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    • Anna T


      On 10/13/2019 at 6:37 PM, Caroline said:

      I've always admired your calm demeanor and dedication to what you believe in for your family.  I was a little afraid at first because you seemed so black/white like so many fundamentalists in the US.  But it was also obvious that you were a smart, thinking person.  I knew you would find a way to open your mind eventually without sacrificing your convictions.  Congrats on your four children. I know it's a lot of work to raise children.  Are you still writing fiction, or do you lack time for that?  I read some of your things and was impressed.  (I'm the mother of a young writer who is currently working on a MFA in creative writing.) 


      Thank you, Caroline! Yes, in fact, I am now a published author of both fiction and nonfiction, with three book series and several standalone novels under my belt. I write under the pen name of Hannah Ross, and you can find the links to my books on my blog if you would like to take a look :)

    • Glasgowghirl


      I do think Lauren need counseling and still feel for especially if she is depressed. Even if her posts are trying to be helpful to others they are definitely not coming across that way, the same way Jill's posts sometimes miss the mark. If Joy hadn't just lost Annabell, her posts wouldn't annoy me half as much as they do. I couldn't imagine posting stuff like that while a family member has just suffered a loss and may not want to be reminded of it on social media all the time. Joy since she lost Annabell had posted about doing things with family and thanked them when they have helped her out in any way. Lauren may be sympathetic to her more off social media but it's not appearing that she is on here.

    • hoipolloi


      3 hours ago, Howl said:

      Will there be a power struggle amongst the sons for supreme patriarch position when Geoff shuffles off this mortal coil?

      Will that include supporting their unmarried sister(s) and their widowed mother? 

      This is what I wonder about. Many people -- and Geoff may well be among them -- are just not able to amass retirement savings of any size for numerous good reasons. For that matter, are Geoff & Victoria on, or will they be on, social security & medicare?

    • FluffySnowball


      3 hours ago, JesSky03 said:

      I was induced at 6am Monday (didn't give birth until like 2am Tuesday) and didn't get discharged until Thursday afternoon. I was sooo ready to go home- I could not sleep at the hospital AT ALL. I will be pushing for an earlier discharge with baby #2 if I'm feeling ready. 

      Stupid question maybe, but as I’ve never stayed in the hospital, I have to ask: Can’t you just leave when you feel ready? Why do you need to “push” anyone to let you go and who are you referring to? Doctors and nurses can’t force you to stay (I hope). 

      2 hours ago, Pecansforeveryone said:

      I am not a mom myself, nor have I ever been pregnant. This is just me being curious, not looking to start a fight. Are there ever times when it is appropriate to mommy-shame or something like that? I mean what if the behavior endangers the child. I am not saying mommy shaming is a good thing. I think a lot of it is unjustified. I am just wondering what we call the snark on certain aspects of calling out fundie moms like Zsussana Anderson and Jill Rodrigues if not mommy shaming. Thanks. 

      I’m not a mother myself but I’ll still try to find an answer: I’d say that generally, shaming someone isn't acceptable because it doesn’t serve a purpose other than humiliation. There are instances/situations when criticizing parents is acceptable or even warranted, for instance when they mistreat their kids. Thus, I think we are justified to talk about the Duggars and their emotional and physical abuse, ZZ and PP, the Pearls and so on. We don’t mummy shame Michelle Duggar or ZZ Anderson though. Firstly, we don’t dislike them simply because they make a few decisions we don’t agree with, but because they harm their children. And secondly, we don’t just talk badly about them, we discuss what the roots of the problems might be and how one could bring about improvements. 

    • Dandruff


      2 hours ago, Four is Enough said:

      I have a slightly different idea about Lauren. I think she's missing her place as the "first" of her family. Wasn't she the oldest sibling? Now,she's battling for position in the Duggar clan. I think she wants to be THE Spokes-Duggar. To that end, she's trying to out-Duggar the Duggars... be the Duggariest Duggar of them all.

      If so, I suspect she's getting on the nerves of at least a few Duggars.  Don't know how much overlap there might be between her repeated acknowledgements of Asa and possibly wanting to be front and center.  If the family wasn't "famous" would she still be openly reacting to the miscarriage as she is?

      I'm pretty sure that we'll still be hearing about Asa after the baby is born, but I hope she can refocus on the baby.

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