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Finding Fran

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What is truth?



Pontius Pilate asked the question, "What is truth?"

More and more, I'm finding it impossible to figure out what the truth is.

Of course, Jesus IS the way, truth, and life, but I have problems figuring out what that means for me in day-to-day living.  (Note:  I speak from a Christian world-view.)

But when people lie, and everyone seems to have an agenda, it's impossible to figure out who's telling the truth.

Either we want to make ourselves look good or the other person look bad.


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  • Posts

    • EmCatlyn


      On 11/20/2019 at 3:00 PM, libgirl2 said:

      Josh, JB and Michelle should not be on the show. Why not just call it 19 Kids and Counting again? 

      Barring a miracle of Abraham and Sarah proportions ( which I am sure TLC would be happy to televise) there is no more “counting” of kids.

      The show should, perhaps, be renamed “[Number] Grandkids and Counting” though, if it’s the JB and M show again. 😉

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    • Olivia Marie

      Posted (edited)

      56 minutes ago, under siege said:

      Absolutely agree. He's a reluctant participant in the whole youtube thing, 
      He's been asked in multiple lives (pre- and post-Andrea) if he has a girlfriend, what does he want to do in life, does he want to go to college etc etc.  It's no-one's business what his dreams and aspirations are. It's no-one's business what his love life is like.  Until Thomas picks up a camera and vlogs himself, his business is no-one else's.
      Tom's youtube people should count themselves very lucky that Thomas and the other older kids, are polite.  I know a lot of teenagers who wouldn't keep it so nice.

      I blame all of this on Tom.  He has/is allowing this to happen to Thomas.  If he wasn’t on YouTube, this would not be happening to Thomas.   No “Normal” parent would put their child in that position.   Just another reason that Tom should not be on YouTube.  The family is already in crisis due to Andrea’s passing, and Tom adds to the chaos and despair every single time he goes Live, and/or spends time making and uploading videos.  For goodness sakes man, your children are suffering on every single level.  He is unfit.  

      It doesn’t help that Tom’s harem are a gang of rabid drooling and desperate morons.


      Edited by Olivia Marie
    • Alcyone


      I had to look up rambutan because I've never even heard of it. The first health benefit of rambutan is listed as weight loss! In addition, the seeds have narcotic properties when eaten raw. Why feed this exotic fruit to small children as a staple of their diet?

      This case is tragic and baffling. The parents are said to be normal weight. The neighbors said there were no red flags and though this article is a bit confusing, it seems to indicate that the children looked healthy enough last year. Yet, the mother already had her oldest child temporarily removed for malnutrition and seemingly did nothing to educate herself on children's nutritional needs. Also, one of the preschooler's teeth were rotting so badly she needed dental surgery. Did the parents think this would just correct itself?!  https://www.news-press.com/story/news/crime/2019/11/08/there-were-no-red-flags-neighbors-cape-coral-couple-accused-starving-their-child-death-say/2530726001/

    • neuroticcat


      I wonder too if Anna didn’t think that everything could be overcome with forgiveness and prayer. 

      I mean, in her perspective:

      1. She knew about Josh’s behavior as a teen. Maybe they weren’t forthright. Maybe she had infatuation-glasses. But she knew. And married him anyway. So I don’t think that becoming public would change a whole lot for her. Maybe make her stand by her man all the more.

      2. Ashley Madison - it was never clear to me whether Josh physically cheated or was solely addicted to porn. I mean wasn’t the thing with AM that most of the people on there were males? Also, his initial confession (IIRC) listed cheating on her with porn. This totally makes sense in fundie/Christian conservative circles. Porn IS being unfaithful. But even if he had physically cheated, IBLP or any sort of fundie teaching does not have a context for sexual addiction. I also lean toward this interpretation because sexual unfaithfulness is the only thing biblical literalists would accept as a reason for divorce. I do think that if he had actual affairs she might have left him.

      All that to say, outside of fundieland it seems crazy to stay with him. Inside, though, she could think of everything as overcomable. Not to mention that to leave would bring all her identity- wife, mom of many, etc. crashing down. If that is truly what you thought you wanted, it would be hard to leave that. Especially raised in a cult where all you know is deny-yourself. She might not even know her true desires and dreams. How terrifying for her to live without that. 

      I’m not giving her a pass, but I do see how she could stay and actually be happy with it. A “redemption” story still gives her all those dreams.

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    • Queen Of Hearts


      Tom is boring to watch, but waiting to see what inappropriate thing creepy Rachel Day says or does in the comments keeps me watching. :) 

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