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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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The Whittakers Part 3: Cones of Shame

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The Whittakers have a pretty big garden, and I've got a few catnip plants (you can't plant catnip in previous iterations of The Sims, only catnip toys). Here's Julia feeding Olly some homegrown catnip.


I decided it was time to get the cats spayed/neutered. Lily was first up! She went into a special machine to have it done.


She came out with a cone of shame. Poor kitty. 


Thankfully the cone didn't last long! Little James decided he wanted to pet the cute kitty.

(You can see the rocket that Julia is building in the garden).


One thing I don't like about Sims 4 is how a female Sim doesn't age whilst pregnant. I have no idea why this is. Julia and Mark were originally the same age, but now Julia's three days younger. I wanted James to have a sibling, so I adopted a baby girl, Maddie. It was also 'Spooky Day' (a festival I created to be an equivalent to Halloween), hence Mark's costume. Luckily Maddie didn't seem to be too upset by it!


James wore his own little costume too! 


I wanted to get the other cats neutered the day Lily got done, but the vets was running a bit slow and it got late. So, I took the others back a few days later. I noticed this bizarre-looking blue dog with what looks like smoke or steam above it... it later looked normal, so I can only assume that this is some weird Sims illness.


In fact, here's the dog looking normal! Plus Olly with his cone of shame.


Here's Maddie as a toddler. She looks so pretty!


Mm, late night chicken nuggets!


The kids are sharing a room for now. I might expand the house a bit when they're older to give them their own spaces.


One HarvestFest tradition is the appearance of gnomes in the house. Mark tried to appease this one with pie... no dice. You have to give them the right gift or they're not happy. It ended up that *all* the gnomes were displeased so I just sold them haha. 


Olly ran away again. I don't know why he's run away twice, I make sure I look after them both properly! Maybe it just happens sometimes for no real reason.


Mmm, Grand Meal time! You get a choice of Grand Meals to make. I chose a turkey one. This also happened to be the first time that Julia and Mark sat down for a meal together!


I love that toddlers can grab their own portion of a group meal in Sims 4. It's so convenient!


Playtime with Daddy!





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Someone Out There


If you don't mind add-ons in your game Mc Command Centre (https://deaderpool-mccc.com/#/) allows for pregnancy aging (you will need to turn on the setting).  You can also adjust maximum household size with it if you wanted to.

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Ooh that’s something to look into! I’ve considered mods before but never been sure how to install them (I looked into installing some of the NRAAS mods for Sims 3 but never quite understood the instructions). My brother is quite a techy person and is knowledgeable about that kind of thing so when he comes home for the Christmas holidays I’ll get him to help. 

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Someone Out There


Assuming your on Windows, go to your documents folder, then the following folders (divided by the '->') Electronic Arts -> The Sims 4.  If there is folder named 'Mods' then navigate to that, otherwise create a folder named 'Mods' (right-click -> create folder) and navigate to it.  If a file named 'Resoruce.cfg' (it may show up in your window as 'Resource' then the 'Type' is 'CFG File') doesn't exist open notepad and place the lines between the = in it.


Priority 500
PackedFile *.package
PackedFile */*.package
PackedFile */*/*.package
PackedFile */*/*/*.package
PackedFile */*/*/*/*.package
PackedFile */*/*/*/*/*.package



In Notepad select 'File' -> 'Save As'.  Select 'Save as type' of 'All Files (*.*)' in the Mods directory.  This should show up in the mods directory as a  file of type CFG File.  If it shows up as a TEXT file then you have forgotten to select the All Files.

Download the MC Command Centre Mod and navigate to wherever you downloaded it to.  Right Click on the zip file and select 'Extract All'.  Browse to the Mods directory (for me this is at C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods) and click 'Extract'.

Open The Sims 4, in the top right click the '...' and navigate to 'Game Options' -> 'Other'.  Check the two checkboxes for 'Enable Custom Content and Mods' and 'Script Mods Allowed'.  After restarting The Sims 4 and opening a game you should see a notification that has 'Welcome to MC Command Centre - Version X.X.X'.

If you left-click individual sims you can find some settings.  Otherwise if your house has a computer you can use that to find more settings.  The more settings can also be found by starting the cheats engine (Ctrl+C) and typing 'mc_settings'.

After new patches  are installed it generally disables mods again (it has a popup notification).  If this happens I would go check the MC Command Centre website and see if it has been updated.  If so then download the updated version and overwrite the files in your Mods directory.

A resource that has some pics for setting up mods may be:


If that doesn't help, or you need clarification feel free to ask, or wait until you see your brother.

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    • Queen Of Hearts


      Has anyone seen Rachel on a live since that person pointed out that Tom thinks she is a crazy stalker? LOL!  I watched about 5 minutes today (couldn't stomach any more than that) and didn't see her.

    • thoughtful

      Posted (edited)

      Well, it seems that Gary was not scheduled to preach tomorrow, at wherever the hell he was staying in Ennis. So he moved on, to Coldspring, about 2.5 hours away.

      Jest keep a-draggin' those little Creena vahrises with ya, Gary - I'm sure the people of Texas really need them. Enjoy your fish and sides - who's feeding you now, and do they have enough loaves and fishes for everyone?


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    • Xan

      Posted (edited)

      Newest Life with Gwen and Joe is up.  I'll stick a link in the spoiler.  "Adam and Even:  Cutting through the confusion."



      Too bad about that Covid virus.  Gwen is back and she's seriously talking again about not eating. (Talk about being tone deaf...)  She apparently thinks we get our dieting advice from the story of Adam and Eve.

      Joe asks why people "fall for" eating when they're not supposed to.  Gwen answers, "I really believe that it is, that what makes everyone fall is that confusion.  Because you've got it coming from both sides.  God said, "don't eat it".  Satan said, "did God really say that?  I mean, he didn't... that's not what he really meant.  That's not what God means.  ....So, did God really say it?"  So, I think the confusion is did God really say it?  So, when you're at that temptation ... did God really say it?  I think that's the whole thing.  (I'm distracted now by Joe coughing...)  So when you're sitting there with that food and like, did God really say "not one more bite"?  Did God really say "not one more bite"?  (Yes, she repeats it.)  So why did God really say it?  Here's the problem.  God really DID say it and if you continue in it ...  (Here she rambles on and starts talking about Jesus -- "is he the Christ or is he not the Christ?  And did the Pharisees think he is the Christ?  I mean the negativity was out there...".  She's saying that negativity surrounds the word of God and that sometimes people will say "is that person right or is Gwen right?"  Surprise.  She thinks Gwen is right.)

      Joe opines on what a master illusionist Satan is.  Gwen eventually starts talking about how "focus on the self" will kill you.  (Isn't that what the whole dieting thing is, though?)  She rambles about journaling and about how not focusing on the self will help solve worry and all those panic attacks.

      Thank God, Joe drags it back to Adam and Eve.  (He really IS in training to fill her Minnie Mouse shoes, isn't he?)  Gwen adds that everyone has "good hearts" and that they will "get that weight off this year".  Again, he has to interrupt her and he pulls it back to talking about the Weigh Down system.

      If it's possible, she looks even thinner this week.

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    • Marmion

      Posted (edited)

      I think that one of the strangest beliefs that some fundies might have is that of generational curses . { 

      https://www.gotquestions.org/generational-curses.html , https://www.christianityeveryday.com/index.php/understanding-what-the-bible-says-about-generational-curses/ }  I want to add though that even some secular minded persons , such as seemingly Lia Marie Johnson , believe that the personal vices of patents can be inherited , I am sad to say . I feel that this attitude leads to biological determinist despair .  https://weownthenitenyc.com/lia-marie-johnson-dna-on-capitol-records/   I just hope that she , and any other persons struggling with substance abuse , will be able to find relief .  



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      technical difficulty
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    • Jasmar


      20 hours ago, neuroticcat said:

      Mine too! Still calls it Davenport and she grew up in Idaho and North Dakota

      Mine too, born 1925, grew up/lived all her life in the Pacific NW. It’s always been a super old-fashioned term to me, and not in a good way 😆

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