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Finding Fran

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What is truth?



Pontius Pilate asked the question, "What is truth?"

More and more, I'm finding it impossible to figure out what the truth is.

Of course, Jesus IS the way, truth, and life, but I have problems figuring out what that means for me in day-to-day living.  (Note:  I speak from a Christian world-view.)

But when people lie, and everyone seems to have an agenda, it's impossible to figure out who's telling the truth.

Either we want to make ourselves look good or the other person look bad.


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  • Posts

    • wallysmommy


      And now, for your viewing pleasure, an Instagram post about rape/molestation of children in daycare.  That's her Easter message?????  I can't imagine being in a family where every decision I make that affects my life or my children is plastered on FB, IG, Twitter or the Crazy Wife's blog.  

      I attended a funeral today, and afterward the younger daughter, who is my friend, and I were talking with another friend.  The other friend said "they had an interesting perspective on your mother."  My friend responded, "well, they didn't have to live with her for the last 12 years."  That's probably how Lori's DILs will be at her funeral.

    • freealljs


      Has Lori ever mentioned if she’s vaccinated? I mean, she’s one of the biggest hypocrites in this universe. 

    • anjulibai

      Posted (edited)

      Queen Victoria often wore the same dresses for years and years, because she was thrifty. She was actually relatively poor when her reign began, and had to pay back her father's debts. She and Albert, who was also from a relatively poor family, tried to keep expenses to minimum where they could, in order to pay those debts back and buy the various properties they did for themselves and their children. 

      Actually, one of the main reasons Victoria approved of Princess Alexandra to marry the Prince of Wales was because Alexandra re-wore and re-worked her clothes over and over again. She also would wear the same things for years, and when she couldn't wear them any more, she'd use the clothes to reupholster her furniture.

      I think Lady Lydia would be utterly aghast if she knew any of this.  

      Edited by anjulibai
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    • Kelsey


      23 hours ago, singsingsing said:

      Her 'best friend' in the photo shoot is literally her female best friend. 

      (From the photographer's public Instagram)

      Just in case anyone saw 'best friend' and thought it might be fundie speak for 'boyfriend'.

      They can marry Jed and Jer and be sisters! 

    • Red Hair, Black Dress


      1 hour ago, Lgirlrocks said:

      I wonder if Lori purposefully turns off her brain because it’s easier to be a doormat?

      Lori turns off her brain (assuming she has one) because it's easier than thinking and she prefers to believe her own ignorant, uninformed opinions.

      She's all aboard the anti-vax train.  I wonder which daughter/DIL /SIL has/is going to vaccinate?

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