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Baby Thor

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When you don't have hooman children to dress up, you turn to your pets, lol! 

Precious was a hit as a UniPuppy.....Dogicorn? 

Thor was quite fascinated by mama's incense, he loves to watch the smoke. Moms candy wrapper pile was pretty entertaining too. 

Pretty, pretty Princess stood guard by me while I handed out treats, she enjoyed some Halloween face rubs. 




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  • Posts

    • Marmion


      Yeah , most other cult leaders have been men . Even the vast majority of church heads in general have been male .  At least that's one glass ceiling that is slowly breaking , I suppose . 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      2 hours ago, Bassett Lady said:

      Funnily  enough, most of the gender restrictive clothing and hairstyle rules were for men only. That is a refreshing change of pace from the bizarre fixation so many groups have on micromanaging women. 


      Men must always wear a white T-Shirt under their officially sanctioned outer-shirt. Maybe Jane has some sort of chest hair kink?

      Perhaps chest hair gets her all “wound up and flustered. ” Does she get all Lust-filled if she  sees little curly chest hairs sneaking out of men’s tops. 

      I think it’s because the cult leader is a woman. The other female cult leader we talk about on FJ is Gwen. And she has a lot of clothing requirements as well. She makes everyone wear certain colors to events. No matter their age, sex, or finances. All men in the cult likely own a tuxedo because they are forced to dress in black tie for so many events.

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    • Snarkasarus Rex


      A 23-min video of a 2br house?  How modest of her to assume her messy house is worth that much of someone’s time. I guess the leghumpers give them enough views to make it worth the effort...

    • Ozlsn

      Posted (edited)

      5 hours ago, quiversR4hunting said:

      137. Don’t complain about the list of “don’ts”.

      And that'd be me, every day. Holy crap that list veers between creepy as hell and kind of hilarious.

      That Jane woman seriously has some issues going.

      Also I notice the list doesn't include social media... so if I'm scrolling through Facebook and a news item comes up that's totally fine, right?

      Seriously the no reading bit would be where I noped out. Not even the Bible ffs.

      Edited by Ozlsn
      Reading is too important.
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    • SassyPants


      My first thought upon reading the do’s and don’ts was F JANE! Can I get an AMEN?

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