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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Taylors Part Nine: Babies and, err, Degrees??

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It's been some time since I updated on the Taylors! 

Gabriel is a cute little dude.


Melissa was pregnant with #8 and went into labour in the music room. Only Francesca (hidden by the piano) is really freaking out. Elijah is so bored he's yawning! 


And here's baby #8, Hannah. I've decided that she will be the last blessing, as the next generation has started now.


Sadly, Melissa wet herself.


Over at Andrew's, Natalie goes into labour again! Andrew is totally freaking out but Natalie is so chill she's eating dinner.


She gave birth to twins Morgan (boy) and Molly (girl). I haven't really got any photos of them yet.

It's always hot in Appaloosa Plains, so Joey decided to head to the beach and sunbathe.


The triplets became young adults whilst I was playing with Andrew and his family. Elijah went somewhat bald, and for some reason Melissa is wearing a very NIKE dress.


Diana adopts her mom's hairstyle.


Francesca rocks the casual look. I've got a "rebellious" daughter in Sims 4 (Emily Smith), and maybe Francesca will be my "rebellious" Sim in this game.


Here's Gabriel playing with some toys...


... and baby Hannah in her crib. For some reason a babysitter randomly spawned even though there were two adult Sims on the lot. I think this just happens when you play a family with kids, go to a different family, then go back.


Here's Andrew feeding little Molly! I'll make sure to take photos when they age into toddlers. Matilda is three days off becoming a child.


The Taylors are a pretty musical family, and Natalie fits right in.


Bethany has a special friend! His name is Bob Wilson. 


I went to briefly check in on the Andrew Taylor family, and... erm... there was a bit of congestion going on. Don't sit on your siblings, Matilda! That's not very loving!


The second part of the title refers to something odd that I've not noticed before. I clicked on Andrew and he'd been randomly given a Fine Arts degree, grade B. What's even weirder though is that MELISSA was given the exact same thing!! Having googled, I think it does happen sometimes. I never sent them, and they didn't even get an extra trait. I can't screenshot with the UI up, so here's a random shot of Andrew in his work gear.


Back to Bethany and Bob. Flirting in a BAR? They didn't partake in any sinful drinking, though.


I got Bethany to do the Sims University Aptitude Test, just to see which degree she'd be suited to. I'm planning to make Bob a politician, and I'll give him some skills and maybe send *him* to university. 




"Will you enter a courtship with me?"


Late-night dancin'


And here's Bob doing the aptitude test. 


I foresee marriage for these two! Well, of course they're gonna get married, that's the Godly way. 


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    • nausicaa


      12 hours ago, AliceInFundyland said:

      @nausicaa I still only have a 35 dollar a month phone plan. It’s my cheapest bill. I liked my old dumbish phone just fine. But, being in the city with no car, I did need the transit app...like, when that went down and my route or plans changed that was an issue. Knowing what time bus routes and stuff end is critical when you live at the end of the line. I did spend a lot of time with earbuds or just earplugs (if i grew sick of pandora - cause that was the only music I had availble) staring out the window. Couldn’t even look at fj..

      Ooh, what's your plan, if you don't mind telling me? The one thing I would like to have is the ability to get directions when I do get lost. But I can't justify spending $80 a month just for that. 

    • Forevernotfundie


      This house seems very small to me. 

      2 bedrooms, 3 max. ...

      I wonder if this is a sign that they won‘t or can‘t add more children to the quiver... 

      Even if it wasn‘t that expensive to build, would they build a home if they knew, that they will easily outgrow it in a couple of years (when there are more and more kids)?


      (btw long time lurker first time poster. You are entertaining me for years, thank you!)

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    • acheronbeach


      1 hour ago, MiddleAgedLady said:




      My thirteen year old self would've loved this... particularly the bubble writing and the VERY SOPHISTICATED foreign languages.

      My thirtysomething self is giving a big eye roll.

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    • SorenaJ


      How can they afford to build a house on zero salary? An inexpensive house still costs money to build. 

      Also what's up with the gazillion Bible verses? 

    • My kid loves books. He's 1 and as soon as we go into his room the first thing he does is go straight to the stacks of books. 

      I keep a running Amazon wishlist for him specifically for grandparents because I hate getting useless gifts. I would rather people not buy him anything than buy him junk I need to throw away. He's so little he doesn't need much so I try to always keep useful things he does NEED. Things like a new lifejacket (we live on a beach/marina and boat all the time), red wagon, shoes, toys for specific milestone ages, etc. Thankfully most of our friends have kids of similar ages so they know the best things to buy as gifts.

      I have a strict "no clothes" policy unless it's something I've put on the wishlist. I'm super picky about my kids clothing, it's pretty much the one thing I'm a parenting diva about and the one kid thing I spend a good chunk of money on. We wear a lot of classic southern kids clothes - jon jons, bubbles, smocked outfits, and his "everyday" clothes are also pretty specific because I hate things with characters, writing, or crap that says "mommy's best guy". My ILs specifically have horrible taste in children's clothes are were buying him so much ugly crap I would never put him in, they finally caught on that he never wore it and stopped buying him clothes as gifts.