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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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The Whittakers Part 2: Expanding the Household

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Last time we saw the Whittakers, it was late on Love Day. They managed all their traditions!

This can be what happens when you eat ice cream... brain freeze!


Uh oh, looks like Lily's frightened of the toilet. Poor kitty.


Julia got pregnant! 


This is the standard microscope in Sims 4... pretty huge!


She needed to build some Fitness skill for work, so I sent her to the Movers and Shakers gym. This lot comes with a trainer, and you get a special moodlet when s/he pays attention to you. (It's not always the same person each time).


Oh no - cat fight! Olly won this one. Normally they get on pretty well.


Julia went to Geek Con and tried the Ultimate Gaming Test. Sadly, she didn't do very well. Never mind, she can level up her Video Gaming skill and she'll be much better prepared the next time Geek Con comes around!


Cats get in the weirdest places. Lily tried out the fridge for size.


Hey! Get out of the meatballs, Olly!


Fast forward a couple of days, and Julia's ready to give birth! She had a son, James.


The day of James's birth was also Summer Fest (a holiday I always create, since there are no pre-set summer holidays). What better way to celebrate than by dancing to Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves!! (Aside from songs created for the game, real-life bands often contribute Simlish versions of their own songs). Lily decided to photobomb in an... unfortunate manner.


James as a toddler! I decided he could have the Inquisitive trait, and eventually be like Julia. I decided to give him glasses, cos he looks stinking cute in them!


Can anyone guess James's colour? I've done this forever, assign my Sims a colour and have them wear clothes in that colour. 


Olly ran away briefly, but he soon returned! He was a little stinky when he came back. Julia got a Smelly Pet moodlet which referenced the great Smelly Cat song by Phoebe Buffay from Friends, but I didn't get the screenshot on the laptop. I'll attach the photo I got with my phone later.


Lily had kittens! These are Max and Billy, and they look exactly like Olly. Once they grow up I'll get them all neutered/spayed and then sell Max and Billy, because it's a fairly small house and four cats is a bit much.


I went into Plan Outfits to tweak a couple of minor things, and found the Clothing category for cats. Here's Olly modelling a, umm, cheese sandwich, and a top hat. He looked ridiculous! I decided to just stick with collars for him and Lily.



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Damn, I adore the Sims' games. Wish I had the time! Thanks for these glimpses of the newer versions. Last Sims I played, my character became suicidal. lol I wonder if that's still an option.

The kitties are adorable!


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The tophat always brings me joy, I wish it was available for (big) dogs too!! I always have either big dogs or cats.

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    • SassyPants


      I thought the F’s lived some distance from the TTH. I’m thinking if I was a busy mom and had many things to do before my husband came home from a trip, the last thing I’d want to do is load the kids into the car and drive some distance ( I thought I’d heard 45 minutes) each way.  + you’d have to stay a bit, not just push him out of the car. It seems to me you’ve just lost several hours. 

    • Expectopatronus


      15 hours ago, mpheels said:

      Peace sign in the US is the same as the UK/Australia, but the the other way round (palm facing in) is meaningless in the US.

      @Expectopatronus - when you say the gesture with thumb and pinky up, are you talking about the shaka 🤙? Not sure how that’s inappropriate. It’s an all purpose goodwill gesture. It’s very commonly used in Hawaii and was popular with teens throughout the US in the 1990s when pop culture was heavily influenced by skate boarding and surfing culture. The buses in Honolulu have a shaka graphic that plays on thier sign boards if a car lets them merge in.

      When done sideways, it was a gang symbol in my area for awhile.

    • clueliss


      In one if their YouTube videos, I got the impression that Johanna wanted to watch Gideon when Joy dropped him by the big house on her way to an appointment.  

    • thoughtful





      Gary, didn't you hear the guy yelling "this stuff dangerous!" Monday night?




      • Disgust 1
    • Cults-r-us


      8 minutes ago, Not that josh's mom said:

      I worked in a quilt shop. It was rare that a paycheck made it home. I have the shelves and shelves of fabric, drawers full of thread, notebooks full of patterns. But I've made many many quilts. And I continue to enjoy making quilts.

      At the same time I worked in a library. No cost involved there, but between the two jobs I didn't do much cooking ot cleaning. 

      I gave my fabric away (finally). Just consider the pain in that statement 

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