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Finding Fran

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I am a new member here.  My name is not really Fran, this is my non de plume here.  I'm a Christian who's appalled at the abuse I see in conservative Christianity and I don't always feel safe to talk about my concerns with others.  I don't believe Jesus would treat women the same way that certain Christian leaders have.  

I think the Baptist church I grew up in may have been influenced by Bill Gothard.  I remember hearing the saying, Jesus First, Others Second, and Yourself Last spells J-O-Y.  I also remember hearing a class about rock music, especially about the backward masking and how if you listened to songs with a particular drumbeat, it would cause your heart to beat irregularly.  

I went to college in the '80's and got involved with an offshoot of the Church of Christ known as the Crossroads Movement.  They eventually morphed into the International Churches of Christ.  I learned some good things there, such as methods of Bible study; but there was a lot of pressure put on members to "perform", and I left there after graduation feeling like I could never measure up.  I deliberately moved to another city that had a church which was trying to get away from the bad things of that movement . . . and eventually, that church splintered into independent house churches which turned out to be just as bad as the group we were trying to leave.  We went from "you must believe this" to "whatever you want to believe is fine, as long as you believe in God and in Jesus".  

My husband and I are in a Church of Christ now that is considered "progressive"; e.g. we have a service with instrumental music on Sundays and we don't believe that we are the only Christians.  We've been part of this group for many years, and even with that, I wonder if I've really fully come to grips with the unhealthy teaching I learned.   I hope this will be a safe place to explore.

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    • RainbowSky


      19 hours ago, tabitha2 said:

      The program has been on for 10 years in both specials and regular serious. Unless recent events are finally the death knell as long as they keep having babies/getting married  and people keep watching just to snark on them the show will continue. It’s cheap to make and The younger Duggars  are living off it as well so They won’t give it up at will.  

      Add 5 years to that

    • Chickenbutt


      @Audrey2 Me, 38-39 weeks pregnant after a full day at Silver Dollar City. Interestingly enough, we were at Mr. Butts sister's house in Siloam Springs. 




    • Dandruff


      Misogyny Reigns Duggar

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    • SuperNova


      Anna is both a victim and a parent who is actively perpetuating abuse. She absolutely deserves to be held accountable for her part in what is happening because she's an adult who can make choices for herself and her children cannot. Whether she's strong enough or not is secondary to the fact that her children suffer emotionally for her lack of judgement.

      I wouldn't say that I have sympathy or pity for her but I do understand how difficult her position is. Her indoctrination began before she could even speak and the sad reality is that she will probably never leave Josh or her cult. But even damaged adults have to be held accountable for their actions. As long as Anna continues to have babies and raise them in a harmful environment, she's just as culpable as those who've done it to her. 

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    • Xan

      Posted (edited)

      First of all, I don't think the Kellers were told the whole story about Josh.  Jim Bob would never risk it.  He needed some fundie girl to take Josh off his hands and "keep him busy".  He might have alluded to the fact that he wanted to keep Josh from committing "impurities" or some other fundie-speak for randiness.   I don't think he was honest at all.  We can all see that Mr. Keller doesn't seem to be a good judge of character anyway.

      And second, I understand how sheltered and brainwashed Anna was but the ballgame changes when you have kids.  Unless she's brain dead, she has to understand how flawed Josh is.  She needs to be thinking about her children.  If Josh is in some new trouble, she needs to start figuring out an escape route.

      Edited by Xan
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