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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things: The Powells



So I've been absent for a while!!

Life got in the way, really, and I didn't play The Sims for ages. 

I'll be posting on this blog more often, but there'll be some changes. Namely, I think I'll be abandoning the Taylor family. It was a mistake making them Fairies - Joey and Melissa were becoming grandparents whilst still Young Adults (due to YA and A lifespans being 105 days instead of 21) and it just wasn't particularly realistic. So I think I'll start another 'fundie' family, but as normal Sims. Plus, they'd often achieve their Lifetime Wishes at a young age, and you can't choose another one like you can in Sims 4. I am also (finally) planning to install some mods in the future, mainly household extension ones, and perhaps a couple of bits of custom content eg modest skirts. I don't know yet if I'll keep up with the Sims 4 Smith family.

Anyway, I've started a new, non-fundie family in Sims 4, and I'll post about them. 

Emily and Vincent Powell live in San Myshuno. Because I didn't play for about six months, I had a load of updates to install (OK, Origin did them automatically). One new feature is that you can take a personality quiz in CAS when you're creating a new Sim, where you get asked questions and your Sim's traits and Lifetime Aspiration get automatically chosen depending on your answers. For Emily, this worked out well. She started off at Level 3 in the Entertainer Career, and started off with points in the Logic, Parenting, Violin and Guitar skills. I didn't get such great results with Vincent, so I decided to manually choose his traits and aspiration. He wants to be a top chef (which is probably my most frequently chosen aspiration, as the bonus trait you get upon completion means that food never spoils, which is useful).

Here's Emily! I use this dress quite a lot. I've since changed it. 


Moving into their apartment. Each apartment gets assigned various lot traits, which can encompass a wide range of effects (eg there are many skill-boosting ones, one that prompts ghosts to appear at a certain time every night, one that results in a higher incidence of twins amongst other examples). This apartment's traits are Gnomes (which results in broken appliances getting fixed), and Penny Pixies, where your Sim can get random small amounts of money occasionally. I SO wish this happened IRL!


It was raining, and Vincent decided to go and mop up a puddle outside. Yeah, I wouldn't bother...


Although Vincent is the main chef, Emily reckoned it'd be useful to develop the Cooking skill too.


Emily reading, with a glass of water. Emily frequently goes to get herself a glass of water autonomously. I've never had that happen so often with my Sims, I swear. 


Emily decided to get herself some samosas at the neighbourhood market. Sadly, she can't really handle the heat yet. She literally breathed fire.



Vincent decided to cook some fish tacos. Apparently it smelt so good that neighbour Salim Benali wanted some.



They bought a bee box. One option is to "bond with bees". Yeah, think I'll pass on that one...


Festivals occur every so often in San Myshuno. Emily decided to go to Geek Con and dress up as Princess Leia.


There are three different types of cooking skill in Sims 4: Cooking, Gourmet Cooking and Baking. Here, Vincent's made some Vegetable Dumplings and some Breadsticks.


Emily wants to become a great parent, so it was time for some good old WooHoo. It ended well! (They also get a good WooHoo moodlet, which is awesome).


Vincent got some curry one evening. Whenever you eat a recipe from a market stall, you can then recreate it at home, which is useful when you're a wannabe chef.


Emily peed herself whilst pregnant, and decided to hide from everyone in her bed. Poor Emily.


Their first child was a boy, little Casper, who's recently become a toddler. He's such a cute little dude!!


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