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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Taylors Part Ten: Introducing Bethany Wilson



Trying to keep tabs on multiple families isn't the easiest task!

Bob knows that red roses are a solid romantic gesture.


"Bethany, you are such a beautiful, Godly young woman..."


"... will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"


Front hugs a go-go!!


Popping back over to the mothership, where little Hannah had aged up. I changed her outfit.


Then we go to Andrew's house. Time for the twins to age up!


Here's Molly! 


And here's little Morgan on the xylophone! This is also the 800th screenshot in my album. 


This top and this skirt are the most modest options I have for formal/bridal wear. I'm guessing that all the females will be wearing this combination, or similar. You may be able to notice the subtle floral decoration I added for Bethany's outfit. I could go for a slightly shorter skirt (still covering those *sinful* knees), or else something that doesn't cover the shoulders. I wish I could create my own CC sometimes, but I don't have those sorts of skills, so I have to make do with what I have.




It's happening! Wedding #2 for the Taylor offspring!


I didn't capture the kiss that occurs as part of the wedding vows action. But just-married-that-second Sims, particularly fundie ones, don't need an excuse!!


I couldn't spot Diana in the immediate congregation, and then, searching the lot, I found her.


Cake time!


Slow dancing in a bedroom. This was where Bob slept when they weren't married; it'll probably be a kids' room in the future.


That's two weddings down and six more to go. Of course, the two youngest are only toddlers. 




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Someone Out There


For the CC, if colouring items is similar to the sims 2 it should be fairly easy to just do recolours.  So if you find an item that you like the look of you could try making a recolour of a particular mesh (I haven't tried this from memory so unfortunately I can't tell you how easy/hard it is).  Recolouring should be much easier than doing meshes for clothes though.

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    • AmazonGrace


      The World According to Gwen: there are two ways to eat 

      1. Binge so much you make yourself sick.

      2. Politely  starve yourself. 


      In theory, eating until you feel satisfied sounds perfectly reasonable but it's clear from all the other posts that really she means do not eat if there's any way to avoid it.

    • IsmeWeatherwax


      @irish_dancing_canadian my pretty princess kitty is called Lilah! Also called lilah bear, grumples, Delilah, pretty pretty princess baby, sweet pea, precious one, smol, etc 😂

      I also love the name Anastasia! I realy wanted to name my eldest that, but she has a Belgian (sounds Dutch but no hyphens) surname that is 14 letters long! I would've loved to call her Valentina as she was born on Valentines day, but again, 14 letter surname, and trust me we've had enough spelling and pronunciation issues over the years without adding to it 😁

    • baldricks_turnip


      Checking in from Australia to say I know a few Taryns. You'd likely only have one in a school but no one would do a double take over it. I'd say it is as common as a name like Tamara or Candace.

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    • GoddessOfVictory


      I'll jump on the ISB*. Fundamentalism seems to be a ripe place for both creating and harboring abusers. A lot of abusers seem nice at first, then show their true colors later, and with the way most fundie courtships go, I wouldn't be surprised if any red flags were missed or ignored. (If you see the world through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags). Not to mention, if Allison was being forced strongly encouraged by her parents to continue in the relationship.
      I didn't watch the wedding, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Jeremiah was described as having physically hauled a woman to church? It doesn't even have to be physical abuse - mental, emotional, verbal, etc, are all damaging.

      Not only is Allison isolated from her family but my guess is her family wouldn't offer her much help anyway, at least not her parents. Also, it's possible the reason we haven't seen Allison blog much or talk about anything on Instagram other than godly marriage is because controlling her ability to post is another way of isolating her. If this situation were true, I'm sure the changes and hormones of pregnancy would not be helping.

      *This is all just speculation. I have no proof. It's just one possibility that leaps to mind.

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    • raayx01


      which sisters do you think Claire will include in her wedding party, I bet Jessa, Joy or Johannah

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