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Gobbles Musings

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He is here.

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Yesterday I picked my car up at the dealer. The car was parked inside the building on the first floor (2nd in the US I thing, so not ground floor, one above it). We paid and got a little introduction and then we watched as they basically shoved the car out of the window onto a ramp and like an elevator it went down to the ground. (You only get that if you buy new, with used cars you just pick them up on the parking place, haha!)

 First stop was the gas station (I paid 50€ for a full tank, I don't want to know how cheap it would be in the US). And then my Mum and I went on a little shopping trip to various stores, my navigation app said we drove 26km. I reversed parked at the street without problems, parked on the parking lots and went up the ramp from the parking garage (yay for hill start assist). The trickiest thing was getting onto our property. It is a very small gateway with buildings on both sides. I had to turn the parking sensors off because they went totally crazy. But it went well. 

Today my Mum is at work the whole day so no driving, but tomorrow we are going to the supermarket again and later to my relatives to show off my new car. I want to drive with my mother only at the beginning. She almost fell asleep, so I guess I drive okay. My Dad is so afraid and my Grandpa tries to tell you what to do all the time, even when my Mum drives, who has driving experience since she is 18 and no accidents...

First drive alone is planed for next Friday. I'm going to pick up my Mum from her sports class and then we go to Christmas party and later I drive home again. 

It is still such a surreal feeling. When we got home yesterday I started crying after I turned the car off. So weird when something you never thought could happen becomes a reality. 

His name is Scottie. (Yes, I'm one of those weird people who give their car a name.) Named after the cat of my driving instructor.

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I’m so happy for you gobbles.  You’ve shown such persistence.  Enjoy your new freedom and be careful on those autobahns!

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So happy for you gobbles, now you have freedom!  Drive defensively.

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Congratulations. And don't let it bother you that your dad is scared and your grandpa tries to tell you what to do. That's a parent thing that will never change. I've been driving for 36 years and have never had an accident nor even gotten a ticket. My 83-year-old dad still tries to tell me how to drive. It comes from a place of love which makes it easier to accept.

Good luck with Scottie. You guys are going to have fun together, I'm sure.

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  • Posts

    • libgirl2


      12 hours ago, Melissa1977 said:

      I would love the woman in the red t-shirt joined Freejinger. Her comments about Rodrigues would be gold!

      She doesn't look too enthused, does she? 

      Jill had her friend and kids over. They barbecued and the kids played. 

    • albireo


      2 hours ago, Exchange Atheist said:

      At least she can’t name the twins Honor and Obey. 

      Unfortunately...Trust and Obey are both still open...

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    • wallysmommy


      2 hours ago, MayMay1123 said:

      Any idea why they did that? It seems ol g-hawk loves to imitate 1950-1960s preachers.

      It was a dramatic motion to get attention.

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    • keepercjr


      On 7/10/2020 at 11:30 AM, thoughtful said:

      Becky is having a fundraiser:


      I suppose it's possible that the person involved has totally cleaned up her life, but she certainly has had a rocky road, including having children taken away several times, and an arrest for child abuse. I suspect that Becky's reaction is knee-jerk "white bio parents good, state bad."





      I am stuck on this and seriously perplexed.  Alleged violence and drug use and no Jesus.  How in the world did Becky get involved in all this?  I wonder if it is some sort of family relation?  That is the only possible explanation I can come up with.

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    • Flossie


      Regarding circumcision for boys.  My family did it routinely, it was the way things were done.  My husband's family was the same, but he was born prematurely and the doctor told his parents to wait until he was older.  By the time he was considered old enough, his parents were still paying off hospital bills and trying to keep their home.  They decided to wait a little longer.  No insurance back then, at least not for them.  In the end they never had it done.  

      My MIL confessed that she always worried about health and cleanliness issues and the strangeness of it all.  My husband remembers that during baths, she would insist on having him pull back the foreskin and really wash his penis well, maybe too well.  He hated it and resented the intrusion.  I assumed that happened when he was still a small child, but I found out from other family members she would invade his baths until he was in his teens to oversee the washing of the penis.  It took the family doctor to tell her that someone of that age knows how to wash their body and leave him alone.  Finally able to bathe alone, he ignored pulling back his foreskin and just washed however.  

      When I first got with him, I admit that the only other penis's (penis'?) I'd seen were circumcised and it was weird, but the damn thing worked just fine, if you know what I mean.  Initially, we just had regular missionary sex.  The first time he asked me for a blow job, I couldn't do it.  His penis smelled nasty and there was some yellowish pasty stuff under the rim of the head.  I got him to wash by making the cleaning of the penis into foreplay.  It became our thing.  Over time, he completely washed his penis without the promise of sex afterwards.  Once, when drunk, he admitted that he ignored washing his penis because he resented his mother making it such a big deal that she insisted on overseeing the process.

      Regarding pierced ears, my mother wouldn't allow it.  She'd had pierced ears when she was a teen and once pulled a tight sweater over her head and the earring caught on the sweater.  It tore through her ear lobe, which hurt like heck and the blood ruined her sweater.  By the time the wound healed, she was done with earrings, and wouldn't let my older sister get it done.  Big sis was quite the rebel, and showed up one day with pierced ears.  She'd got a friend of hers to take her to a beauty shop.  Mom acquiesced, and let sis keep them, predicting that eventually she'll regret it.

      I had my ears pierced when I was 16.  I was visiting my father and my step mother took me to have it done, I suspect as an FU you yo my mother.  Horrible experience, the aftercare of taking care of newly pierced ears was a chore and I got a mild infection from not following the instructions correctly.  I found that I was only occasionally interested in earrings and would wear the same pair for months on end.  Eventually I stopped wearing them completely and let the holes close.  One time I decided to reopen them and pushed the sharp pointed piercing studs through my ears by hand.  Again, after a couple of years I took my earrings out and can't imagine bothering with them again.

      I've offered my kids the option of having their ears pierced, but only after they got into their teens, and told them about the initial pain and the aftercare, but admitted that if you like earrings, it can be fun.  My oldest elected to have it done, but eventually found it to be too much of a bother.  She doesn't wear earrings very often, so I'm surprised that her holes hasn't closed up.  None of my other kids have ever been interested in it.

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