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Gobbles Musings

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Our 1st visit - Day 2

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Like the day before, we picked her up at the breeder and drove to the flat for a second breakfast for us. No rain that day, which was great! This time she barfed into her box, so we got all fluids we could on our visit. (Minus, blood, she was in heat during September, so we skipped that. 😂)

As it was a working day the shops were open, so we took her to a pet store. She was a bit unsure outside, but once inside she perked up again and went looking around. Curious as she is she stood in front of other customers and starred at them. I was like "Kiki, stop you are embarrassing". But you definitely get in contact with other people with her. Her breeder said when she took her to that store she wanted to steal something, with us she was a bit more reserved and did not try to steal. 😅 She got a pack of toy balls in her size and a chewing thing made out of cow skin. We also bought a gift card for her breeder. A old lady came to talk to us and petted her, she stayed calm during that too, no fear. (We also went into a clothing store to look around after that and she did good there too.)

One our way back to the flat we went for a walk through some streets in that little village and she was walking okay, but not perfect. (We need to work on that too!) She inspected every house we walked by, got on her feet and looked into the gardens, meet a big dog and did great (stayed calm and ignored him) and she also stood in front of a elderly woman who got out of her car and watched her doing that.  

Back in the flat she got her chewing thingy and she was happy with that. Once she was done, she buried it in my suitcase. I have that on video, I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. She did really good.

We took her back that evening and it was hard letting her go. But it is good that for her it is nothing bad, she is back with her little friends, and she has no idea that a very luxurious life of a princess awaits her. Haha! 

So some things we need to work on (peeing outside, driving alone + walking better at the leash outside) but the important things are there and perfect. No dog is perfect, so I am more than happy with her. Her main job is being with me outside and joining me on activities, interacting with humans. Being able to hold her while talking with people calms me down and makes it easier to talk to them.  

Here are more pictures:


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    • mymelody

      Posted (edited)

      Caitlin talks so much about how 'traditional' she is, she is so traditional that she was able to leave her parents, go to college, marry a man they don't approve of etc. What I don't understand is that 'tradition' means those terrible things too, it means your father (in some cases mother) promising you to a man he chose from your birth/a very young age. There would be no chance for her to be with her current husband and marry him without the presence of parents. Of course I don't know about her father but we do know her Mother didn't go to her wedding because of her disapproval of the groom. The only reason she could do this is because of the current free society that emerged from hardwork of people including feminists!! who as we know she is so against.


      She also mentioned in one video (too lazy to look through) that women's femininity allows them to nurture and take care of those around us for example aging parents. Then I wonder, why not mention briefly that some parents are too toxic to be around so you shouldn't care for them as they will take advantage of you and try to control you. I also do not like people who think this way parents shouldn't be having children thinking that the children will always take care of them, it's selfish. If Caitlin is not 'taking care' of her mother than can she please be honest as this is not a healthy standard to put on anyone. I know because I was forced to look after my grandmother and she took advantage of me.


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    • Renee


      22 hours ago, Gussie said:

      Ironically, I fear less for the little kids, and more for the older kids who will give themselves to the nurturing of their younger siblings, only to be left resentful, and anxious and disadvantaged when later facing the world.  It is pretty clear that the situation is overwhelming for the dad in the family.  The boys seem to understand the situation, but that Thomas is moving out (he never ever said that while his mom was alive.  He planned to stay home till he could afford to buy a house in cash.  Now he will be gone in a matter of months.).  The next older boys are not ready for this challenge.  

      I find it so interesting, surprising actually, that Thomas is saying he will move out very soon after his 18th birthday in January.

      Thomas seems so close to his Dad. It looks in the videos that he is always attentive to him, watching him, and of course he's his moderator. Thomas sat at his Dad's side for the whole 2 hour random Wednesday chat.

      I just find it so curious that Thomas wants out, particularly during a time the family is reeling at losing Mom. Tom clearly wants him to stay, so ...... I just find it surprising and we may know more with time.

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    • Pleiades_06


      11 hours ago, louannems said:

      My youngest is 30 years old so it's been a while since I have bathed small children but I'm pretty sure it included soaping up the private bits.  I honestly feel uncomfortable having an older brother washing his baby and toddler sisters. I'm sure Asher is doing a fine job but it just doesn't seem like a job a teenage boy should have to shoulder.  And I'm sure he has to.

      I'm aware Andrea said the kids only get one bath a week, but still.  All the more reason to thoroughly soap up!

      I agree that the kids don’t need to  take so much responsibility for  the younger kids, but I don’t think an older brother bathing younger siblings is any more of a problem than an older sister doing it. In fact, I think it’s good kids go beyond gender prescribed roles so they can learn how to be well rounded, capable adults. 

    • Eternalbluepearl

      Posted (edited)

      In the latest instagram post, B is for Braggie says she feels weird quoting herself from her speech at church, then does. I'm not buying the felt weird part. 

      Edited by Eternalbluepearl
    • marmalade


      In a Twitter post a while back, Derelict said that he never said that he opposes birth control. So, there's that

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