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Edens Year 17: Adam lies, Elsie thrives



Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! SO much happened in Year 16/2025, that this year was naturally a bit slower - at least for the Edens. 

Adam and Eva have now turned 35, which means their Try For A Baby % success rate has gone down to 50% per day (4 months Sim Time) vs the former 70%. However, Adam and Eva can't keep their hands off each other


so naturally Blessing #15 (!!!!!!!1!!!1!!) was on its way soon enough (and how)! 

Which was really a shame, as things at the Edens were falling apart. Sure, Genesis was still diligent about her musical studies and toddler care, and the eldest two boys were learning home repair and now mowing lawns for extra cash, but the younger kids were out of control. Staying up all hours, making messes all over the place, and even just wandering off. 

Below, see Ruth just by herself, sad, in the middle of a forlorn park.


And Ruth wasn't the only one who wasn't Safe At Home. 

Oh Adam what have we here?


He decided he would also take himself to a park, and enjoy a hot dog with a short-skirt and makeup-wearing hussy.


Usually that much eyeliner is associated with Plexus shills and an RV enshrouded in a cloud of hairspray, but this time Adam found himself in a flirty conversation with a married woman. 

Too bad his daughter Ruth had to show up and ruin it all.


Adam went home, embarrassed, to enjoy his perfect, pure, Christ-like marriage. Let's see if he can stay on the straight and narrow from now on.


Other notable events include Chronicles, the fiesty 11th kid born on Halloween, aging into an outgoing and fiesty child. You go girl!


At the end of the year, the TWINS Esther and Nehemiah aged up as well. 745817012_01-27-19_5-10-27PM.thumb.png.1c00abce9f702f847249304c3d25c588.png

And just like that, the house is full of toddlers again.


Also, there is now officially no more room in either the boys or girls rooms for more beds, and the nursery is full up too. Ezra ages up in two months and there's another baby on the way, so who knows what the Edens will do! 


Across the neighborhood, the Johnsons are having a much more sedate time. Romano turned 5 and started Kindergarten at a private Christian school. He's so cute in his uniform!435976414_01-24-19_7-22-01PM.thumb.png.7b4966808f902792685793da1063e357.png

On the weekends and before school, Romano does his homework while Elsie practices her cooking and reads about mixology. She still feels uncomfortable with the idea of alcohol, but she has to be able to describe drink options for her catering clients, and so she studies diligently.



They have a very picturesque life now, but it's been quiet. A little too quiet. Elsie is home alone in the mornings after Romano has left for school and before her shift starts, so she and Romano got a kitty! Romano thought it was going to be hard to pick out just one cat. But then he met Nacho. Nacho, with a cheese name just like him! It was love at first whisker touch.



Elsie has started to consider putting herself out into the dating world again, but for now, she has a happy family and her big empty house is starting to be filled. Yay Elsie! We are all so happy for you!


Until next time, Edens out! (and Nacho, get off those counters!)


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    • Spinosaurus


      She deleted it because she was cross with him?  I can't see the logic there.

      Hope she's ok. 😕

    • keepercjr


      Just now, Spinosaurus said:

      Do you mean she's deleted her account, or just that she hasn't posted anything for a while?

      She deleted her account.  He mentioned it a while back, saying she deleted it because she was mad at him.  She still isn't back.  He mentions it from time to time saying stuff like "Happy valentines day to my wife.  She isn't on facebook anymore.  I sure do love her"

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    • acheronbeach


      22 minutes ago, mpheels said:

      This is based on my experience growing up in the south... I did not have snow pants or waterproof gloves as a kid. I got a set of waterproof ski clothes as a teenager, but before that had little/no need. For the rare snow storm with enough accumulation to actually play in the snow, my mom put ziploc bags on my feet (over socks/under shoes) and on my hands (over gloves) so I could play and keep my digits dry. My guess is  that Derrick has snow gear from past (TLC funded?) ski trips, and they haven’t invested in snow gear for Isreal yet because he isn’t skiing and it isn’t a worth buying every year for one snow storm per year.

      You're probably right, but given Jill's history of being unprepared for the weather, it seems really dumb to post a video with plastic bags taped to her kid's hands while her self-absorbed husband is dressed to the nines in toasty clothing.  Especially since Israel didn't really seem to be enjoying himself much. 

      If she wasn't dim as hell, she would've just snapped a pic of the finished snowman with Israel.  

    • Spinosaurus


      Do you mean she's deleted her account, or just that she hasn't posted anything for a while?

    • keepercjr


      Just now, Spinosaurus said:

      Does he know about his fan club (or anti-fan club) here, @keepercjr?

      If he does he hasn't mentioned it.  I don't think he is smart enough to find us in all honesty.  Nor are his followers. 

      Becky is still off of Facebook.  I do wonder what that is all about. 

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