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Gobbles Musings

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A successful sister!

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I'll get new pictures of Kiki in a couple of days when our breeder has time off of work. (She has a normal job besides breeding, because she has only about two litters per year and she is a responsible breeder she can't live off of it.)

But there are very good news from her biological sister, who also lives at the same place. She won the two required titles, passed all the health tests and is now a certified breeding dog. The two sisters are completely different. Mine comes after the mother, she is the spitting image of her, and the other one looks like the dad. They have a brother and he looks completely different. Genetics are funny.

Kiki was supposed to go on that route as well, but because her teeth have a minor (like really minor) problem she is not allowed to. Good for us, because otherwise we wouldn't have her.

I'm also so happy for our breeder because she puts so much effort in it and to be rewarded with another top dog is amazing. (She hates having to go on those shows, but it is necessary to be able to breed officially.)

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  • Posts

    • AmericanRose

      Posted (edited)

      So while Caitlin "deals with personal issues" (also known as, "my husband is one of those racist cops people are protesting against, and though I agree that being European* is superior, I can't actually say that out loud, so... quiet time!") here is an old video!
      Idle observation that she was posting regularly even the day before her 'announcement', but it's been silence on all fronts since. At least she commits.

      How I Overcame Low Self-Esteem | The REAL Way to Build Confidence

      Oh goodness, the intro is just so goofy.

      Caitlin proclaims that her channel is welcoming to all women. Apparently someone asked her about self-esteem, and I don't understand why.
      Edit: Well, if her channel is about reeling young women/girls in, then I guess I do understand why! I certainly was a mess about self-esteem until I was midway through my 20s, and Caitlin certainly seems like a poised, confident young woman.


      The problem is that we're too focused on self-esteem. We've all heard our whole lives that self-esteem is the key to success, happiness, confidence, career goals, etc.
      The problem with nurturing self-esteem is that it's too emotional / self-obsessed / introspective.
      If you're constantly focused on yourself and rooting around for the 'problem areas', you're going to feel crappy. And that's why when you sit down and watch a YT video and someone says "girl, just accept yourself" you can't figure out why you can't do it. It's because you know yourself better than anyone, and when you look at yourself, you're going to see your flaws.
      It's not wrong to dislike your flaws, but it is wrong to obsess over them.

      It's natural to have low self-esteem when you're young.

      The solution: stop esteeming yourself so much.
      Taking a realistic view of yourself is hard to do, but it reveals a lot about your life.

      1. It's easy to be jealous of what others have. The antidote is to be grateful for what you have.
      Caitlin has always struggled with wanting what other people have. In Kindergarten she wanted to switch faces with a friend because she thought the friend was prettier.

      Caitlin recommends writing down 5 things a day that you're grateful for. She hated it when she began, but now she could write pages.

      2. If you want higher "self-esteem" (yes, she used air quotes with a bonus eye roll) don't focus on high self-esteem, focus on self-improvement.
      Women have to nurture things in their life to build self-esteem. Our bodies, social life, our relationships, our home, our goals, our talents, our faith life, and our inner soul life. All that needs to be nurtured so we can feel like we're improving, and so we can feel confident.
      Sometimes you feel crappy about yourself, because you're in a crappy state. Caitlin felt crappy when she was 15lbs heavier (she states she knows it was still healthy and she still looked fine and no one told her she didn't look good). But she felt slow and tired and for a long time she tried to accept that she was just that way. The only thing that made that go away was improving herself. Caitlin says she doesn't look the way she envisioned, and then shows us her perfectly fine leg and says she has 'her big calves'.
      Earn your confidence through self-improvement.

      3. Step away from that heightened emotional state. She feels she's a poster child for these issues. She lowered the amount of emotion she applied to her personal problems, and that is how she left that heightened emotional state.
      Caitlin has been to counseling and recommends it.
      We do a lot of this to ourselves because we're so emotional.

      Caitlin didn't get anywhere until she stopped wallowing.

      Focus on helping other people.


      TLDR; Women focus too much on ourselves and are too emotional. At least she didn't mention feminists!

      Given her intonations when she would say "self-esteem", I don't think Caitlin actually believes it's a thing. She seems to conflate it with self-improvement.

      But to me, self-esteem is knowing when someone is treating you badly, and having the respect you need for yourself to get out of there.
      It's having enough esteem for yourself to know what you're worth, instead of settling for whatever comes your way.

      I have to admit I've also never heard of people fretting about their self-esteem.

      * I find it hilarious when, in the States, people ask where you're from.
      "Right, but like, where did your ancestors come from?"
      WHAT DOES IT MATTER?! They came from like, 6 different countries and I've only been to 1 of them (and I'm not going to start calling myself British). I don't know the culture, the traditions, nothing. I can study it, but that doesn't make me European. We put such an emphasis on this... it's ridiculous.

      Edited by AmericanRose
    • feministxtian


      On 5/19/2020 at 10:35 AM, Hane said:

      Using the reasoning of these moms of many who are patting themselves on the back for “saving” Christianity and the “white race,” I’m singlehandedly taking credit for the declining birth rate in all industrialized nations because I was only able to have one kid.

      Its ok, I had 3, but they're not "white"...oops...

    • NancyDrewFan1989


      On 6/5/2020 at 1:22 PM, llg1234 said:

      Allison posted on her Instagram story yesterday that she was engaged 4 days earlier, meaning she was engaged on May 31st? But the Bontrager blog posted that was engaged on a Saturday, so maybe she got her numbers mixed up. As for the triple wedding couples, I had thought they had posted about the engagements pretty shortly after they had happened. I think Chelsy only waited to announce hers because it happening so close to the weddings.

      Got it, I didn't see that. I know that Chelsy held off because of the weddings which kind of shocked me because the Bontragers do have a good pretty good fundie following and it there as a chance the news would get out before the family announced. We know the Maxwells would not have announced it, but with all the connections the Bontragers have someone could have leaked it on another blog making them have to announce it. 

      8 hours ago, petrushka said:

      Country plus fancy--you got it!


      I've seen it where many brides are able to match flannel with their bridal dresses beautifully. However, a wedding in August may be too hot to add flannel. Then again, Chelsy ran around barefoot in the snow for a few photos. So Allison might suck it up for a bit and wear the flannel in the hot summer sun.

    • feministxtian


      Can I add Shemar Moore, Mark Harmon, and Scott Bakula to the list of featured male models? I'm having hormonal issues right now...and binge watching Star Trek Enterprise isn't helping. 

      About she who shit on the carpet...I would say I'm probably one of the less formally educated folks here and even MY spelling and grammar isn't as bad as she who claims to have sheepskins. 

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    • clueliss


      I'm guessing they have the same or same sort of PR folks that Big Brother contestants and the like have.  Because they seem to be using the same playbook.  

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