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    • Drala


      I just did a lit review of the research on problematic social media use for my boss & other behavioral health leadership in my department.  It was somewhat eye-opening.   While it's debatable whether there is such a thing as social networking site (SNS) addiction, there is empirical evidence of some very real threats to mental health well-being with inappropriate use.   The jury is still out on the exact nature of the relationship between of problematic social media use and psychiatric disorders.   For example, there is a correlation between problematic use and depression, but it is not clear whether misuse is a consequence of  a pre-disposing depression or whether misuse leads to depressive symptoms.   It's probably bi-directional, but there's not a lot of solid research yet.  

      Despite the controversy over classifying problematic SNS use as an addictive disorder, there is a growing body of literature that presents evidence for viewing it as a behavioral disorder similar to gambling disorder.  Unfortunately, there is little research on prevention or treatment of SNS addiction.  There is some interesting research on SNS use that used magnetic resonance imaging to investigate changes in neural systems of the brain.  The study concluded that excess social media use is associated with a reduction in gray matter volume in the reward system (amygdala-striatial).   One of the issues raised by the study, however, is how to quantify "excess" social media use. 


    • freshlemonade


      They bought it, or Cathy bought it??  My guess is that Derick has money from when his dad passed.  He's not a spendthrift and maybe they've been living off his savings?   But, do they have a mortgage?  How do you qualify for a loan if you don't have jobs?   Cathy might have stepped in with a big down payment.

      It looks like the boys might have the opportunity to have friends in the neighborhood.

      I hope the Dills are not asshole neighbors.  

      Its about 15 mins or so from the TTH.


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    • nausicaa


      12 hours ago, AliceInFundyland said:

      @nausicaa I still only have a 35 dollar a month phone plan. It’s my cheapest bill. I liked my old dumbish phone just fine. But, being in the city with no car, I did need the transit app...like, when that went down and my route or plans changed that was an issue. Knowing what time bus routes and stuff end is critical when you live at the end of the line. I did spend a lot of time with earbuds or just earplugs (if i grew sick of pandora - cause that was the only music I had availble) staring out the window. Couldn’t even look at fj..

      Ooh, what's your plan, if you don't mind telling me? The one thing I would like to have is the ability to get directions when I do get lost. But I can't justify spending $80 a month just for that. 

    • Forevernotfundie


      This house seems very small to me. 

      2 bedrooms, 3 max. ...

      I wonder if this is a sign that they won‘t or can‘t add more children to the quiver... 

      Even if it wasn‘t that expensive to build, would they build a home if they knew, that they will easily outgrow it in a couple of years (when there are more and more kids)?


      (btw long time lurker first time poster. You are entertaining me for years, thank you!)

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    • acheronbeach


      1 hour ago, MiddleAgedLady said:




      My thirteen year old self would've loved this... particularly the bubble writing and the VERY SOPHISTICATED foreign languages.

      My thirtysomething self is giving a big eye roll.

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