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Salty Memoirs of FinnLassie

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A Little Less Salty - Can You Guess the Place?



So, a while ago I mentioned in my last entry, that my sister and I share a language we have made up ourselves. We were chatting again as usual, and I noticed that we sometimes write cities and countries as they should be in Finnish or English, and some we turn into our language. I'll list some of these down - have a guess and/or a laugh!

1. Kostawika

2. Tsäpön

3. Nuujook

4. Ooswewija

5. Montwiä

6. Washa

7. Nooskäwowiinä

8. Uwanbato

9. Assöbashan

10. Bwyssewi

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How fun!  I have a guess for most of them but don't want to spoil it for others by posting them yet.

#s 8 and 10 have me stumped though.

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  • Posts

    • Nolongeroppressed8.4


      On 10/22/2018 at 10:00 PM, louisa05 said:

      I just have to say that it seems like there is nothing he can do to make some people happy now. Whatever he does, the goalposts move. 

      First it was "Josh Harris needs to apologize". He did. So it became, "Josh Harris needs to say he was wrong all along". He did. Then it became, "Josh Harris needs to discontinue publication of the book". Now he is. And it's still not enough. 

      He can't undo it all. It's not possible. But name me another evangelical leader who has ever come out and said, "that shit I made a pile of money preaching to the whole world? That was bullshit". There isn't one. 

      And in my circles IKDG was too liberal to be read so it didn’t affect much of the fundie world I knew - just those who were allowed to have and attend youth group. We weren’t. lol

      • Sad 1
    • Nolongeroppressed8.4


      8 hours ago, Katzchen24 said:

      This thread and all that goes before it has been an eye-opener. I went there on Joseph Darnell's 'Biblical Divorce and Separation video - I was doing the dishes and thought it would entertain me.

      JD requested counselling. She said “I just don’t care any more”. Seems fair to me.

      His FIL recommended he give her an ultimatum. Thanks Dad.

      She hung in through 5 counselling sessions and then refused more. No details on who the counsellor was, or what sort of counselling it was.

      “……. I hadn’t realised a day would come when I would have to understand divorce.” Because no male fundie would believe their wife might escape.

      “In the end, many people rely on traditions that don’t represent a biblical view of separation.”  Which I interpret to mean 'I was desperately searching any means to justify my divorce and let me marry a VF young thing.'

      He goes on to talk about how he found a lot of inspiration from a preacher named Robert Waters of Arkansas. I downloaded the document he referenced if anyone is interested, but I didn’t want to post it here. I don’t pretend to understand half of what was written so won't try to summarise it. Feel free to DM if you want a copy.

      Word salad word salad word salad word salad until I just couldn't any more....

      Basically, he looked at different versions of the Bible and different translations of different words and texts until he could find something that suited him.

      And voila - a biblical divorce of his very own.

      😂 Yes. And I’ve heard from several sources that the FIL comment was a bald faced lie...... 

      They all love Braveheart so much yet fail to realize that’s the dream: freeeeeeeeeeeeedooooooommmmm!

      And yes. Do the timeline and you’ll see he was actually pursuing miss VF before his divorce was even finalized. LOL Good thing he figured out God was okay with it. 

      10 hours ago, DomWackTroll said:

      I think that so much of this is about Game of Thrones. You just know that so many of our VF-ers tried to stay away from it, but wound up zombie-walking toward the tube while chanting, "Costumes... Must... Have... Costumes!" 

      Oh yes. They’re so quick to hate Game of Thrones and all this other inappropriate content while their computers are loaded down and downloaded up with all the porn they can find. 😂

      Check out the Instagrams for Joseph Darnell and his new thing Amber (she was soon to be Mrs Darnell and I think at the wedding it changed to Amberkdarnell) ... but she wasn’t desperate or anything. Lmao 

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    • PumaLover


      @Bobology please share more! I have a shitty immune system and am always looking for ways to improve it. I seem to catch every little sniffle that comes along even though I'm a germophobe and wash my hands constantly.

      (Also I am now reading everything in Babs' voice, LOL). 

      • Haha 1
    • Tenyari


      One of my family members made kefir for us for years and it really did wonders for my immune system and other things. It's been a while since I last had it and I've only just realized how much of a difference it made. The taste is so-so, but it is so healthy that I was always willing to ignore that.

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    • PumaLover


      8 hours ago, Dana723 said:

      You honestly deserve a reward for going through these videos.  I've tried watching them and I end up way too confused.  I, like you, want to know more about these pedophilic libraries.  Can you check out a kid like a book?

      OMG I'm cracking up and it's so wrong. I only do it because 1. I drink at night (the time I'm on FJ) and 2. I love to laugh and Bro is endlessly entertaining (and also harmful, which is the main reason I do this.)

      I was watching a cooking show earlier and there was a guy named Gary who had a weenie truck that he would drive to people's houses to cater good weens (but his actually looked appetizing). 

      @Carol I noticed that after I did the screenshot and it was so funny I felt it was worth posting. Also your profile pic is amazing. I was used to seeing it tiny on the Tapatalk app on my phone and then the first time I saw it on my desktop it scared me! LOL

      • Haha 1