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Baby Thor

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When you don't have hooman children to dress up, you turn to your pets, lol! 

Precious was a hit as a UniPuppy.....Dogicorn? 

Thor was quite fascinated by mama's incense, he loves to watch the smoke. Moms candy wrapper pile was pretty entertaining too. 

Pretty, pretty Princess stood guard by me while I handed out treats, she enjoyed some Halloween face rubs. 




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    • Dandruff


      12 hours ago, Petronella said:

      The problem here isn't that actors had high educational hopes for their children. The problem is that they spoiled them rotten (Olivia Jade's general take on life is appalling), and that they ignored the kids' actual strengths and interests, and that they forced their fantasy of success onto them.

      I'm not sure they had high educational hopes, maybe just educational hopes, but since they had $$$s they went for top schools.  Perhaps Olivia's parents wanted her to have an alternative career path in case her current one went sour.  Unfortunately, it did go sour, as did the educational hopes, thanks to the scandal.  The upbringing seems to be a whole other issue, though they're not unrelated.

      I'm curious why so much media emphasis has been on the actors and their kids.  Not excusing them at all, but weren't most of those implicated in the scandal non-Hollywood types?  Is this an example of one's fame working against them?

    • Bethella


      46 minutes ago, VBOY9977 said:

      Susanna Keller is engaged, again.

      hope this one works out for her 

      Do you know if she’s still with Keegan Perry or is this someone new?

    • ViolaSebastian


      If I had to guess, when she talks abut how she can't keep the same schedule with Millie, I believe she's referring to a breast feeding schedule. It seems that she has to breastfeed for five minutes and then pump, as well as carefully monitor how much she's eating and for how long- which I imagine is very different than doing on-demand feeding.

    • Galbin

      Posted (edited)

      I am so jealous of the American way of learming to drive and getting your licence. I know rules vary from state to state, but overall it seem so to be a much fairer system than in my own European country.

      Here, people don't tend to learn until their 20s and the test itself is a nightmare. Most people have to take the test three or four times to pass. Peole are failed for the smallest of reasons too, not just for dangerous stuff like running red lights or losing control of the car. 

      I am currently in the process and it is so stressful it has literally made me sick. Multiple instructors have confirmed I am a very safe driver, but that is different from passing the test.

      ETA: If you want a full and non restricted licence you have to do the test in a manual car too. Otherwise, you don't get a full licence.

      Edited by Galbin
    • Timetraveler


      I still cringe seeing Tabitha with that creep.