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Flowers in the Attic: "Our Mother's Surprise" (Part 3)

Maggie Mae



The next section of this chapter is nine paragraphs. 

Cathy's "bright" dreams are interrupted by nightmares of her grandmother cutting off her breasts. Even when Cathy is sleeping, she is thinking about her breasts. In my head, I just simultaneously compared VC Andrews to GRRM's idea of what women think about and wondered how big VC's breasts are. Unfortunately, google image search only returns headshots, and I'm not putting the phrase "VC Andrews breast size" into my google search history, especially at work. Even if I do control the google accounts, I don't have access to the ISP. For real, though, all of that popped into my head at the same time. For those of you unfamiliar with the Song of Ice and Fire series, George R.R. Martin, while fairly competent at writing women characters, has this idea that women are constantly thinking about their breasts and nipples. Well, young women, anyway. Women with children are often hysterical. Or Cersei Lannister. 

Back to our hero. Cathy is sleeping poorly. Chris "sleepily" stumbles over to hold Cathy's hand and ask about her nightmares. She believes that the dreams are precognition and psychic. I agree with Chris that dreams don't mean anything. (Sorry! I think they might "mean" something in that they are processing your memory and emotions, but they don't foretell the future.) in the dream, Momma comes in and cuts out Cathy's heart, while covered in diamonds. I am reminded of Tobias stealing Lindsay's diamond cream. 



And now I'm sad, because I'm thinking of how all of my favorite shows are ruined by fandom people. Skip this next paragraph if you don't care  about anything other than FITA, because I'm going way off topic. 

So I started looking at dedicated subreddits to my favorite shows, and I'm starting to just hate fans. I can't seem to find both the volume and quality of discussion elsewhere, ever since TWOP disappeared. For shows like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" or "BoJack" or "Arrested Development" it's just kind of where I ended up looking. I was kind of hoping for discussion about "where do you think the show is going." But it's more like "THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLE" and "WOMEN WRITERS RUINED IT" Basically, I've been annoyed about this since last week's IASIP episode aired. There will be comments about how they shouldn't have pandered to the SJWs, and you can click on the user name, and it's inevitably some jerk who posts in The_Donald and hates women and minorities and has this bizarre view of the world. It's fascinating, but it's also profoundly irritating. Because I think IASIP has always been political. It's a show about degenerate characters doing weird things, but it's always topical. Anyway, so Tobias and his diamond cream reminded me how much I miss Portia De Rossi on Arrested Development, and how horrid fans were after season 4, talking about how she didn't look good anymore. Which was bullshit because she looked great, and also bullshit because why can't she just be funny! No one thinks Tobias is attractive, but he's funny. 

Ok, back to Flowers.

Chris listens to Cathy recount the dreams and finally decides that they must escape! (Yay!) Then he goes into a whole lot of sexist nonsense. 


Women are more intuitive than men; it's been proven. The subconscious is at work at night. We won't wait any longer for Momma to inherit this fortune from a grandfather that lives on and on and never dies. Together, you and I, we'll find a way. From this second on, I vow on my life, we depend only ourselves... and your dreams. 

Well, as long as there's a plan. 

He then kisses her on the lips. 


This chapter is never going to end. I want to get to the sex. I have my gifs ready.  

They decide that they need to get a key to the room, and somehow they "know" that the key to the room is also the master key to every room. They can't use the sheets tied together because of the twins. They don't think that the grandmother will ever be careless enough to put the key down. Her "hateful gray dresses" have pockets. Momma is a terrible person who cuts all of the pockets out of her clothing, so she is extra terrible, but also more likely to leave the key laying (lying? I don't know.) about. 

Cathy describes how terrible Corrine is again. Corrine is coming to visit two to three times a month, bringing gifts. The gifts are usually ill fitting clothes. Cathy needs a bra, asks for one constantly, and never gets one. She gets ballet shoes. Momma doesn't ask about the twins. Momma is awful and I hate her. It's mentioned that Cathy brings up all the small illnesses, how they all have headaches, craps, and vomiting. Momma lectures them about food safety, in between telling them about Bart and all the wonderful parties she's attended. It's fucked up. 

They steal the key and make a mold of it in a bar of soap. She didn't notice. 


It took three days to make a key. The process is described in one paragraph, but not really. They used wood from the attic, they had metal, but nothing to strong enough to shape metal. Who knows what they used to whittle down the wood. Who knows what kind of wood they used. Who cares, right? It's not about "how to escape an attic" it's about "how to fall in love with your brother."  Which brings me back to A Song of Ice and Fire. I wonder if GRRM ever met VC Andrews or read these books.  Game of Thrones came out in 1996, ten years after VCs death, but that doesn't mean anything. Or was incest just a pop culture thing in the 70s? Pushing boundaries and all? (I'm going to assume he took 10 years to write GoT, as it seems to be a good 5-10 years between books. Where is Winds, George? I NEED it.) 

They get a key that works. Instead of just fleeing, they decide to plan it out. Chris decides they need money, and to get money, they have to steal it from their "mother, her husband, and the grandmother." Good luck. Cathy worries about the twins being whipped and being starved again. They know that Momma will leave to go party, and she doesn't count money or change. The plan is to wait for her to tell them about the next part. This happens. Turns out that Corrine hates living in this house, but Bart would rather stay home. Considering that Bart, presumably, works for a living, this seems fair. It also explains how she can run out and buy random shit and schlep it up to the attic without him asking questions. 

I think Bart might have married her for her money. Evidence: He's younger. He's living in a client's home. He married a woman who locked four children in the attic. His mother-in-law can't possibly be very welcoming. There is a butler who makes the Maxwells look like fun. 

That's another Act Break. I guess the rest of this chapter will have to wait. UGH. 

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They made a key?????????? 

Also, Ice and Fire. Sigh. Oh George. I can’t believe we are going to see the end first. My heart doesn’t want to give up on the man...but he has a crapton of money, he’s old, and he’s never been timely. I’m losing faith. :( 

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Posted (edited)

I swear, he's never going to finish it. Never! Never! Never!




Edited by AnywhereButHere

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Maggie Mae


14 hours ago, AliceInFundyland said:

They made a key?????????? 

Also, Ice and Fire. Sigh. Oh George. I can’t believe we are going to see the end first. My heart doesn’t want to give up on the man...but he has a crapton of money, he’s old, and he’s never been timely. I’m losing faith. :( 

Yeah, they put the metal key into a bar of soap, and then somehow magically carved a key out of a chunk of wood using that soap impression. 

At least season eight is coming out in April. I guess. We probably won't get resolutions to all of the wonderful side stories, but we'll get some sort of an ending. 


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Thank you for the recaps! Looking forward to the next one! I read this series and didn't realize how sexually  twisted and somewhat morbid it was until I hit my late 20s....

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Oh, definitely Bart married for money. He manages to hook up with Corinne who's going to inherit the entire Foxworth fortune? I'm not sure why Corinne picked him though. She seems like she could have had her pick of men to chose from. 

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      On 2/16/2020 at 5:40 AM, AmazonGrace said:

      Yeah she's full of shit.

      But can you be full of shit if you don't eat? Does the body even produce solid waste? Just a (gross)thought I had as I read your comment. :D 

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      1 hour ago, Idlewild said:

      And on the Trump love - many of his Christian supporters claim he was ‘saved’ shortly before he ran for election ( now there’s convenient, as my mum would say!). Thus all previous sins are wiped clean. I think Anna really likes this idea that the past is wiped so she can convince herself she is a godly wife and not an appalling mother.


      She’s made up her mind and has decided looking like pretending they’re a happy family for Jesus is better than facing the consequences of the truth and living in reality.

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      I realized the other day that I'm super triggered by people that frame everything in a negative way. I think that's one reason Abbie bugs me more than most. Of course, my optimistic, fuck-it attitude is probably triggering to some as well. 

      I have to fight my natural inclination to negativity. Therefore I try to surround myself with more positive people. I could never stand to be around Braggie IRL. 

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      And one of the daughters is a "breeder" and yes I'm going to use that term VERY loosely....because Beaglier isn't a fickin breed, neither are any other fancy named dogs that are essentially a mixed breed.



      All the girls have been dog breeders at some point. At least the mix of two breeds might mean there isn’t any inbreeding and malformations. But I really hate all the backyard breeding the fundies do. 

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