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The Conundrums of Conundrum

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My Mother's Death - Trying to Cope

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My mom passed away last week from heart failure, September 26th. I was fortunate enough to be by her side when she took her last breath and was able to tell her I love her. She made the decision the day before to remove support because the medication  was only prolonging her suffering; she was not going to recover. 

I love my mom dearly and she's was my best friend. Please keep in mind as you read the rest of this that I forgave my mom a long time ago for my abusive childhood and she apologized profusely for what she did and that she didn't protect me from the sexual abuse of my uncle. My mom did have faults, as we all do, but she was human and didn't do some things "right" when my grandmother, her mother, passed away when I was 12. 

My mom kept all jewelry from my grandmother. I never thought it was right but when I would ask why my aunt (her sister) didn't have any of my grandmother's jewelry she would get an attitude with me and avoid my question. Once she said my aunt would just sell it all. I remember my aunt asking about the jewelry but my mom lied to her and said she didn't have it. It had always bothered me because I knew my mom simply wanted to keep it all. About 15 years ago my mom gave me quite a few pieces, the rings my grandmother wore often, including her wedding set. Every time I would open that section of my jewelry box I would think "I shouldn't have this, Aunt L should have it!" 

I didn't want to cause my aunt any more pain because we just lost my mom a little more than a week ago but it was bothering me so much. I called my aunt and as gently as I could I told her that I had some of my grandma's jewelry; my mom lied to her. My amazingly loving aunt told me she already knew my mom lied but didn't know that I had it now. I took photos of everything I thought belonged to my grandmother and sent them to my aunt; all but two were my grandmother's. If my mom was correct, which I always had my doubts, my aunt would have said everything was my grandmother's and sold it. My aunt was completely honest with me and is thankful I am giving it to her, as it should have been years ago. I could tell by her voice she was crying when I said I wanted to bring it to her. (Not sad tears but thankful / emotional tears because she never thought she had a chance of seeing the jewelry again.)

I feel terrible because I know this is NOT what my mom wanted but my aunt is just as much my grandmother's daughter as my mom is. Am I wrong for doing this because I know my mom didn't want her to have it (because my mom wanted to keep all of my grandmother's jewelry) or am I making things right that was done wrong so long ago? 

I spoke with my counselor about it before I called my aunt and she told me if it was something I felt so strongly about then that's what I needed to do. 

I feel so torn. 


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I'm very sorry to hear u just lost your mother. My own mother also died of heart disease about 7 years ago and I do understand what u are going thru. The thing is when someone dies there are almost always issues that take time to be resolved. Some of them never really are. I occasionally still find myself wrestling with the fact that my mother let my father emotionally and verbally abuse my brother and myself because she was almost neurotically attached to the house and she feared losing it in a divorce. I really think she cared more for the house than she did for us. In your case I believe u are actually righting a wrong. It appears your mother simply wanted to keep all the jewelry and she came up with some excuse. The thing is the jewelry is yours now and u have every right to give it to your aunt, who sounds like a very lovely and forgiving person. Please don't feel torn or guilty! I hope this helps.  

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.  I am so glad you were able to be with her at the end and I hope she had a peaceful passing.

About the jewelry, I agree with your counselor.  It sounds as though you did not enjoy having the pieces your mother already gave you because you thought they rightfully belonged to your aunt.  If you feel strongly that your aunt should have it all then you should give it to her, whatever she decides to do with it. 

However, by the sounds of it the jewelry should have been shared between the sisters in the first place.  If there are any pieces that you feel are important to you as sentimental memories of your grandmother or your mother, mention them to your aunt.  

So I don't see giving the jewelry to your aunt as a betrayal of your mother's wishes.   I see it as righting an old wrong and possibly honoring your grandmother's wishes. 

Family dynamics can get so messed up, but your aunt seems to have forgiven your mother.  And I am sure she greatly appreciates your offer. 

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While it wasn't your mother's 'wishes' it seems like you feel you are righting an old wrong.  And sometimes that is more important.  

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Thank you all so much. I felt since y'all don't know me I could get an honest opinion, which is what I need. My mom was wonderful in a lot of ways but this was one thing I never agreed with.

My aunt is so amazing and I love her so much. It was hard knowing my mom kept all the jewelry and told her she didn't have it. When she gave it to me I never felt good about it, just shame that I had it and my aunt didn't have anything. 

My mom was wonderful in so many ways but this was one of her faults. I know I have faults, too, so I tried not to be to harsh about this but now I can make it right and it's like a weight has been lifted. 

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  • Posts

    • Melissa1977


      13 hours ago, FreeTheScapegoats said:

      First time poster: I was wondering if one of the reasons why Lauren falls so easily into projecting her grief unto her unborn daughter is that, for her, most of the parenting memories are still abstract concepts. She’s never woken up in the middle of the night to feed her own kid, ditto with changing diapers, playing with them or homeschooling. I could be wrong, I’ve never been pregnant, but maybe there’s a bit of that into play. The only difference for her right now between Asa and her daughter (other than pregnancy stages and baby kicks) is that there are things she’ll never do with one kid and things she’ll do with another. Obviously it doesn’t excuse everything she’s done and I’m still worried about all the guilt her daughter will feel once she rationalizes that “Asa died so [she] could be born”.

      While I'm not fundie, being a mother was my greatest dream. My happiness when I knew I was pregnant was absolute. I knew it was only a bunch of cells, but still imagined it was a full formed baby and talked to him. Etc. So in pregnancy terms, I was like a fundie woman (wow!!!). But even in this case, I knew I wasn't a mother yet. There was no baby I could touch and see. And considering how Erin, Whitney, Michelle, Anna... have showed their grief and have talked about their miscarriages, they didn't saw their babies in utero like they see their born kids. Lauren is different and taking things to another level, too much even for a fundie. 

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    • raspberrymint


      I was too dumb for Abeka math and Saxon math.  Math took the bulk of the day and was miserable.

      At age 10, my mom gave up, so math became some program where I watched an exercise video and exercised while repeating basic math tables.  

      At ages 11 - somethingteen, math was an instruction video followed by my dad working with me to finish the accompanying book problems for hours at night.  Algebra and geometry.  I hated math.  I felt bad for hating it, too, with all the effort my dad was putting in.  

      In most of my teen years, math was me doing the numbers for my grandparents' business for $0.00.

      I did pass the required college math courses, but barely and by taking only math and no other classes at the same time.

      I never used any of the math that gave me trouble...

    • LacyMay


      I think Lauren sees herself as sort of an authority on pregnancy loss now and she's trying to make her loss and her grief "mean something" by speaking about loss and "being an encouragement" for other women who have experienced loss. Which is often something I would really support, people who have experienced that type of loss and grief first hand are oftentimes uniquely equipt to help others. 

      The problem is that Lauren doesn't seem to have processed her loss enough to use it in a way to help others, her posts often seem disingenuous and almost have an undertone of *see me* *see my loss* as opposed to *I see you, I see your loss* She also seems to lack the critical thinking skills needed to see her loss through the lens of the loss of another person, as has been discussed in her mind she is *just as "qualified"* to provide support as Joy or Michelle who had to deliver the children they lost or Erin Payne who experienced multiple miscarriages. She doesn't seem to differentiate much between her singular very early term loss and a nearly full term loss. She believes that she walked the same path and lived the same experience. 

      I don't think she has a malicious intent I also don't think that she was speaking to Joy in particular. I think she views this as almost a "calling" from God to use her loss as an encouragement. Because she's so desperate to make sense of it. In her mind she did everything right so why else would God do this? 

    • under siege


      1 hour ago, Pleiades_06 said:

      New livestream up. Couldn’t watch the whole thing, but a few things stood out:

      1) A viewer asked how homeschooling is going and Tom said great, to which Judah said no, it’s awful. Tom quickly explained Judah thinks that but actually Judah is doing great and learning a lot.

      3) He is very defensive when talking about the dog and Hannah. The dog had hernia, which is better, but fell down the stairs. Hannah is screaming in the background. At one point he says she’s in bed and the kids tell him no-she’s on the chair. 

      4) He ignores the kids comments during dinner, like Sophia telling him soup has spilled. He’s very, very focused on the camera.

      6) At 31 minutes he talks about not being able to remember all the kids’ ages, to which Solomon says he does. Solomon then recites every correct age. Tom then says he can’t use the “Dad excuse “ anymore, whatever that means 

      7) At 32 minutes he’s talking about how much his kids know and mentions how nobody learns what the “England flag” is in public school, to which Asher replies, yes, they do. Am I sensing schooling rebellion from Judah and Asher?


      Other notes: Eden tries desperately to get his attention, and they are all not matching. 



      Thank you for the recap.

      1) Yesterday I decided to check out Judah's channel and on his community page, he apologized for not being able to do as many videos because school is taking up a lot of time.
      Andrea used to work with the kids having trouble with certain subjects and work out a plan of attack to help them through it. Still used ACE but she tried different approached to how that kid studies. Judah was the main one I remember she did that will so I hope Grandma Kitty can either (a)work out  how to make ACE work best with each kid or (b) convince Tom other curricula should be incorporated (wishful thinking probably)

      3) That is so heartbreaking how little he gives a f*** about the dog. The poor thing is suffering and Tom cannot say that he can not afford vet care or humane end of life for Knuckles.

      4) His 'youtube people' continue to stroke the ego and bringing the coins so they are very valuable commodities. Who else tells him he's doing an amazing job and he's such a great father instead of him leaving the camera alone for a while and actually being one.

      6) Dad excuse = Tom has to be present in his kids lives now. Not just breed and show up for events. He now has to actually do Dad stuff and get to know his kids.

      Those kids are going to be even ore bible bashed now by the sounds of things.


    • raspberrymint

      Posted (edited)

      She's trying to have something to say, to show approved interests in order to be on social media like her sisters and friends.

      Heck, I doubt I'll have a public social media account until I have kids, or never, because anything else I'd have to say would be about politics and I'm not about drama.

      Edited by raspberrymint
      Social media is unnecessary


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