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FJ Colorists Unite

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I posted this in the coloring club (or whatever it's called).  But I'm conducting a bit of an experiment since I've managed to find my way to where I can post a blog entry.  (it doesn't appear as an option now under Create - well it does but it comes up blank)

This is my most recent project.  I've got a couple of smudges that make me batty when I see them.  Otherwise, I've very happy with how this turned out. IMG_20190317_064139.jpg.a2378d5049d788552f19f741c3dbfaab.jpg 


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I think it is absolutely stunning!  I haven't had much luck coloring, it seems to make me even more anxious.  I'll try again sometime.

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  • Posts

    • AliceInFundyland


      Your observations are inherently condescending and diminishing. 

      It is all our history. It’s yours too. Like it or not. We are all citizens of the world. Mankind. That was my point. I accept Notre Dame’s destruction as painfully as the Christchurch shooting.

      Everything has value. And when you laugh your ass off at people crying at burning buildings you are judging.

      You are missing my point, to ram home a message of wokeness, and I am done.

      • Love 2
    • Chickenbutt


      Okay, gonna sound old and cranky here. When I raised my kids there was no such thing as "screen time" except the TV, until  they were young teenagers. When we took our kids out to dinner, we expected them to behave (not that it always happened) and we conversed with them at their level. We reinforced table manners and we looked at food pictures on the menu and talked about it. They were usually given coloring pages and crayons that kept them occupied. If we wanted a night out alone, we hired a babysitter. We did limit the TV screen time, and sent them outside to play in the backyard. Even in the heat of summer in Arizona. Sunblock on and out the door. 

      I will never get used to seeing babies (!) with iPhones, tablets, whatever in their hands. It may be a sign of the times and I may be woefully behind the times, but I see no good coming of this. 

      My littlest grand daughter who will be 2 tomorrow, plays with her mom and dads phones. Interesting enough, she never touches mine, even tho it is easily within her reach. She also never touches my laptop. I think early on, I told her no and that was that. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      14 minutes ago, Georgiana said:

      Right.  You can actually get decently sized bedrooms in a smaller house if you sacrifice the common areas.  It's all about allotment.  My house is just shy of 1200 sq feet, has one decently sized bedroom and a very small bedroom that can barely fit a full bed (I use this as a TV/guestroom/office).  However, I have a very large great room with space for a full size dining table, living room set, and what I call a "tea nook", a large kitchen with a breakfast nook, and a large laundry/mudroom.  I could easily add additional bedrooms of decent size by sacrificing some of that space.  

      The Dillards' new home looks like the kitchen/dining/living areas are combined and slightly on the smaller side, so I would guess they probably have pretty decent bedrooms.  I had a kitchen/dining/living set up almost identical to theirs in a 1br 450 sq foot apartment, so that set up can really help you to maximize the use of very little space.  

      I’m honestly so glad we don’t have a formal dining room. A lot of homes in my neighborhood do. But they have 3 bedrooms not 4. I wouldn’t use a formal dining room. Actually I would likely turn it into something else. We have eating space in the kitchen so it works for us. We aren’t formal dining room people.

    • Jinder Roles

      Posted (edited)

       Just to clarify:

      I’m not questioning anyone’s right to mourn, or even talking about FJ. That’s not my focus.

      As I said several times before, the reaction to Notre Dame is very telling of who and what is really valued in society. All you have to do is look at what gets media coverage, donations, think pieces, tears, research, funding and what doesn’t. 

      And yes, you can walk and chew gum at the same time but society doesn’t care to. There’s no incentive. 

      2 hours ago, AliceInFundyland said:

      @Jinder RolesSome of us, who aren't Catholic, and haven't been to Europe spent the day crying about a building.



      This right here is what I’m talking about! The fact that Notre Dame is seen as “our history” to so many people who have no real connection to it is indicative of which histories we are taught to place value on. It’s all subjective. And it has tangible consequences.

      What I’m pointing out isn’t diminishing  your personal mourning. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s an observation, not a judgment. 

      I hope it changes...but when the US can pledge millions to Notre Dame but drag their feet on Flint, or when France can respond with the quickness to a church burning but can’t give Haitians their reparations, I have to side eye 🤷🏽‍♀️

      Unfortunately, not all tragedies are created equal. 

      Edited by Jinder Roles
      • Bless Your Heart 2
    • Carm_88


      I hope the world eventually becomes a place where you can have feelings without people telling you that you have no right to them because other people have it worse. That's going to be a good world. 

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