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Buffy's Commentary

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That woman beats the crap out of the Duggars Miz Renee. And so modest.

My only talent is sewing..... That was an invention.

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Ikr?  I have to say I was really impressed both by her sewing ability but her creativity in spinning it as a pageant talent.

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It did look like wearing all the pieces at once was uncomfortable. But I think it was all wearable as separates as she started breaking it up?

Crazy. I wonder how she ended up.

Somebody else needs to come appreciate this, You must have spooked them with more than 30 seconds of b/w tv.

Where is @PennySycamore? I bet she might get kick out of it.

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  • Posts

    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      I think John and Abbie have phyisically touched one another a lot through their relationship (not just your occasional side hug) and are pretty at ease with one another. That’s probably why any kiss seems natural. 

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar
    • socalrules


      Honestly, all things considered, Jill would be lucky if Derick was a little more like Jim Bob. She would have a man who actually adores her. It is obvious Jim Bob thinks he won the lottery when Michelle married him. It’s the reason I think Michelle has always been the one driving the crazy train. I bet she could get him to do whatever she wants. Also, Jill would be lucky to have someone who actually works to support their family. Jim Bob and Michelle worked hard before the show started and seem to still be doing their rentals/flip business. Jill has been married maybe three or four years and Derick seems to only have worked six months or so of their marriage. I have a hard time believing he will go to work after law school. I figure he will then go for his LLM to kill time.

      As far as Jill watching his lectures, I don’t believe for a minute she understands what is being discussed. I had great grades in high school and college and I was lost the first year of law school. Also, she isn’t going to see him in class unless he is sitting in the first row. There is likely just a fixed camera pointed at where the professor stands. I think her post was just a way to brag about her husband being in law school, which I don’t understand why it would make anyone envious.

      As others have stated, Jill is likely bored, friendless and has no idea what to do when no one is giving her directions. I think she will always be sitting around waiting for Derick to bring her happiness. She will never seek it for herself. I don’t think she even knows that is a possibility. 

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    • singsingsing


      1 hour ago, Iamtheway said:

      That kiss looks both normal and comfortable. Not like it’s new to them. Either they’re just a good match or they had a little practice. If so, good for them! :romance-kisslips:

      I swear people say this about every single Duggar couple who gets married. :pb_lol:

    • JermajestyDuggar


      A picture from Patience Pennington’s wedding. She looks very pretty. 


    • 8 hours ago, PennySycamore said:

      @cascarones,  when my husband was in grad school, I'd sometimes walk with our daughter to his carrel in the entomology department just to say hi, but it never occurred to me to go to one of his classes.  I would not have watched it online either had that been possible in the early 80s.

      well then you can't be #bestwifeever



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