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Buffy's Commentary

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Textbook, Tablecloths, and Marital Discord!



Oh gosh you guys!  She went to college, worked, and had been in love before meeting her husband - no wonder they quarrel.

this is full of awesome.

I just found the above amusing.  it actually pro-education even for women so progressive by Duggar standards.


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  • Posts

    • SJWaterford


      9 hours ago, formergothardite said:

      Joe always looks like he has realized he got involved in crazy and is plotting an escape in his head. 


      Oh I don't think he's plotting his escape. It appears he has a failed career (2 of them), so where is he gonna go? What's he going to do? Lol    I feel like he will drink whatever punch is necessary to be taken care of. Whether he believes it or not. He may actually be a really great actor after all. 

    • usedbicycle


      I've been thinking of a new theory... You know the kind of guy who has a weird personality but only goes after the really hot/younger girls? And gets rejected a lot or ditched after a few weeks? The kind of guy who doesn't understand that he will never find a mutant mix of his mom and a barbie doll?

      That guy gets bitter and misogynistic, and ends up making no efforts to meet anyone. That guy hits the gym for self-reassurance but believes there are no good women out there anymore. 

      I have a feeling some (perhaps not all) the Arndt men fall into that category. Maybe they've been rejected a lot because they're not going for the right girls. Something tells me they're pretty shallow and would only settle for a gorgeous, giggly, completely adaptable (read submissive) girl. Their way of life and "family culture" seem extremely rigid and they don't seem ready to change that for a woman.

      I could be totally off the mark and they're in fact these adorable goofy guys who would love to pair up with other awkwardly cute Christian girls like the 7 Sisters, but I kind of doubt that. 


    • Beermeet

      Posted (edited)

      @SilverBeach  I'm spayed now, but the pill wasn't good for me. I used it but my sex drive went down. Therefore,  who needs a pill when your almost never into it?!  Wish I was educated better on this option.  I figured if *IT* was big the diaphragm would get logged up in there and a trip to the ER would ensue and just so much NO on that! Hahaha!  

      I wonder if Lori is telling the truth here or if Ken would ensure she inserted the diaphragm.  Because, yeah, we both though why bother with a hole and would a little hole get it done relatively quickly?  How effective is that. I know those little suckers are real small but, still. My plan is guaranteed.  Ha!  Lori doesn't have those skills, clearly.  Win him without a word indeed! 

      Edited by Beermeet
      Changed it to IT. Because, duh. 😂
    • Briefly


      FJ has totally corrupted me.  Every time I go to the grocery store, I think of Gwen Shamblin when I walk down the aisle with chips or cokes, I automatically now price butter because of Lori and today I was reminded of Gary when I walked past the lunchmeat aisle because that's where the hot dogs are stocked!

    • Glasgowghirl


      I know someone who had a successful VBAC less than 18 months after her c section but she was recieving medical care through out the pregnancy and the hospital warned her that she may still need a C Section. 

      I hope both Joy and Austin wait at least 18 months before trying again, if not longer but they probably won't.