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20 years ago today

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I hate the holiday season, just hate it. I used to love it, but 20 years ago today the police came to our door to make the worst notification they are tasked with. Our daughter was just 21.

We do Christmas, we have had little kids for the past 17 years, so we have to do Christmas, but I just wish I could go to bed Thanksgiving night and wake up mid January. 

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I remember reading about your daughter in one of the JRod threads, I believe. Such awful, awful news to hear, and just before Christmas too. So sorry for your loss. 

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I remember too, and my heart broke for you when I read that. I hope this isn't too painful to share with you, but we were on a road trip last weekend and I looked back and saw my daughter slouched across the back seat. I told her to sit up because her seatbelt wouldn't work properly that way. A whole disagreement between her, my husband and I ensued but I remembered your story and insist that she (and I) sit properly in the car from now on. I am so sorry for your loss, but you have shared with us a valuable lesson. I hope you had a nice holiday in spite of everything.

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Blackberry, so much love being sent to you as well on this day.  I have never forgotten after you shared and like Puma reminded my son to sit up properly in the car on the way home from our outing yesterday.

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    • DalmatianCat


      1 hour ago, PurpleCats said:

      I think that’s why their relationship makes so much sense. She’s the fussy older sister / sister mom type who enjoys nurturing siblings and now her spouse.  Justin didn’t get the close, nurturing relationship with his mom, and she’s basically a stand in for her. 

      I thought the same thing about Joe/Kendra and Si/Lauren. They’re further up in birth order than Justin, but they both married into much smaller families who seemed delighted to adopt them as their own. They were also the first son-in-law for both the Caldwells and Swansons, so that definitely accounts for some of the excitement of having the oldest daughter in each family married.

    • VBOY9977


      Micah and Bella Thomas had Solace John yesterday (24th)

    • Pecansforeveryone


      There is considerable variety in the field of nursing.  I know nurses who traveled who got time and a half and housing if they went where the demand was. Hopefully man bun wises up. I have had two people try to get me to do Primerica over the years. One was a retired Navy officer. I was always uncomftable and never did it. 

    • Mama Mia


      I like the kids room makeover she posted on YouTube. Interesting though that it seems like it’s part kid room, part home office. I was surprised that she did the whole loft bed build project on her own - and in pants. 

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    • hoipolloi


      6 hours ago, Howl said:

      According to those Reddit responses, it's an MLM that straddles the border between scam and outright fraud -- like greed and sociopathy got together and had a baby.

      I agree & it seems that it would take a certain amount of financial acumen to pull off the scam. Man Bun has never seemed to me like he understands anything about finances except how to spend other people's money.

      Makes me also question the nature & status of his nursing degree. Why not get reinstated if he is indeed a qualified RN? Travel nursing gigs are very well-paying, for example, if he can't or won't get a permanent position.

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