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Shitty, shitty month



It has been a shitty month. 

It started out so nice, with BlackberryKid3’s wedding... but man..

the next weekend BlackberryBoy woke up on Saturday complaining about weirdness in his vision. From his description, I chalked it down to floaters and told him not to worry.  By Tuesday, the day after Veterans Day he was beside himself, so we got him into our ophthalmologist, who took one look and hooked him up with a specialist that day.

specialist did an injection and scheduled him for surgery the next week.

Bbb has pretty severe diabetic retinopathy, with a bad bleed. He has been on restricted activity, no lifting, no bending, no driving (at first) has to sleep sitting upright.


the thing is his diabetes is very tightly controlled. His A1c has been at 6.4 for YEARS. Technically thats prediabetic. His Bp is tightly controlled too. We’re besides ourselves.


Then, we got news that my MIL is dying. She is 90, and until this month has been in amazing health. But she had what they thought was a stroke, but turned out to be a fast growing brain tumor. My SIL says they don’t expect her to live past Christmas. Bbb is having a real hard time with it because their relationship has been rocky at best. Me, I’m fine. She never liked me and treated our kids like shit and refused to come to our daughter’s funeral. She didn’t even tell her (or us) about a 50th anniversary celebration, and our daughter was going to college not 20 miles from them. 

I can only bitch about this here. Thanks for listening 

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I'm so sorry. That's a lot of fuckery in a short time. Sending good thoughts and such to your family. ❤️

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Maggie Mae


I'm so sorry, family stuff can be so hard. That's a lot all at once, and during December, which is already busy and stressful for many of us.

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    • Keysia


      Susannah Richardson went private on instagram and cancelled some of the last few post on FB, her boyfriend cancelled the FB profile.

      someone commented or told her something about her fiancee, i suppose.

      Anyway i hope she'll be alble to discern what is good from what is not and not being too naive.

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    • Dandruff


      20 minutes ago, PumaLover said:

      OK folks. I not remember the last time I this sick. Woke up sopping wet in a cold sweat under all my covers this morning. Much fever. Very hot.

      Hope feel your better reel soon, hallaluyer!  Cat cute.  JRod not but trys.

      Sis Dandruff

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    • PumaLover


      OK folks. I not remember the last time I this sick. Woke up sopping wet in a cold sweat under all my covers this morning. Much fever. Very hot.

      I am so far behind on my FJ snark and possibly 4 1/2 years behind on the Jrod snark. I hope to be caught up soon and possibly recapping any ridiculous videos the Bro might bring our way.

      In other news we brought in a new kitty. He was an outdoor cat that came with the property but he decided he's a sweet, friendly, indoor kitty. He loves sleeping on our bed and cuddling! Meet Midnight.


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    • LacyMay


      I can't see Ben being a head preacher but I could 100% see him getting into Youth Ministry. 

      He's young and approachable looking clean cut but not frumpy. He has the attractive wife and young kids but gives off the vive that you could find him playing soccer in the park or something. 


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    • LacyMay


      Foodies Over Pharisees 

      Jesus Loves (shopping at) TheMall

      Best Dressed Disciple 

      Artisan Loaves and Keto Fishes-Cooking with JinJer


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