entire wall. You put that in a nursery for one reason, and i doubt it's because you want to teach your infant to lick the walls if they are hungry. We have the discussion about snozzberrys and Wonka ignores the obvious question, just like in the film.

Cows that give chocolate milk, because obviously the process of adding chocolate to milk is difficult or time consuming. Better to create a new type of cow. Veruca wants to know why they can't look in each room. Wonka yells at her for being impatient. Wonka is every male ED/CEO/Business Guy Type I've met since entering the disappointing world of "work." Energetic, condescending, unfocused, rude, dismissive, and praised for it. 

They also pass by the "Fizzy Lifting Drinks" and the room with "Hot Ice Cream for Cold Days." Wonka is absolutely horrid when he explains the fizzy lifting drinks.  He says that they lift you up to the ceiling, and to come back down you have to do a "great big long rude burp." He further tells a story about an Ooompa Loompa who drank it outside and couldn't or wouldn't burp. "He must be on the moon by now." ... So we have this capitalist CEO of a candy factory, who is giving a tour to school children, discussing how he has enslaved a population of "Oompa Loompas" to work the factory to avoid corporate espionage. He's testing products on humans (well, oompa loompas.) He's committing all sorts of OSHA-UK violations. I wish I was more familiar with the UK legal system and the HSE requirements.  I'm certain that the pipe that swept Augustus away was not at all in compliance with industry safety standards in the US.  There's also violations of food safety, food handling, and the lack of safety equipment. Everyone should be wearing masks while interacting near the chocolate river, if that chocolate river is going to be usable product. They should be wearing shoe covers and room specfic coveralls. Hair needs to be contained! No one wants to eat your nasty chocolate from a river! What kind of contaminates could be in there? Bugs, for sure. Hair, definitely.  What kind of paint was used?

Anyway, that's it for this chapter. Wonka says that they are going in a room where "Square Candies That Look Round." Which, honestly, is a surprise. I don't remember this bit at all.

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Wonka says that they are going in a room where "Square Candies That Look Round."

that's the edible room.

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  • Posts

    • feministxtian


      52 minutes ago, Itsjustme said:

      A man who is self supporting wouldn't have to look to a woman for money.

      Gee...then my husband wasn't a real man the whole time we were married. Funny that...

      • Upvote 1
      • Love 1
    • Vivi_music


      I was not able to watch it all because these pseudo-intellectual ''freedomists'' just want to make me gag...

      But making fun of a disease that can actually KILL people (and not respecting social distancing recommendations) seems to not be a very Christian attitude. Wouldn't you wish to do everything in your power to save lives?


      • I Agree 2
    • formergothardite

      Posted (edited)

      21 minutes ago, Itsjustme said:

      A man who is self supporting wouldn't have to look to a woman for money.

      The same can be said for women, correct?

      I was a stay at home mom for a long time and just recently went back to work part time. Does it make me not a real women because I accepted money from a man and didn't support myself? 

      One of my BIL only works part time and takes care of the kids, does it make it less of a man because he isn't self supporting? 

      You say this isn't sexist, but I really don't understand what you mean unless you believe both men and women should be fully self supporting and never take money from anyone. 

      And not everyone needs to believe the same thing, but the belief that real men don't let a woman help them out financially is patriarchal bullshit that needs to be done away with and it isn't any better than what Tom believes. 

      But if that isn't what you believe, I'm interested in understanding what you are saying. I know there can be misunderstandings very easily on the internet. 

      Edited by formergothardite
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    • JermajestyDuggar


      33 minutes ago, NancyDrewFan1989 said:

      I have a feeling Becky wrote it after reading. Allison primarily writes on her own blog right now. Call me crazy, but I am strangely rooting for Allison. She seems to have an independent life for a fundie maiden. 

      She’s more independent than a lot of fundie girls her age. However she’s still so completely entrenched in the fundie beliefs and it’s causing so many issues for her. Her self worth seems to be at least partly tied in with having a godly significant other. I’m glad she works and has interests. But I honestly think she would give it all up in a split second to get married and have kids. 

      • Upvote 1
    • Itsjustme


      1 hour ago, formergothardite said:

      That is sexist bullshit and there are very big issues with Judge Judy pushing the narrative that a man should never ask a woman for money. 

      The problem isn't that Tom is taking money from women. If these women want to toss money at Tom that is their right. It is hypocritical that he pushed patriarchal ideas, but in the end, the real issue is the exploitation of children. Tom and Andrea exploited their children for fame and money, and these women support it emotionally and financially. 

      If innocent children weren't involved here then there really wouldn't be a huge issue with these women paying Tom to pretend to have a relationship with them. They all seem to be consenting adults, and whatever floats their boat. But children are involved, and that makes this all icky. Andrea was icky, Tom is icky and the women who supported both of them are icky. 

      But it isn't an issue that Tom takes money from women, that doesn't make him less than of a man. 


      A man who is self supporting wouldn't have to look to a woman for money. Nothing sexist about that at all.  I understand you have your thoughts but I have mine, and I respectfully accept anyones opinion without making them feel they are wrong in what they say. My thoughts are not bullshit to me. The world doesn't all think the same but that doesn't mean any one way of thinking is right or wrong

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