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Little House in the Big Woods: The Story of Grandpa and the Panther

Maggie Mae


The Story of Grandpa and the Panther 

This is Grandpa Ingalls. 



 Pa tells a story in which Grandpa is hunted by a panther on his way home from town. Grandpa shoots the panther. 

That's it. 

Which lead me to some questions about taxonomy. It's likely that Grandpa saw a cougar, which are common enough in North America. They are not normally black, though.  There is no follow up as to what happened to the body. If I shot a jaguar that had been stalking me, I would get it stuffed and then have a large black cat to pet. I imagine it was beautiful, plus it was over a 100 years ago so that cat was probably huge! 

Oh, and Laura asks "How does a panther scream" and Pa replied "like a woman." I have no words for that. 

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I’m not sure if it’s true or not but I feel I’ve heard that too. I think some large cats may scream like women. Maybe I internalized it there 🤔 I think it ties in with ghost stories and creepy woods myths and shit.

I love that the original illustrations are still around.

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Darn, I had to go and research a little since I just read Big Woods to my kid! Actually, if Grandpa was chased by a mountain lion, they can scream in a way that sounds alarmingly like an adult human female. Which is creepy. Youtube has some evidence for that.

I doubt it was black, though--I couldn't find any definitive evidence in a quick Google search that there have been ANY large black wild cats ever found in North America. Probably the color was added for scare factor, like a "my fish was this big" story.

Taxidermy is pretty complicated and involves special skills and tools. I would guess that Grandpa would just skin the thing, since furs were such a valuable item. Either a nice rug for the cabin or something to trade in town.

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On 1/16/2019 at 2:40 PM, AliceInFundyland said:

. I think some large cats may scream like women.

They can sound exactly like a woman's scream which is probably what he meant. 

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    • lil_secret


      Ugh I saw that struggleproject. Man. What is it even supposed to be. I mean, at least she’s being creative I guess. But wow a basket of fake greenery spilling out on the wall. Ok muff 

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    • FluffySnowball


      I feel this website is a crazy guy’s personal therapy session. The way he stresses the need to have time for himself without a bossy wife at home leads me to believe all’s not well in his marriage. 

    • Ozlsn


      1 minute ago, Maggie Mae said:

      These kids are being set up for failure. There are too many children and not enough adults.

      No adults. Tom is not adulting. If he were he'd have set the boundaries on the one sweet snack they could buy (not the bag of 24 mini kit kats!), be in there with a list, and be loading up on the groceries they would need for reasonably healthy meals and snacks all week. Also, not livestreaming. 

      I feel like I do in the JRod thread where everyone comes up with low cost healthy recipes that are feasible with the resources Tom and JRod have. They have cooking facilities. They have some storage space. They require thought and some effort to think about everyone's needs - to have fruit and vegetables to snack on if one child doesn't like the meal, to have enough for everyone to eat, to have it ready at roughly a set time. 

      Thanks to everyone saying what Andrea's extended family are doing. Glad they're in there and the kids are getting some family help. Hope Tom doesn't alienate them, or push them away, particularly if this new relationship continues. I think he's probably right in his assessment that Andrea's sisters don't think much of him - I doubt his recent behaviour has helped improve that.

    • raspberrymint


      My wife is a 2w3 and I'm a 3w2, so very complimentary.  We also took the test for our pets for fun (and to maybe get insight on training them / preparing them for living with a baby) and it was even more accurate for our pets than for us, probably because dogs and cats are simpler than humans.  7w8 (dog), 8w7 (leader cat), 6w7 (follower cat), if you're curious. 

      This is the version we're using:


    • Exposedknees

      Posted (edited)

      Jill's instastory decorating how-to is interesting today. She's stapling greenery to a basket and hanging it on her walls- it's " boho" apparently?🤔

      Edited by Exposedknees
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