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Baby Thor

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Thor, Christmas Helper



He's the most helpful helper who ever helped! He inspected the Amazon box & contents for danger, he kept me company while I worked. He's a very curious kitty. I mean it's entirely possible that I was cutting cheese on the walking around on thing, he had to be ready in case a piece fell. 

Thank you @EowynW for the gift idea! I've never made lotion bars before. I do soap pretty regularly but haven't ventured into butter territory. I got some 2oz screw top tins from Amazon, they are purrfect!

I used: shea butter, beeswax, Jojoba oil, a drop of Vitamin E, & French lavender & sage for scent. 




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Woohooo! I love them! I bet they smell and feel divine. 

Soap is my next project. I'm slowly collecting all my supplies. I am very scent and dye sensitive so my dream is to learn to make lovely natural soap. Jan Berry's Nerdy Farm Wife blog is inspiring me. 

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Thor is the helperest helper there ever was. He guards, watches carefully and inspects everything. So glad he's not useless like my two lumps of feline. Their only mission in life is to leave hair EVERYWHERE!!!!

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Pawesome work!!! Thor is a great supervisor! 
The recipients will love them for sure!

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I love the updates on Thor. I am biased towards black cats- they are often so expressive. 

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      The point wasn't about chopping wood versus breastfeeding in particular. It was about specifically my husband and I, not all women and all men. I didnt say a single word about all women in my statement did I? No, because there are plenty of women that can't breastfeed at all and I don't think they are any less of a woman than I am. I've breastfed all our kids, he has breastfed none. He has done all the wood chopping, I have done none. In our particular relationship my statement was true. Sure, in some cases women can certainly be the better wood choppers; that isn't the case in my particular relationship. I'm better at assembling things, which is traditionally a "masculine" activity. I absolutely love a good Ikea project assembly, he hates every second of it. 

      My point was that women and men are different, and in my particular relationship that is a difference that certainly can be viewed as a typical one. The average man can chop wood better than the average woman because their musculature and physiology makes it easier for them to do. The average woman can breastfeed better than a man (because a woman being capable of producing ANY milk whatsoever is better than the average man that can't at all). When the average woman and man stand with their back three feet from the wall and touch their toes, one can do it and the other can not because the basic structure of their bodies is different such that their center of gravity is in a different location. Again; equal does not mean same. Although in any of my three brothers case they can certainly do that trick better than most because of our hEDS. There is also the chair lifting trick too that women can do and men can't. Our bodies are different even if our brains aren't entirely different.


      But I must ask;

      What do you think women are more talented at by nature?

      What do you think men are more talented at by nature?

      No making "some men are" or "some women are" statements. I mean a hard and fast statement. 

    • EyesOpen


      I always feel so sorry for Esther and those kids when he’s manic... so far away - literally no support system and ranting manic John their only means of support...

    • VelociRapture


      5 hours ago, HarryPotterFan said:

      Watching that broke my heart. She was still a baby herself and got ignored. I can’t imagine how hard it is to have an infant in the NICU, but you can’t ignore the other kids. Especially one so little. When Michelle finally came back to the TTH with Josie I wondered if Jordyn even remembered who she was.

      It was hard enough having a one week stay with a relatively healthy preemie and we only had our dog to worry about. I imagine it would have been beyond brutal to have a micropreemie who experienced serious complications. That said, I agree with you completely. They had 17 other kids at home to care for at the time who needed their parents too. Between the sheer number of kids and how serious Josie’s condition was there is just no way all of those kids (Josie included) didn’t get neglected at some point during that time period. It’s understandable to a very limited extent, but it’s definitely not excusable.

    • browncoatslytherin


      yes! i knew somebody had a daughter named that. once you hear about something like that, you don't really forget it, as much as you may want to ...

    • VelociRapture


      On 12/13/2018 at 3:31 PM, just_ordinary said:

      It depends. My doctor recommended 1 year before getting pregnant again. We might wait longer before we talk about trying and you obviously never know how fast or if it happens though. 

      Or did I read your post wrong and you referred to the idea she might be pregnant/trying already!

      I saw a Reproductive Specialist this past spring who gave recommendations similar to what @AtlanticTugmentioned. He said the minimum he normally recommended* was one year for vaginal births, which gives the mother enough time to heal and replenish important nutrients. The minimum he gave for c-sections was 18 months. He didn’t mention whether that 18 months was for women hoping for VBACs or not, but that also wasn’t applicable to my situation as I had a vaginal birth with my daughter. I’d assume that the guidelines @AtlanticTug mentioned are likely pretty accurate though. 

      *I say “normally” here because each woman is unique and not everyone will be ready at those points.