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Gobbles Musings

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He is here.

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Yesterday I picked my car up at the dealer. The car was parked inside the building on the first floor (2nd in the US I thing, so not ground floor, one above it). We paid and got a little introduction and then we watched as they basically shoved the car out of the window onto a ramp and like an elevator it went down to the ground. (You only get that if you buy new, with used cars you just pick them up on the parking place, haha!)

 First stop was the gas station (I paid 50€ for a full tank, I don't want to know how cheap it would be in the US). And then my Mum and I went on a little shopping trip to various stores, my navigation app said we drove 26km. I reversed parked at the street without problems, parked on the parking lots and went up the ramp from the parking garage (yay for hill start assist). The trickiest thing was getting onto our property. It is a very small gateway with buildings on both sides. I had to turn the parking sensors off because they went totally crazy. But it went well. 

Today my Mum is at work the whole day so no driving, but tomorrow we are going to the supermarket again and later to my relatives to show off my new car. I want to drive with my mother only at the beginning. She almost fell asleep, so I guess I drive okay. My Dad is so afraid and my Grandpa tries to tell you what to do all the time, even when my Mum drives, who has driving experience since she is 18 and no accidents...

First drive alone is planed for next Friday. I'm going to pick up my Mum from her sports class and then we go to Christmas party and later I drive home again. 

It is still such a surreal feeling. When we got home yesterday I started crying after I turned the car off. So weird when something you never thought could happen becomes a reality. 

His name is Scottie. (Yes, I'm one of those weird people who give their car a name.) Named after the cat of my driving instructor.

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I’m so happy for you gobbles.  You’ve shown such persistence.  Enjoy your new freedom and be careful on those autobahns!

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So happy for you gobbles, now you have freedom!  Drive defensively.

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Congratulations. And don't let it bother you that your dad is scared and your grandpa tries to tell you what to do. That's a parent thing that will never change. I've been driving for 36 years and have never had an accident nor even gotten a ticket. My 83-year-old dad still tries to tell me how to drive. It comes from a place of love which makes it easier to accept.

Good luck with Scottie. You guys are going to have fun together, I'm sure.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      8 hours ago, klein_roeschen said:

      The first woman I shared my hospital room in february this year was a young mother with a ruptured fallopian tube after an ectopic pregnancy. She lost almost 2 liters of blood and they removed the ruptured tube. She didn't know she was pregnant and ignored the pain she felt until she couldn't bear it anymore and got to the hospital and was rushed into surgery. We stayed in contact and she made a full recovery, but would she have "prayed" for a relocation of ther ectocpic pregnancy like TAM thinks is possible, she would be death and her little son had to grow up without his mother.

      He knows he can make this claim because no doctor would actually allow a woman to wait around to see if it magically migrates into the uterus. So he can say, “you shouldn’t have had the surgery. The pregnancy could have survived.” 

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    • Marmion


      8 minutes ago, Destiny said:

      I’m a fan of the Bugle. If you can find old episodes do it!

      OK , here is one of the episodes he's appeared in , and I have seen so far .  




    • DaisyD


      10 minutes ago, Destiny said:

      Stamping is a bridge too far right now. I’m sticking with polish and an accent nail for the moment. That’s some seriously pretty stuff though! I’m jealous of your collection.

      I use gel polishes because I am also impatient. 60 seconds in the lamp is the only way I can not fuck them up. I started doing my own nails when I discovered the Naio Nails YouTube channel. I will never have her skills, but she inspires me to try. 

    • Giraffe


      Aww, I just noticed I now have a "dominant uterus" 😂

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