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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Sims 4: Factory Reset

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So I got Cats and Dogs, plus My First Pet Stuff.

Which screwed up my game big time, it just wouldn’t load. Ugh.

So I made a backup, and did the factory reset. Game is now fine.

I decided that I wanted to start over completely, like I’d just bought the game and expansions etc, without any of the previous saves. So, my previous games don’t exist in this version, and I’ll be starting afresh with a new family. 


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Oh shit, that's always a shame. I remember after I got some pack and there was a major update, my two main families just stopped working and were so broken. Didn't feel like playing with them at all. I'm currently doing a "Breed out the ugly" challenge, and my other save is a Michelle Duggar inspired slut, aiming for 100 babies.

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  • Posts

    • seraaa

      Posted (edited)

      10 hours ago, Stop_Counting said:

      Most of the stuff who've said descibes many fundies, including Gotharides. Most don't have babies every  year, go to real churches, and a few attend real schools. The list goes on. My point is Jill and Derick have made some very vague statements, but they have been very clear about certain issues.  In my opinion they have done and said very little to make me think their views will change. They seem to be doing some things differently, but you could say that about many second generation fundies, including members  of her family. If they were in any other family we wouldn't overlook certain things they've said.



      But she isn't in another family, and the changes they have made away from her childhood are signficant in that context.

      Will they make other changes? Who knows, it's up to them, but I think we can acknowledge they way she has broken from her upbringing while still keeping everything in perspective.

      Edited by seraaa
    • CarrotCake


      15 hours ago, haroldtheyrefundies said:

      basically, if any of Jill's kids turns out to be LGBT, they will have to wait and come out until they are 18 and out of the house. Which is really sad to think about. 

      The boys are still young. It they are trans, they could already be in a position where they cannot be themselves but if they turn out to be gay there are some years left before they probably will realize.

      So who knows which steps will be taken before that? I still have hope...


    • Melissa1977

      Posted (edited)

      Why does she sound so fake? I have the feeling that she forces that poor Jeremiah to sit down for hours praying and talking about how happy they are. "Aren't we blessed, my dear Jeremiah? Aren't you the happiest MARRIED man in the whole country, my dear MANLY man? I'm so content to be stuck in this 1920's bordello-looking house* all day long" and he nods and looks at the clock hoping it's diner time soon.

      Maybe she's sincere, and the problem is that she is a bad writer who does not know how to describe her feelings. But she sounds as if she was desperate to be the happiest married women, the same way she sounded desperate when she was single. 

      *because the deep red walls mixed with old wooden fortiture and the curtains. All of that can look great... if used with common sense. No way Allison can convince me she likes the decor at all, it's not her style. (Yeah, it's BEC. Sorry)

      Edited by Melissa1977
    • JermajestyDuggar


      1 hour ago, mango_fandango said:

      Five months in? Puh-lease. Wonder if she’ll be saying that five years in.

      She probably will. But whether she actually believes it is another story. This is Allison’s “ministry.” And she won’t let a little thing like marital unhappiness get in the way of her ministry.

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    • LurkerOverThePond


      7 hours ago, Columbia said:

      If Geoff thinks Trump’s re-election was stolen, he’s really in for a shock when he moves to Russia and gets a taste of true electoral corruption. 

      Oh yes, this so much. 

      Unless he would move to some place very rural, like middle of taiga in Siberia, I think he also could not escape the ever present State and it's rules and regulations, which he seems to loathe in the US.

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