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Flowers (Children) in the Attic: "My Stepfather" (Part 3)

Maggie Mae


TW: anti-feminist behavior, discussion of rape. 

They go out onto the roof. Apparently Corrine has not yet brought them cigarettes and cheap wine, so they cry into each others arms. This night is described a "night for lovers." Whatever that means. 

Cathy blames herself because this book was written in the 70s and takes place in the 80s, though, she does say "he didn't mean to." Which is something, I guess. Cathy worries to herself about giving birth to a deformed baby or an idiot. (Nice.) 

Chris assures her the odds are against a baby. It was one time. There wont' be another. It was her first time. He says he didn't "mean to rape her," though he's kind enough to tell her that he's been tempted plenty of times. He'd turn it off by going into the attic or the bathroom and "putting his nose in a book." Uh huh. 

Cathy claims she could have stopped him if she wanted to, and reiterates that it's her fault too. She thinks to herself how it is her fault, how she shouldn't have been wearing "skimpy little see through garments around a brother who had all a man's strong physical needs" and how "she shouldn't have kissed Momma's handsome young husband" and on and on. Cathy. It's not your fault. 

Cathy goes on about the night being peculiar and fate and destiny (the concept, not the person who posts on FJ). There's some scene setting. It's cold on the roof, and we're reminded that it's early September and the leaves are falling. (This is the south, right? Is that accurate?) 

Paragraph on top of paragraph describing each other, feelings, loins, leaves, and music. 

Chris says that they have $396.44, they don't have winter coats or boots, and the twins are so weakened that they will catch cold. The parents believe that the maids are stealing, and he worries that Momma will suspect it's Cathy. He thinks that stealing all the jewelry is a good idea, in one sweep, and just go. Cathy is all "duh, I said that AGES ago" but only to herself because she's a good little princess in the Patriarchy. 

Cathy worries for half a second about her mom missing them, before she moves on to thinking about an owl she hears in the distance, and the fog rising. She ends this bit with "All we could see in the murky-gray and cold, damp clouds was that single great eye of God - Shining up there in the moon." I don't get it. I guess she means the moon? 


She wakes up and stands over Chris and Cory. Chris is crying and she names his tears because this book is ridiculous. I'm reminded of the quintessential early 90's film staring Ricki Lake "Cry Baby" with a girl crying into a jar.

She tells him she loves him, and calls him Christopher Doll. 

The reader is reminded that she knows him right down to his "bone marrow." She says: 


And so it had come to pass, just as the grandmother predicted. Devil's issue. Created by evil sown in the wrong soil, shooting up new plants to repeat the sins of the fathers. 

And the mothers. 

And this chapter is DONE. Three more chapters. We're on page 359 of 411, so it can't be that much longer before I can move on. Or I could watch the film.  

Let me know in the comments if there are typos or things I should fix! I'm rushing through this at the end of a long work day. 

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The film ends differently than the book. At least the 1987 film does. (This chapter, for example, is not in it.)

I don't know about the newer movie because I haven't seen it.

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Thank you for the recap! Sorry for slightly stalking your blog for the newest recaps! Love your insight on this book. Are you going to do the rest of the series? (I think there's like 5 books?)

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Maggie Mae


3 hours ago, SassyPantswithASideofClass said:

Thank you for the recap! Sorry for slightly stalking your blog for the newest recaps! Love your insight on this book. Are you going to do the rest of the series? (I think there's like 5 books?)

I haven't decided yet. @HerNameIsBuffy can you make me a poll? (or give me polling permissions? 😁)

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Oh @Maggie Mae I feel like subjecting you to five more books of this would be torture. You may lose your zest for life.

You should watch the original movie for pop culture continuity though.

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  • Posts

    • fundiefan


      If he doesn't want to see them, then don't look. It's that simple, really. If he told me to cover up I'd tell him to mind his own damn business. 

      What a dick. No man, especially no fundie, will have any say in what I do and/or don't do. I think they are incapable of acknowledging this - the world doesn't give a rat's arse what uptight fundies think!

    • Shiny


      I realized the other day that I'm super triggered by people that frame everything in a negative way. I think that's one reason Abbie bugs me more than most. Of course, my optimistic, fuck-it attitude is probably triggering to some as well. 

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      3 minutes ago, theotherelise said:

      @FluffySnowball I’m not saying it’s wrong, you do you. I just think it’s weird to make a fuss about your birthday as an adult. I’m all for recognizing people and going to lunch or baking someone a treat is a great way to do that. I’d probably still prefer that to just be a thing done as part of friendship and not tied to one day on the calendar. I know many adults who act like the actual day of their birthday should be sacred and people should plan for and around it. That’s just not very mature in my opinion. Ymmv

      These kinda of things tend to be cultural and situational as well. I’ve got an absurd amount of aunts uncles and cousins. So when I hear a friend say they’re traveling two hours “back home” to have lunch for an aunts birthday, it is just hard for me to grasp. 

      In general, I’m fairly anti-consumption and minimalist. So trading gifts around is never going to get me out of bed. But I only snark on that stuff here and to my husband! 

      I'm with you, and also agree people should do whatever makes them happy.

      I have been informed this week that by asking for my birthday to be skipped I'm depriving co-workers of cake, and if I ask for it to be ignored at home I'm being mean to my kids.  

      I celebrate the 3 births of people whose giant heads I pushed into this world...if your birth didn't require me to have an episiotomy I will probably have a hard time remembering it no matter how much I love you.

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    • Itsjustme


      14 hours ago, Mom2Bubby said:

       Poor Claudia was coughing like crazy most of the time and all Tom could say was, “stop coughing like that baby girl”. He thought she was coughing hard on purpose, but she sounded pretty croupy to me. She looked pretty wore out too. 

      He's always hard on Claudia. I wish he would stop saying things like "That's Claudia for you" or "That's just Claudia". I even heard a couple of the other kids say it so they have picked up the same thing Tom does which is unfortunate. It sounds so demeaning.

      I also wanted to mention, though I really didn't want to becasue I don't look for sympathy, but I suffered a stroke two months after my mother died I was her caretaker for 6 years 24/7. Sh had been run down in a crosswalk by a hit and run driver and left permanently disabled and bedridden.  (Distracted driving is a sore spot for me)

      So if I can't seem to articulate my words well enough in making a point or my spelling is off that is why. My brain doesn't always cooperate.

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    • AmazonGrace


      It would be so depressing and counterproductive I think....To be overweight and meet some skinny person who was always thin even though they eat any old crap like a horse that eats any old crap, and then be told, "look at this Thin Eater and imitate them", with no reference to the physical activity levels and other factors. And then if you imitated them and ate like they do, and inevitably failed to lose weight, and got told that you'd lose weight if you just put God first...

      I think this weight loss advice goes against her other weight loss advice because looking at a thin person and imitating their eating habits has zero to do with seeking God first or even listening to the Growl.  Because not all of these naturally thin people are particularly religious and many of them would laugh at you if you told them you have to wait for hunger pains before eating. And imitating people is pretty much the opposite of putting God first.

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