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Edens Years 18 & 19: Still Here, Still Counting!

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Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! As always, its been a while since I've updated. If anyone is reading this, here's a recap: 

Eva Johnson married Adam Eden when they were both 20 (in Jan of 2010).


Adam is a manager for Hobby Lobby; Eva is a Manager of her Home. They immediately moved into a 3-bed, 2-bath home in the suburbs and started procreating for the Lord.

Due to various types of expansions they now have 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 14 children:

Genesis (g) 10/10 Honeymoon Baby!

Exodus (b) 9/11

Leviticus (b) 11/12

Numbers (g) 2/14

Deuteronomy (g) 5/15

Joshua (b) 6/16

Judges (b) 10/17

Ruth (g) 1/19

Samuel (b) 3/20

Kings (b) 6/21

Chronicles (g) 10/31/22

Ezra (b) 2/24

TWINS Nehemiah and Esther 12/25

plus their newest precious blessing on the way in 2027!  (For the record, that's an average of 15 months between births - not quite Courtney Rogers fast, but definitely Michelle Duggar fast.)

The first laundry-room break-down occurred only at child 3 (under 3).


Soon Eva's younger sister was brought in as live-in help - she has since married and divorced and is no longer living in the Big House.


A second breakdown happened about 10 kids in. Genesis had to be promoted to sister mom at age 11, Exodus became a little man of the house at 12, and Levi joined the ranks of toddler carer/handyman/and cook at age 13. Now, except for the eldest three keeping the family together, neither Eva nor I care about her sprog once they are out of toddler years. My little experiment is really mirroring fundie life remarkably well. Ok here we go: 

In Feb of 2027, #4 Numbers turned 13 and became the second sister-mom!


She is a loner who hates the noise and mess of the Big House, and it really was getting crowded, so the Edens grifted for ANOTHER house expansion and built the Teen Wing. It is of course attached to the nursery, as who else would be minding the littles?!


You can't see it from this picture, but we have truly reached lawlessness in the Big House. Toddlers fending for themselves, children sleeping on the courting bench in the garden, someone up at all hours, and everyone running into each other in the bathrooms. The only way Eva and I get through the days is to just not care anymore.

And into this chaos, #15 was born! Welcome to the world Job! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! If we can remember which one you are.


As you can see, the family has more and more mouths to feed. Genesis turned 16 and became a megachurch barista like her mother before her, and her teen brothers (not 16 yet but hey, fundies don't care) landscape on the weekends to help feed their siblings. Fundie teenagedom sounds like the WORST.


(In true fundie fashion, I have no idea who the other kids are in this picture.)

However, even in fundieland, adolescence is still a time of new adventures and opportunity. While Eva continues to write novels (her latest nonfiction work "Doubly Blessed: My life as Twin Mama and Mama to 13* More (*at time of writing)" has just been published), Genesis is a budding musician and wrote a folk song, "Big Happy Family" that has had modest success. (Hey Genesis, blink twice if your parents titled the song for you!...Oh you seem to have something in your eye.)


And of course the teenage years mean getting to know members of the opposite gender. Leviticus, a budding preacher, continues to host truly terrible youth groups, but despite this, somehow Exodus and Maya begin to bond over some burned 'dog. 


Eventually they try a new locale. It doesn't matter. Levi is truly terrible at socialization. 


The others make new friends, properly chaperoned and keeping plenty of room for Jesus between them. (and of course, drinking nothing stronger than some seltzer) What fun!

Speaking of teens, Deuteronomy #5 aged up in the middle of year 19/2028.


Not like that!


Much better. Actually, Deuteronomy is the fundiest of them all. She makes her parents so proud. And that's good, because they are going to need all the help they can get. Just as Job turns 1 and becomes a toddler, 


Eva tells Adam they are expecting a new blessing!


"How nice," says Adam. "What number is this?"

#16 is on its way!!!

As if that weren't enough to keep track of, we of course always have our eye on Elsie Johnson, Eva's little sister! She has been working through a culinary career while single-moming her precious son Romano, who just started school at a private Christian academy. When we last saw them, they had just gotten an adorable kitty named Nacho.  


Elsie - turning 30, divorced, and a single mom - was thinking about dating again, but realized she's already an unusual catch, and her family didn't feel quite complete yet. So she adopted a little girl named Brie!


If you were around for the rough years, look how full Elsie's life is now!


She works evenings, so she is able to spend lots of time with Brie while Romano is at school,


visit with Romano while Brie is napping in the afternoon,


and watch them play together before she works (and they go to the Big House). 


She is truly a fundie success story and I hope she is secretly inspiring some of her nieces and nephews!

Will any of the little Edens break free like Elsie has? Are any courtships on the horizon? We'll just have to stay tuned! Until next time, Edens out!


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    • indianabones


      42 minutes ago, Melissa1977 said:
      42 minutes ago, Melissa1977 said:

      It would have cost you 0 in my (far poor than yours) country. Vaccinations and HIV are top questions because it's not about one person health, it's about the whole society, so basically they thank you for going to get the shots/tests.

      It must be easy and not that expensive, because my country is not extremely rich and far form perfectly organised! I know US is enormous and the size makes things more difficult, but still. Epidemies are a security question.


      ...Lucky you?

      The cost of healthcare isn't really something we have control over, apart from voting for Democrats.

    • Italiangirl


      I'm not where this should be posted, so decided to put it here

      On Tumblr there are some speculation that Justin might be pre courting/ courting for a photo of him side hugging a girl as a profile pic in a review about a Duggar company 


    • Melissa1977


      4 hours ago, elsiedindin said:

      I was able to complete the full adult immunization schedule through my local health department for just under $15 a shot. They offered low cost STD/HIV testing, health education, and other preventive health resources

      It would have cost you 0 in my (far poor than yours) country. Vaccinations and HIV are top questions because it's not about one person health, it's about the whole society, so basically they thank you for going to get the shots/tests.

      It must be easy and not that expensive, because my country is not extremely rich and far form perfectly organised! I know US is enormous and the size makes things more difficult, but still. Epidemies are a security question.

    • Red Hair, Black Dress

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, ManyGoats said:

      One of her brothers got married last year. 


      Geez louise --14 bridesmaids in that wedding!  Looking closely at the groomsmen photo the Brannan guy marrying Lexi Mendl is one of the groomsmen.

      And as befits RF Royalty, they were married at Ashlawn.

      Edited to add:  Is it my imagination or is RF culling some of the announcements from the archived weddings? I remember one from late 2018 (I think). that seems to be gone now.  The engagement photo (taken in the woods) showed the bride who was very very blonde, very young, tiny and fragile looking, in a faux fur stole and poufy white dress. The groom was also seemed rather young, thin, good looking, hair in short twists. I cannot remember their names.

      Does RF delete an announcement if the marriage fails or the couple leaves RF?  Do they just pare down the archive lists to be manageable? Seems like they would want as many as possible to should how great RF is a getting people married.

      Edited by Red Hair, Black Dress
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    • Beermeet


      From the last post ( sorry, I copied and now forgot who said this. I'm bad at quoting from last threads)


      Posted Friday at 10:38 AM

      C-sections are far from a walk in the park. Every woman I know who had both vaginal births and C-sections would choose v-births (excluding any complications) hands down. It’s tough enough caring for a newborn without having to cope with recuperation from major abdominal surgery at the same time. And then there’s the fun of being restricted from climbing stairs when your laundry room is most likely in the basement.

      This is true!  I had two and, ouchie!  There's a mental element to it as well. You know your guts were just taken out and put back in.  This makes many feel that they could spill out at any moment!  

      I don't wish anything horrible to happen to Birthy. However, you just don't really know what to expect the first time, especially.  I took Bradley Method classes and was convinced I could push that baby out no problemo.  I was made for this! My hips were not small, I got this!  Ahhhh, sweet summer child I was. 

      My contractions never really let up. I never did get that break. My water broke and there was a ton of meconium.  Off to hospital I go. I thought ( due to the non stop pain) that the baby just may come in the car. Nope, I was only 3 cm. Baby was in distress. Emergency c-section it was. I was sofucking relieved!!!!!  Suddenly,  it all seemed so vaginal.  It hit me what was about to happen and I was terrified!  Which, DUH!  I was pretty delusional about the whole thing. I didn't want a home birth but I wanted to labor at home as long as possible.  With candles, music and some hippie shit happening.  HA!   You just have to be open to possibilities is my experience.  A birth plan is great, but, it may never happen.  Important to realize that. 

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