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Edens Year 15: Cracks in the Foundation?



Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! It's been the longest time away because I moved apartments and got two new headships (husband and PUPPERS, a 10 lb white fluff named Princess Peach). Anyways, let's recap:

Eva Johnson married Adam Eden when they were both 19 (in Jan of 2010). They immediately moved into a 3-bed, 2-bath home in the suburbs and started procreating for the Lord. Due to various types of expansions they now have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 11 children:

Genesis (g) 10/10 Honeymoon Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exodus (b) 9/11

Leviticus (b) 11/12

Numbers (g) 2/14

Deuteronomy (g) 5/15

Joshua (b) 6/16

Judges (b) 10/17

Ruth (g) 1/19

Samuel (b) 3/20

Kings (b) 6/21

Chronicles (g) 10/31/22

plus their newest precious blessing on the way in 2024! That's a grand total of 11, and Eva delivered every one of them. *smile* (For the record, that's an average of 14 months between babies - not quite Courtney Rogers fast, but definitely Michelle Duggar fast)

2024 started off happily, as #12 Ezra was born in Feb! Welcome to the world, Ezra! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!


Not that Eva or Adam would be around to actually see what the Lord has in store. While Genesis and Exodus held down the fort, Eva and Adam got right to trying for lucky #13.


And trying...


And trying...


But God was just not blessing them as quickly this time. 

In the meantime, Samuel (#9) turned 4 years-old! A big birthday for little Edens, marking the transition from toddler to child, and moving out of the nursery into the girls or boys dorm.


Sadly, as Sam is kid #9, no one remembered to take a big-kid picture of him :( 

There were now too many kids to keep everyone eating and sleeping on the same schedule. The kids stayed up all hours unsupervised, made messes, and talked back.


Ooh! In the above picture I believe that's Samuel in orange being disciplined. Maybe. Also notice the unkempt garden. Ain't nobody got time for weeding anymore.

Though the kids (and plants) were staying up past midnight, throwing fits, and/or being forgotten, Eva did find time to finish and publish her latest work, "Queen of her Castle- How to train up daughters with servant hearts so that Mama can rest". Good for her!


The training is really working on Deuteronomy. Notice how she cleans up dinner as the menfolk talk without her. How Jesus loves you, Deuteronomy! 


Meanwhile, across town, Eva's sister Elsie (who lived with the family to help raise the kids until she married a lunatic in 2018 and divorced in 2021 with sole custody of their son Romano and now works as a caterer, wears pants sometimes, and uses the internet) invites the kids over in small groups to fill her empty house. Independent, loner Numbers (#4) is so delighted to be asked over that she even takes Elsie's trash out. 


Finally, near the end of the year, Eva receives good news. After the largest gap ever, Blessing #13 is on its way! Praise be! 


But is she slowing down for good? Will Adam and Eva even manage to reach 19 kids? Maybe even that elusive 20th missed by both the Duggars and Bateseseses? Will the kids continue to descend into ragamuffin-ness? How many beds can they fit into the boys and girls dorms? What are the young and middle kids even up to? And whatever happened to Leviticus' preaching 'career'? We'll just have to stay tuned. 

For now, Edens out!

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The Edens are back! Yay!

I haven’t actually updated with the Smiths (my Sims 4 family) for nearly six months. I really should play them again. I’ve been playing with my other non-fundie saves, plus the Sims 3 saves... so many save games...

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@mango_fandango the Edens are all I play, because it’s such a mammoth game and I really do want to see how many kids they have and what the oldest in particular get up to. It’s daunting though!

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  • Posts

    • EmainMacha


      Oh my Lord Adam Waller sounds like a bundle of nerves. Going through a twin pregnancy and having to support your husband through his increasing anxieties must have been awful for Valerie.

      Also Adam's extensive research into all things conception and birth related appeared to have skipped the bit were identical twins have to be same sex (apart from 2 documented cases I think). Why were they thinking of names for a boy/girl combination?!

    • Seculardaisy


      A Duggar watching TV in the wild. One very very small step for Duggarkind. 


    • AmazonGrace


      We are done with God for now. Because starving brains can't learn, we're back to all foods are proteins, fat, carbohydrates, everything is chemicals, and you can't eat anything that's bad for you because your liver will protect you. The same song and verse. Feel free to skip this one if you read it last week. 



      What about Organic Foods?

      May 27, 2019

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

      0 Comment

      All foods are composed of just water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and trace (tiny) amounts of vitamins and minerals. Proteins, carbohydrates [CHO], and fats are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Proteins add nitrogen to their chemical structures.

      These are organic molecules—organic just means that the molecule contains carbon. You do not have to go to the health food store for good organic foods. They are displayed at every grocery store and corner market.

      If organic means chemical-free to you, think again. All foods are chemicals. God made your body to detect and rid itself of harmful chemicals that are part of the normal dietary process. Again, the stomach would be the first place that could detect harmful bacteria or chemicals. The stomach may throw it back up and out of the body. Most harmful bacteria would be destroyed in the very acidic (pH 1.5) stomach fluids. If harmful substances get past the stomach and into the intestines, then the body might trigger diarrhea (increased peristalsis) to rid the body of them. If they make their way through the walls of the small intestine (it is very difficult for most foreign objects or harmful substances to make it past this barrier) and then to the liver, the liver will trap them, break them apart, and render them unavailable and incapable of harming the liver.


    • AuntKrazy


      17 hours ago, ViolaSebastian said:

      Ugh. Excuse my language, but fuck Kyle Smith, so hard. Having an abortion isn’t about being “expelled by the Alpha’s harem” or “50% reduction in SMV,” as if that means anything at all. 

      I admit that I have no idea at all what that rant is supposed to mean other than a big red flag to stay away from him.

      What is SMV? (I feel like I'm going to regret asking).

    • lumpentheologie


      I'm so sorry for all of you who suffered childhood abuse.  I wish I could hug all the little yous too.  

      Just know I think you're all amazing for surviving that, every day. 💙

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