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Baby Thor

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Thor Made a Fwend!

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Thor made a friend this week. I've been kitten sitting, she's a wee tiny scrap of a thing. Her mom is munchkin, not sure what dad is, but she wasn't a full price kitty. The first day or so was a bit hairy, she's small but has no fear! She was telling those big cats what side their bread was buttered on! By the end of this week she & Thor have been ripping & roaring. They are quite the partners in crime.

I give you: Mistress Rowena Longbottom (Rowena, I added all the fun bits)

And Thor's "I'm not guilty" face after they midnight trashed my kitchen table & stepped on Honey's macaroons  :laughing-rofl:




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She's adorable! Are you sure you have to give her back?

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I was down to kidnap her until the last few acts of random destruction. He's taught her very well 🤣 I told my daughter to come get her this weekend. I'll have plenty of visitation! 

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LITTLY SNUGGLE BABY!!! I love her. You’ll have to share more photos 

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I can do that. She's a cute little potato biscuit! 

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That last photo just says "Yeah, I trashed the biscuits. What are you gonna do about it??"

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    • SilverBeach


      10 hours ago, JillyO said:

      I'm obviously not the OP, but I believe @Lgirlrocks was saying that it's disrespectful to compare slavery to abortion, just like it's disrespectful to compare the holocaust to abortion. Not that it's disrespectful to compare slavery to the holocaust.

      But how could slavery be compared to abortion?

    • feministxtian


      27 minutes ago, twoandthrough said:
      30 minutes ago, twoandthrough said:

      Also, I just realized what OLMC is! We live 7-ish minutes from there and drive by it nearly daily. I had just never said the acronym before. who the hell wants to write all that shit out!!!!

      We live VERY close to the new PCHS (IDK how long it's been there, but it looks super new and nice). That's so sad to hear. My kids will go to public school here anyway... and actually, it's likely that only the oldest will go to Kindergarten before we PCS again, but she does enjoy preschool at a local church in NN. (We're in H, not NN, but right on the line).

      The new PCHS was built less than 20 years ago. I went to the old school on 34th street. I have a rough idea of where you're talking about since you're close to the new PCHS (and I know exactly where that is). We lived behind Patrick Henry Mall before we moved west. 

    • Dandruff


      5 hours ago, Spinosaurus said:

      People who aren't aware that he's a convicted child molester?

      One would think they'd be a bit more attentive about who's helping to save their kids' souls, but whatever.

    • wallysmommy


      For the mods or other FJ experts -- why can't I edit the post above?  The "advanced issues" is from Grammarly that I have running on my laptop for my teaching job.  I wanted to delete that.

    • Daisy0322


      2 minutes ago, Cate32 said:

      Maybe I’m missing something but I’ve never sensed any competition between Jill and Jessa. I know a lot of people talk about how she got married before Jessa but that was probably because Ben was so young. Jessa may be closer to Jinger but it doesn’t mean she dislikes Jill. We see such a tiny glimpse of their lives it’s hard to know what’s really going on.

      I will say I never sensed competition for Jill but I think Jessa seemed a little competitive based on a few comments she made. Like how they got to be first to have a second baby and comments made during courting, etc

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