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Gobbles Musings

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A successful sister!

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I'll get new pictures of Kiki in a couple of days when our breeder has time off of work. (She has a normal job besides breeding, because she has only about two litters per year and she is a responsible breeder she can't live off of it.)

But there are very good news from her biological sister, who also lives at the same place. She won the two required titles, passed all the health tests and is now a certified breeding dog. The two sisters are completely different. Mine comes after the mother, she is the spitting image of her, and the other one looks like the dad. They have a brother and he looks completely different. Genetics are funny.

Kiki was supposed to go on that route as well, but because her teeth have a minor (like really minor) problem she is not allowed to. Good for us, because otherwise we wouldn't have her.

I'm also so happy for our breeder because she puts so much effort in it and to be rewarded with another top dog is amazing. (She hates having to go on those shows, but it is necessary to be able to breed officially.)

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  • Posts

    • mollysmom


      11 hours ago, Pretzel said:

      I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but IIRC Jill stated that "3-4 times is a good start" but Derick says "5-6 times is a good start". Now I'm no math genius but I know that 3-4=/= 5-6. WHO is Derick having sex with the other two times? 😂 JK. 


      His hand.


      I'll be in the prayer closet if anyone is looking for me. 



    • Cheetah


      1 hour ago, bal maiden said:

      Oh, for goodness’ sake. No one is shaming people who shag daily bar the Sabbath. And I doubt anyone who shags daily bar Sabbath is sitting behind their computer feeling shamed about their great sex life because someone on the internet thinks it’s too frequent - partly because they’re too busy shagging to read this thread or give a toss, but mostly because it’s perfectly evident that people commenting on here about their quotidian hump sessions are speaking about their own personal preferences, not stating moral judgments. 

      Wait, I thought it was supposed to be once a day and TWICE on Sundays... you mean we could have been having a day off all this time ...   😉😉


    • singsingsing


      Have sex ten times a week or zero times a week, but mandating a set number of times seems to take all the fun out of it, doesn't it? Like if it's Friday and they've only managed it twice, does Jill sit there fretting about getting in at least a couple more sessions on the weekend? Is Derick pointing at the calendar, complaining that they haven't met their weekly quota? Why not just relax and enjoy your marriage/sex life and just bring it up if it becomes an issue?

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    • Lizzybet


      25 minutes ago, scoutsadie said:

      As is Chawlie, their uncle in another state.


      Hey Chawlie, loving the ear tip!

    • Nikedagain?


      That was a real stream of consciousness video. Whew.

      He seems to think that he has to figure all of this out RIGHT NOW. I wish someone would tell him that he doesn't.

      So very sad. I thought they were super odd, but had genuine affection for each other and their kiddos. Shitty belief system for sure. I bet that just gets worse...