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At war with myself



I keep telling myself no good will come of getting anxious and vomiting the night before an interview.  Plenty of time for that in the morning.

Apparently I disagree, as every reason for ever rejection in my life is on a recursive loop in my head broken up only by analyzing my multitude of failures one by one in great detail.

I don't know why I am putting this out there in a place it can't be deleted, but I do it consciously.  Maybe someday the people who love me will someday read it and understand.  I've tried to explain, but they don't get it.

I have more love and help than I deserve but on a fundamentally emotional level I am completely alone.  

I just got through feeding the dogs and cats, started dinner ... I sauted beef and onions, started the sauce, put water on to boil for the cremettes ... wiped my counters and washed the dishes.

I am functioning but I don't know how.  I don't feel functional on even the most basic level, but my outer self keeps going through the motions.  Yesterday I spent hours washing the floors, did lots of laundry, listened to podcasts ...

But half the time at the end of the cast I don't know what I heard.  I'm on autopiolot.

At the very core of my being, my true self, is fear.  I am made of nothing but fear.

I am afraid of the anxiety which will only increase until my interview.  I am afraid of the panic and despair that will come with rejection. I am afraid of the massive anxiety if I am hired.

I need this job,  I want them to hire me.  But I don't kid myself ... I can feel the Pandora's box of additional anxieties just waiting to burst open if get the opportunity to fail on a bigger scale.

Beyond the fear I am just acutely, painfully aware of how very alone I am in the world.  I have spent the last several months accepting that.  

And I do.  Accept it.  But accepting it doesn't mean I know what to do now.

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I’m sending you hugs if you want them. I deal with anxiety and depression in my life and it’s never easy. I have heard that it is possible to rewire your brain though. Like instead of negative thoughts, repeating positive things can actually change your brain. 


It looks like there a several different books available on the subject. 

I wish the very best for you. ❤️

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I think it went well ... but Idk.  I won't know until I hear.

Huge relief that it's over but dealing with the physical aftermath of so much anxiety.

Thanks so much - you asking about it made me feel so much better.

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Ugh. Anxiety hangover. Not fun. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you hear some good news from them soon. 

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wild little fox


You're so brave. You did an amazing thing by not giving in and pushing through. That's so hard. I advse doing something really nice for yourself. ❤️

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2 minutes ago, wild little fox said:

You're so brave. You did an amazing thing by not giving in and pushing through. That's so hard. I advse doing something really nice for yourself. ❤️

I wish I could heart this as well as thank you on the response :)


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    • Pecansforeveryone


      I don't think JB will allow a non-family member to be MOH so I see Michelle or maybe Jessa as MOH. Laura will absolutely be a bridesmaid as will at least one of Stephen's sisters and probably Abby. Priscilla Waller is a possibility as is Michela Bates and Anna Duggar. I think Jana is as judgey of Jill as anyone else so I don't think Jill will be a bridesmaid. Jinger and Joy are toss ups. Jana may simply pick Hannie and Josie and call it a day at 3 sisters. 

    • Idlewild


      1 hour ago, WiseGirl said:

      If she has to have a family member as MOH I'm throwing Jessa in there as a wild card or maybe Abbie because I don't think JB would allow Jill.

      It would be fun watching TLC try to edit around Jill being in the wedding party.

      As I think Jana is now the heir apparent to JB, I reckon she’d have Josh’s daughters in the wedding party, and maybe even Anna just to show us heathens how forgiveness works.🤮

    • fundiefan


      Yeah, Mike worked in a nursing home/care home. She posted once about him passing a test or something? 

      I wonder why Wesley seems to have been able to make a living but not Mike? We see little of Wes & Rachel, but we do know he is working construction, and has tried to start businesses and his kids are cleaner and healthier looking when they are seen. Given their family is the same S'morton combination, I doubt the kid's education is any better than Kressant's kids but their lives in general seem to be less chaotic & messy. 

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    • WiseGirl


      13 hours ago, adidas said:

      I personally think she has aspirations to be a much more fundie version of Joanna Gaines 

      Me too. And the little research I've done into him (okay I didn't do any) they could have a successful YouTube channel with gardening, his furniture making, home repairs, cooking, country life etc. It would be popular among the fundies, be different from all the othe Duggar & Bates stuff and possibly more successful because it would actually have content. Plus they could control what they release for public consumption. Imagine if they did this and were way more successful at the social media game than JinJer. I think Jeremy's head would explode....wait, wait we've posted all the IG ready pictures, had a podcast, ... why aren't we as popular? Big hint Jer, because you are boring.

      Anyway I think someone said he has an irrigation business or is inheriting one? Good for her to actually have a husband that can support her and not rely on JB or be another "minister" wannabe. 

      Clearly I'm spending too much time thinking about this...and I dislike Jeremy.

      If she has to have a family member as MOH I'm throwing Jessa in there as a wild card or maybe Abbie because I don't think JB would allow Jill.

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    • Xan


      Gary was on Facebook and put up a wall o' text:


      Gary wants us to know that we might not be saving souls the right way.  After all, he's a professional.  He understands how to do it correctly.  If we attempt it, we might actually be sending souls to Hell.  Best to keep Gary out there preaching, people, and let him handle the soul winning.

      I think I must have watched "Ghostbusters" too recently because that's now the image I've got in my head.  There's Gary in a "Hellbusters" outfit with an old, rugged cross painted on his vehicle and a rocking theme song playing in the background.

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