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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Chapter 17

Maggie Mae


Chapter 17

Augustus Gloop Goes Up The Pipe

Betcha can't guess what happens in this chapter. 

To recap, Charlie is not an orphan, but he might as well be. His dad refuses to update his skills after his job at the toothpaste factory was automated. He has four grandparents who haven't gotten out of a shared bed in 20 years. And so our hero wins a ticket to tour a chocolate factory and managed to get his tobacco addicted grandfather out of bed. Four other children are present at this tour, one fat, one rich, two american, all spoiled. Veruca Salt has just been promised a person, but Willy Wonka won't sell his slaves/oompa loompas. 

I'm typing this on my phone. So excuse my typos and grammatical mistakes. 

Augustus is drinking chocolate out of the river with his hands. Everyone tells at him to stop. His mom mentions that he has a cold. So you brought your sick child to a food processing plant. Lovely. What great parents the Gloops are. 

Augustus gives up drinking from his hands and starts drinking directly from the river, like a dog.

Shockingly enough, he falls in and gets sucked into a pipe. The Gloops freak out and imagine that their precious son will be made into candy, while Mr. Wonka just laughs. 

While I'm sure having your kid fall into industrial equipment is not a fun experience, the Gloops are being kind of ridiculous. The chocolate is obviously not hot enough to cause burns. The pipe is scary, because most pipes are going to get smaller, and if he can't breathe, that's an issue. But Winks makes it sound like he will be sent to the fudge machine. If so, Augustus should be able to just climb out. Or the oompa lumpas will have to take apart some piping and get him out. As far as what happens to these kids, he got off fairly easy. He's not saddled with a failing chocolate factory and the responsibility and burden of owning people. Nor is he murdered and reassembled and stretched, or left with permanent injuries. Weird that the two American kids have way less injuries that the girl who's name has become synonymous with greedy. Somehow gum chewing comes off as a worse crime than asking to own a person.

The end of this chapter is a song by the Oompa loompas about how fat Augustus is/was. 


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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      12 hours ago, FluffySnowball said:

      I know I frequently hop on here to complain about their grammar, but can’t they sometimes get something right? Just sometimes... I’m not asking for too much, am I?


      From uneducated people who are limited in what they read...you are asking too much.

    • TheJewAmongUs




      * In 12 or 13 states, public urination can be charged as indecent exposure or public lewdness. Public urination is illegal in all 50 states but most write a ticket with a fine or it's a misdemeanor. Indecent exposure and public lewdness will both mean registering as a sex offender. I don't know how common it is, but my friend in college got caught twice in a month in her freshman year peeing behind plants in garden beds while extremely intoxicated, and on her second time she got charged with public lewdness even though you could not see her from the path going by at all (she was at least 10-15 feet off the path and behind tall shrubbery) and the cop had to squeeze past the plants to even see why she was back there. She wanted to be a nurse so had to hire a lawyer to try and get her off the charges. She ended up having to do a good amount of community service and had to attend AA (she wasn't an alcoholic, just an 18 year old who didn't know her drinking limits yet) and classes on reducing her alcohol use, and then the charges were expunged.

      She is now a nurse and the whole experience very much turned her off drinking to excess.


      Off topic, but I'm completely fine with someone who did these things being excluded from certain professions. If you're not aware that actions have consequences by the time you go to college, you're not ready to go away to college or to start training towards these professions. The fact that she got caught and did it again soon after (both the drinking and the peeing in garden beds) shows this. At 18 she had to know that drinking was illegal. It is not ok to break the law if you do it 10-15 feet away from where you think someone can see you. And other people are not required to stay on paths to avoid seeing illegal things. And you have no idea if she was an alcoholic or not. But if she wanted it expunged, she needed to stop drinking. Being required to attend substance abuse counseling is a completely appropriate requirement when you're asking the court to give you a do over that you have in no way shown that you deserve or earned.

    • TheJewAmongUs


      7 hours ago, Keysia said:

      Susannah Richardson went private on instagram and cancelled some of the last few post on FB, her boyfriend cancelled the FB profile.

      someone commented or told her something about her fiancee, i suppose.

      Anyway i hope she'll be alble to discern what is good from what is not and not being too naive.

      He didn't cancel his account, he was removed from Facebook once they became aware that he is a registered sex offender. I don't believe she deleted those posts, just changed their privacy. Maybe someone who is actually friends with her on Facebook can confirm. But even then, you can select which friends see your posts too. He is definitely still around, the youngest sister changed her profile photo to a pic of him yesterday.

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    • Giraffe


      10 minutes ago, quiversR4hunting said:

      I have a friend that is allergic to one or more ingredients in the tetanus shot! I hope he never steps on a nail or gets a deep laceration. 

      How terrifying!

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    • AmazonGrace


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