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Little House in the Big Woods: The Story of Grandpa and the Panther

Maggie Mae


The Story of Grandpa and the Panther 

This is Grandpa Ingalls. 



 Pa tells a story in which Grandpa is hunted by a panther on his way home from town. Grandpa shoots the panther. 

That's it. 

Which lead me to some questions about taxonomy. It's likely that Grandpa saw a cougar, which are common enough in North America. They are not normally black, though.  There is no follow up as to what happened to the body. If I shot a jaguar that had been stalking me, I would get it stuffed and then have a large black cat to pet. I imagine it was beautiful, plus it was over a 100 years ago so that cat was probably huge! 

Oh, and Laura asks "How does a panther scream" and Pa replied "like a woman." I have no words for that. 

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I’m not sure if it’s true or not but I feel I’ve heard that too. I think some large cats may scream like women. Maybe I internalized it there 🤔 I think it ties in with ghost stories and creepy woods myths and shit.

I love that the original illustrations are still around.

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Darn, I had to go and research a little since I just read Big Woods to my kid! Actually, if Grandpa was chased by a mountain lion, they can scream in a way that sounds alarmingly like an adult human female. Which is creepy. Youtube has some evidence for that.

I doubt it was black, though--I couldn't find any definitive evidence in a quick Google search that there have been ANY large black wild cats ever found in North America. Probably the color was added for scare factor, like a "my fish was this big" story.

Taxidermy is pretty complicated and involves special skills and tools. I would guess that Grandpa would just skin the thing, since furs were such a valuable item. Either a nice rug for the cabin or something to trade in town.

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On 1/16/2019 at 2:40 PM, AliceInFundyland said:

. I think some large cats may scream like women.

They can sound exactly like a woman's scream which is probably what he meant. 

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  • Posts

    • can'tstopwatching


      "Everybody don't got your masks? Gooood don't got your masks. 'Cause we don't need 'em here."

      What a strange thing to be arrogant over and proud of. "Needing" a mask is about protecting each other, not yourself, so yeah his large family going into a small store will probably be ok not to contract anything, but he doesn't think for a second of any of the people they may be forcing their own germs upon. I don't care if they don't wear a mask, and they don't have to there so whatever. But to be arrogant over it and brag about something like that is really weird, and it  causes the sheep who follow him to adopt the same attitude, who without a doubt live in more densely populated areas with different rules and should not be touting the same arrogance over masks and the virus as Tom.

      He's preaching more about what the whole family doesn't like to eat, just because he himself doesn't like it and most of his kids likely have never tried it, like guacamole. He doesn't give them any chance to see if they like new foods, he literally tells them they don't like it and encourages absurdly picky eating where the kids may not naturally be that way (he would never know!).

      I agree it's hilarious how he's defending shopping local while spending usually about $30 a week at the local store (this week was 70-something because of meat) and hundreds and hundreds at Walmart. I get it, it's cheaper, I'd do similar if I had to but he's saying he doesn't care about the higher price of shopping local while simultaneously always saying they mainly shop at Walmart because it's cheaper...

    • DarkAnts


      1 hour ago, neuroticcat said:

      I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I genuinely can’t believe that not one of the Duggar’s’ (or Bates’) have issued anything at all about George or Ahmad or any of the racial unrest in America right now. 

      The silence is deafening and intentional . Have I missed it? Have they ever said anything ever? Even Ben retweeting Flame or something?

      They won't say anything. They are white conservative Republicans. Black lives don't matter to them.

    • LucilleJ


      So my guess for Joy and Austin is in the vintage but kinda trendy : Phoebe Mabel born August 14th

      And for Jinger and Jeremy: at first I thought about virtue names but @Perrierwithlemon explained why they choose Felicity I looked through a list of martyrs and while there is some wild names (Austreberthe, Waldeltrude…), some variation of Mary/Marie I picked Constance, Honorina or Angela for first name. For the middle name I don't think they would use some feminine form of Joseph if they think of having at least a boy. To me it could be: Constance Diana born November 14th

    • eveandadam


      50 minutes ago, medimus said:

      4 miscarriages out of 23 pregnancies (known) is about 30% which would be a completely normal rate of miscarriage, unfortunately. Including Michelle it goes down to 6 of 41 or about 15%. It feels (to me anyway) like a lot close together, but then again there have been so many pregnancies in the last two years.

      I hope the pregnancy is healthy going forward.

      I also don't see them having more than 4 children. 

      Yes, it seems like a pretty normal rate (except for Michelle. I think it might be possible that  Michelle has not shared all of her pregnancy losses, but not sure. If she really only had one miscarriage and one really late loss of a child (Caleb and Jubilee) then that is incredible and she has beat the odds ones again.

      I'm also happy for Jinger and Jeremy and think they will try for a boy but will stop when they reach 4 girls ;-)

      Also: Are we not still waiting for a twin-grandduggars announcement? So many married now, and no announcement so far. My bet is still on Jessa for that one.




    • Maggie Mae


      It showed up on my YouTube tonight and I skipped around a bit. I think they are showering more often than once a week, now that Andrea isn't in charge. Maybe. 

      Tim looked really gross and dirty and that kitchen is filthy. He wiped his hands on his pants which is just so so so gross. 

      Tom got really defensive about shopping local, people were just making conversations about meat prices (which have tripled in some areas.) And he just went off on a rant about why he's willing to pay more. Which I understand and agree with. But it was like 2 minutes after he said he wasn't buying certain things at the local store because those things cost more. 

      Once again it was a nice evening and they could have walked to the store to get candy and junk, they never buy more than they could reasonably carry. 

      Eden was embarrassed about how her cheese less pizza looked. Poor kid, having to read the chat to her dad while he massaged a pizza with unwashed hands. 

      I could have given him the dessert pizza recipe, it was in a book I had as a kid, yet he went in and on like he invented it. 

      Tom has the palate of a 3 year old. Candy, donuts, junk. 

      I wonder if he's washed sheets since Andrea's death. Seems like the kind of guy who doesn't know to wash sheets. 

      He said he regrets going to college, which just makes me sad for the future. The debt isn't great, and I'm not working in politics or journalism, but I don't ever regret formal education - all the knowledge and people who want to talk about interesting things! Real life after college has been so dull and disappointing, imo. And these "college is a waste of money" people are kind of why we got stuck with Trump, they just aren't interested in learning. 

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